-It'd be better to start the "week" from minute of use rather than going purely by the calendar day (of the user?) as it does right now.
-Also, if we have a direct counter item to Sweet Tooth, which is quite a bit weaker than Respellent to begin with and even lasts 6 days less, why is there no counterplay to Respellent? I'd say Salty Cola doesn't need to exist but a counter to stronger items does (And cap the held capacity to 1 for said counter items, as well).

Spell Trap:
-Definitely needs a downside or counterplay of some sort. My suggestion would be to make it only trigger on the first 3 to 5 caught spells and then break. A persistent user could even bruteforce it themselves if they so wished.

Spell Trap (Played):
-Instead of making this a strictly inferior RNG version of its parent item that has no reason to be used, perhaps the full version could only siphon half the EX of the cost of the spell used, whereas the played version would siphon the full cost but break after fewer (1-3) uses. Or maybe since it's "Played", it goes back into the player's inventory after being hit a single time (alongside limiting the inventory cap to 1 held max) and degrades in quality until it becomes eventually unusable, but it cannot be re-applied to the same post.

-Limit the held number to 1. With the way it is right now and the posting speed of MW/relative frequency of drops there's no real reason to save these instead of popping them any time you want to cast anything. But I think it's a great item for mass casting situations and users should be encouraged to save it for those.

@Spritanium so he has to read this : ^)
(I'd also say that it'd be better to not completely ignore what's on the current MW iteration that people are using right now because a future one is coming Eventually, simpler meta adjustments should absolutely be looked into. Not all of these ideas are simple, but some are.)
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>when you invent a new tactic so good it needs to be patched out

I'll be taking my Monthly Metagame Award now, thank you.
(Oct 31, 2019 at 5:37 AM)Aidan Wrote: >when you invent a new tactic so good it needs to be patched out
I'll be taking my Monthly Metagame Award now, thank you.
Honestly I thought Spell Trap had some kind of limit to it this whole time, if I had known it was like it really is I would have posted about it a long time ago.
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