wanting to get my spooks on and get in the mood to hand out expensive edibles to children

give me some good horror movies to watch
fuck mfan are you sure that the children can handle some edibles? arent those pretty intense? also, jason takes mannhattan
one time we were hanging out in my friend's basement and this girl brought a single edible to share
my friend's little brother came downstairs so i ate the whole thing as quickly as possible so he wouldn't ask for any
then i blacked out and probably threw up
she's still mad at me about it also watch friday the 13th
Fun With Despair
not related to edibles exactly but one time I was at an anime con and this friend of mine would NOT stop smoking weed, this shit was like 24/7 nothing but weed nonstop like jesus christ lay off for ten fucking minutes

not that I blame them because some days I wish I was just on fucking meth or something with how I'm feeling (note I do not actually do and never have done meth) but anyway watch The Thing.
die hard
[Image: ybpjq8e.png]
this thread has been very educational on edibles, thank you also i've already seen the thing, die hard's not horror get out jetamo, and i don't think rebecca black friday the 13th will be any good but i guess it's culturally important so rip
the first friday the 13th is unironically good
it's the sequels that turn to shit

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