How will your celebrate your HOWL-O-WEEN?

Pawsworth the Werewolf
Put your paws up for PARTAYING!
King Piranha Plant
I was invited to a halloween party with internet-y gamer folks but I'm introverted af and didn't wanna drive super far so I didn't go

But I knew I had to do something, so I ended up going to a local indie house show that had a fire pit and lots of cute stoned hipsters and punks which ironically ended up being an even more extroverted thing to do?

The bands were really rad and it was worth it

But now that I'm back home I'm like how the FUCK did I get myself to go outside and socialize like that
i played vr games
i didnt do anything
i looked up if there were anime horror anime movies i haven't seen and found one

it was not a good time because it was giant bug fetish shit
i rang someone's doorbell and when they said trick or treat, i said "neither, candy is the unhealthy scourge of society"

rising up one step at a time fellow game gamers......
El Negro
I looked at a thread about how people celebrated their halloweens
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King Piranha Plant
(Nov 2, 2019 at 8:49 PM)Elyk Wrote: it was giant bug fetish shit

I watched Hocus Pocus. That's it

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