Minus World Awards 2019 NOMINATION PHASE!

It's that time of year again. Simply PM me (Draku) the list of categories you want to nominate a specific member (or whatever is applicable, such as a specific post) for alongside who you nominate for that award. Whenever the nomination phase has ended (around a week or so or whenever someone pings me on Discord in 2 weeks when I've forgotten) we'll move onto the voting phase, where I post the list of nominated members for each category and then you all vote properly! Maximum one nomination per category, please. Also you can abstain from any given category or categories you like. You CANNOT nominate yourself or your dupes!

Without further ado, here's the list of CATEGORIES to NOMINATE and eventually VOTE on members for!

-Best All-Round Member
-Friendliest User
-Most Helpful
-Picasso (Best Artist)
-Best Entertainer
-High Profile (Best Profile, including Gear loadout if applicable)
-Top Wizard (Best Spellcaster)
-Most Missed Member (Please Come Back)
-Least Missed Member (Please Don't)
-Most Involved
-[ ] join MW (Someone who is NOT a member but should be!)
-Best Member to Share a Deserted Island With
-Best Bromance
-Most Cursed
-Best Dupe
-Best Garrison (Specify both a host and the Garrison they held)
-Most Likely to Save the Planet
-Best Potential Parent
-Best New Member
-Goodest Sh*t (A specific post and the member that made it)
-Worstest Sh*t (Again, specific post)
-Best Post on MFGG (I can't actually award any users on here for this!)

Also, Anonymous is a member. Awards to Anon will be sent to a singular relevant postID.

Due to the top bar still being broken, here's a link to the Member List and Search Function to assist you.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
minus world was a mistake
Two categories have been added. Or re-added, in one case.

-Best Potential Parent
-Best New Member

If you wish to update your ballot with your choices, append it to your original Conversation.
Okay, some categories we need more (unique) nominations for while time remains:
-Top Wizard
-Least Missed
-Best New Member
-Best Post on MFGG

I have yet to include my own nominations, so I will bulk up any areas that need it as well.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
just renominate me for last year's Top Wizard
Get it by your own hands.

MFGG Staff Slaying Expert
Kill List
Assist List
can you list some good spells you cast

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