Fresh Popotos here
I googled popotos and this first result was the wikipedia page from FFXIV(Or whatever number). The description reads as the following: "A starchy tuberous vegetable originally introduced to Eorzea by explorers from the distant western continent."
[Image: Popoto_Icon.png]
To me; this looks like a potato which begs the question..why didn't they just call this a potato? Popotos sounds like something you get diagnosed with. I have no friends I am sorry.
Sounds like a Spanish hybrid of popcorn, and potatoes.
Fun With Despair
reminds me of my ex wife
You say popotos, I say papatas
El Negro
i say papyrus
[Image: z839mDR.png]
skelton TAL: PYAH PYAH now u get to know my name

skelton TAL: but now that u find eian

skelton TAL: u shall know MY NAME soon enough

skelton TAL: you found him so my name is... pap

eian: man this guy has more rubber than the stain of steel with an applecore on its head

suddenly player appears and crushes the skelton TAL body into power dust

player: *snorts all the dust of the body*

pap: help

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