Time to end this.
A panel in the elevator illuminates. FLOOR 300. Were we all up this high the entire time? The button panel inside opens, revealing two buttons. One is a button to go to the ground floor, the other is a button to close the door. Surely you can escape from the ground floor.

Anyone left within the facility at the end of the night will be killed.
All attempts made on this night will succeed unless role powers suggest otherwise.

I was thinking about giving immunity to players that voted right in previous cases, but guess what, there aren't any living players that did so! In fact, two of the living players are murderers! I'm not going to be nice to them.

[Image: zxVYXcG.png]

Room Descriptions:

Game Rules
-A murder must happen every night. If nobody submits to attempt one will happen "by accident".
-All players will start in their rooms each night regardless of where they ended on the previous night.
-No unarmed kills unless your role says otherwise.

Living Participants
@Suburban Palpatine

Submissions are due Sunday at 3:00 pm EDT

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