who are you voting for in the minus world awards 2019

(Nov 11, 2019 at 6:10 PM)sealelement Wrote: I'm voting for t man that guy fucks

fuck we should've added Most Likely to Fuck
or is that what Best Potential Parent is for
Arin Hanson is a fraud
don't vote arin
i knew fun with despair was a popular guy but god damn why even have the awards at this point just give it to him
fwd awards 2019
while i do love fwd and a lot of other of the like, site staff type 'core' members, i would like to argue the case that people outside of that inner site staff circlejerk deserve some awards spotlight. write in couch delivery man for every field like i did you cowards
Fun With Despair
I actually didn't vote myself in every category this year
Santa's Hot Abs
The votes were a tough call this time around, but they sure were worth it! Everyone should get a medal!
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