The final night is upon us. I walk over to the Nut Button, and press it. NUT. The sound of the button being pressed wakes everyone else in the facility.

Two_Finger wakes up and exits into Palpatine's room. Palpatine equips his bullet proof vest then heads toward the Nut Button, Two_Finger heads into George's room. Meanwhile the goose wakes up and exits into the hallway. It hurries toward Drei's bedroom. Seal enters Bathroom 2, and activates her piss bending powers to scoop up the piss in the urinals. She slides down the hall into the Bone Mower. Seal uses the streams of piss to rip some gears, blades, and other sharp metal parts out of the grinders and returns to the hallway.

Palpatine presses the Nut Button. NUT. Two_Finger makes his way through the Hall of Mirrors toward the Surveillance Room. The goose finds his Batman Utility Belt discarded in Drei's room. He straps it back on himself and takes out a gas mask then equips it. It exits into the hallway and then heads into the hallway. Palpatine takes a lightning gun off the wall in the Gun Armory.

Two_Finger enters the Surveillance Room and walks over to the cow. Using his prosthetic arm, he gives the cow a hard punch in the gut. It seems like he intended to punch all of the way into its stomach, retrieving the gun he used to kill Jerry on Night 1. It doesn't work though. Goose enters and tosses a tear gas pellet at Two_Finger. Two_Finger blocks his face, trying to keep himself from breathing in the gas. Palpatine passes back through the Nut Button room, pressing it once more. NUT. He continues through the bedrooms until he reaches the Hall of Mirrors. The goose uses his kung fu moves to KO Two_Finger.

Seal enters the Surveillance Hall, shielded by a bubble of piss and sharp metal. She looks at the goose. It is busy applying explosive gel to Two_Finger's unconscious body. The shield of piss protects Seal from the tear gas. She yells GIGA................ DRILLLLLLLLLLLLLL........ BREAAAAAAAKEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR and the piss and metal begin to revolve, like a drill. She rushes the goose, and it spins its head around. It tries to dodge but gets gibbed by the giga piss drill.

The GOOSE has died. It was the Ultimate Vivacious Artist [Legendary]
+Start game with batman Utility belt, but you must prove anything you use is in the belt.
-Forbidden action: Using the stairs
-Each night you must deliver a food item to 1 player and watch them eat it
+Master of the kung fu, can dodge bullets and deflect swords while also being resistant to most direct sneak attacks

Seal continues into the Hall of Mirrors.

Palpatine is sliding along the floor in the Hall of Mirrors, equipped with his lightning gun. He glides easily because he is still lubricated by his extremely greasy wet shit from the previous night, which was induced by eating gross-ass half digested food found on the floor of the stomach. Seal uses her piss shield/drill/force field to scoop up the lightning gun from his hands, adding it to the mess. They enter the Elevator together. Palpatine passes out on the floor. Seal presses the button.

The elevator quickly descends to the ground floor. A large explosion can be heard from above as the top of the building explodes.

Two_Finger has died. He was Ultimate Wobbly Difficulty [Garbage]
+Onlookers perceive you in double as an illusory duplicate follows you. You can direct it's actions and it looks just like you, but nothing it does is real.
-Your character is secretly a racist.
-Extreme spaghetti arms, anything physically heavy with them breaks them
-You must pee on a live player to activate your powers (if you are making the GM mad you have to pee on their face)

The elevator reaches the ground floor and the door opens with a ding. Seal dismisses the piss and it crashes over herself, coating her with piss. Palpatine gets coated as well, which wakes him. The two of them exit the building, free at least.

Seal was the Ultimate Tattered Bus [Average]
+Each night choose an element, for that night you may bend/manipulate that element
-Every night you will flub one of your actions and cause yourself harm.

Palpatine was the Ultimate Helpful Beauty [Good]
+Start game with a bullet proof vest, can only be worn once
-Everyone looks like bubsy to you
+Trap master can make all sorts of game traps, but they are all nonlethal unless used creatively and inentionally.
-Plus you're hungry for shit
i really appreciate that two finger got the two two fingers role
Jerry Seinfeld?
fuck u

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