"Who died?" you all ask. Well, I'm about to tell you.

@Hearts has gone missing. You can assume they died.

They were the Ultimate Constant Parent [Garbage]

+Can see through disguises
-Each night you must obtain a DNA sample from another player or lose all of your +'s. You cannot attempt on who you sample from that night
+When you attempt an action, you may request to disguise yourself as another player. Any players will see you as the player you disguised yourself unless their role states otherwise.
-Your body is wrapped up in bandages, allowing them or having them be dirtied, removed, or damaged is immediately termination

Case File
- The Stomach has been discovered to be lactose intolerant. The floor is coated with milk.
- Somebody pooped on the train.
- The Bone Mower has been used and is bloody. It has however been broken.
- A broken cage can be found in the Nut Button room.
- Several mirrors in the Hall of Mirrors have been broken.
- The door to the Man Cave is gone.
- One player was AFK.

[Image: hwz7Dv3.png]

Room Descriptions:

Living Participants
@George Costanza
@Suburban Palpatine

Voting will end Monday at 8pm EDT (That's 20 hours from the time this post went up)
I wake up and head towards the hall of mirrors, hearing gunshots as I pass through the hall of mirrors.
Some of the mirrors have been shot and now there's shards laying around.
I pass through the surveillance room and make my way through the stomach to get to the arm armory, most of the prosthetics are missing.
I pass through the movie archive, rock climbing room, and the gun armory, to get to Palpatine's room, where I attempt to smother them with their pillow. Doesn't work.
Passing through the empty George's room, I make my way to the twister mat where I play with myself till I pass out.
I'd like to inspect the bone mower for it's contents and the rooms/hall surrounding it for any blood
woke up to guns and nutting
some of the mirrors had been smashed
goose tried to kill me in the train room
saw hearts going to the dairy farm and fill up a bucket of milk
i gave the train some extra cargo
went to the elevator with hearts
drei was there
hearts fucked off in the hall of mirrors and i went to bed
Negative Man
Why am I still alive? Not even Death wants me...
George Costanza
If you could just bear with me, folks, I'm going through a bit of a, uh.....leg cramp.

-Not to mention PTSD because Jesus CHRIST, the goose shot at me! I'm not making this up, Jerry, as I was walking through the Hall of Mirrors I heard a honking behind me and I saw a 2 foot-tall avian of death firing at me! I managed to outrun him, and when I saw him again in the Dairy Farm, he was walking out of the Anime Doll Room carrying a hammer. Thank the lord, he didn't attack me. Freak!

-I went into the Storage Room to grab some deodorant, my mom would be furious if I didn't have any, you see, and as I pass through the Dairy Farm, I see Hearts milking a cow. I head to the Karaoke Room, where I sing some anime song, doesn't matter what it's called, I would die if I didn't sing. More importantly, I was there for....a ritual.

-You see, the other day, I noticed that my car was parked at an atrocious angle, almost 45 degrees. I couldn't handle it, so I handed my keys to Jerry and asked him to fixed it while I used the restroom. Right after I zipped up was when I suddenly blacked out and next thing I know, I was here. And wouldn't you know it, Jerry died before he could give my car keys back, how mannerless! I concocted a way to bring him back so I could ask him, it wasn't anything much, just a little human transmutation circle made out of his blood. I saw it in one of my Japanese animes, so it had to be real, right? Well, it was as real as a donut, my friend! After I activated it, things just went cuh-ray-zee! I was in front of this gargantuan door, hundreds of dark little arms wrapped around me, the information of the world was flowing into my mind en masse, it was nuts! Worst part was when I came back to reality, it wasn't even Jerry I brought back! At least, I don't think it was, it looked like Jerry but he was all mangled up and demon-looking. And I think one of those army bastards took my left leg! What a Monday!

-So, I crawled my way to the Storage Room. On my way, I saw Drei standing outside of the Garden with soda all over his face, and I also witnessed the goose entering Drei's Room. In the Storage Room, I put on one of those plastic prosthetic legs. Hey, at least it's not covered in hair! And with that, I passed out.
George Costanza
Let me check the Bone Mower for any possible Hearts remains.
(Oct 7, 2019 at 6:29 AM)Two_Finger Wrote: @Elyk
I'd like to inspect the bone mower for it's contents and the rooms/hall surrounding it for any blood
(Oct 7, 2019 at 12:25 PM)George Costanza Wrote: Let me check the Bone Mower for any possible Hearts remains.
You investigate inside the Bone Mower. You find bits of what appears to you to be a goose. There are two guns inside the Bone Mower as well. Neither gun have any bullets in their magazines. You also find a bloody Polaroid photo. The photo depicts a self shot of Jerry with a goose. Jerry is pointing a gun at the goose while smiling.

There is blood within the Bone Mower. You search the surrounding rooms and halls. You find blood drawn in a transmutation circle in the Karaoke room with a blood trail which you follow to the Storage Room where it stops.
did hearts disguise themselves as a goose
Woke up and saw the goose to my right and it was headed to the Donkey Stable. I went into the Stomach, then the Arms Armory and then go back into the hallway past the Stomach.

I move about going to: Bathroom, Movie Archive, Rock Climbing Room, Gun Armory, and the Nut Button Room.

There it is. I charged that goose but it nutted a cage onto me. It leaves to Palpatine’s room. I bend the cage bars and smell the goose's innocence.

Palp is sleeping without a goose in his room. George's is empty. Yrrzy's is empty. In the Hall of Mirrors I passed by a cow. Some mirrors were busted.

Yrrzy and Hearts went into the Hall of Mirrors after I entered the Elevator. Yrrzy is guilty of something that isn't murder. Hearts had a bucket of milk. Train Room next with Man Cave's door gone. Into the Dairy Farm. With a lot of train and shit. Donkey Stable. Hearts is at the end of the hall dumping a bucket into the Stomach. I walk down the hall to the Garden when a soda holding Goose is there.

Mortal combat that ends in the Goose running to its room with its door cracked open. I give up.
Get it by your own hands.

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