Why can I only cast so many spells on a post?

That's a little limiting to people's creative freedom, no?
i forgot how fun the vertigo effect was
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(Oct 19, 2019 at 12:23 AM)nam-T Wrote: i forgot how fun the vertigo effect was
The fucking page flip so you can read the post is the best shit.

Also I believe the reason is to prevent page lag, as combinations of spells can be surprisingly intensive, especially on mobile.
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El Negro
i believe that it's there for
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OK so there are a few problems with the implementation of spells on MW

1. As people have already mentioned, performance. This frontend is powered by jquery, and I built it when I had no concept of performance optimization. Spells can lag the hell out of this forum. Do you guys remember the first version of Feelin' Fab that we had to change because the rainbow would bring computers to their knees? This is what we're working with lol

2. Some spells just don't stack well. I don't remember the exact combinations that don't work well together, but I know there are some. This is a harder problem to solve because you have to start accounting for every possible combo

3. When we first came up with the idea of spells, we figured it was an incredible amount of power to give regular users on a forum, and that people would want to do it constantly. This sort of was the case for awhile, but eventually the novelty wears off. There's definitely a social aspect to spells: they're not just about exacting power over the person who made the post, but also earning approval from onlookers who feel you've used the spell in a creative way. (This is a huge reason why the Good Sh*t button for previously-cast spells needs to be more visible, or reworked into a different thing entirely)

If we end up doing a new version, which looks like a possibility now that the great Mario and I have steady work, I would love to rework spells so they can be cast without so many limitations
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feelin fab was certainly something

i miss the effect but the performance was hilarious on the wrong platforms
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I really like the way spells let us do the weird shit you can do with Web Codes that don't have much utility elsehwere. I sent a silly one to Spritanium the other day thinking damn, that'd be a good spell. Definitely the child of those old 'html abuse' threads.

just need to get us on a platform that isnt wildly broken
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