Chase Me:
Even if you say I’m doing wrong or bad
I don’t know what is the problem, this is the way I am
You’re chasing me and we’re getting close
But I’m not that easy to catch


Would the real thief please stand up? And kindly steal Kira's notebook while you're at it.
Kright goes on a long drive, from one end of town to the other. Every few minutes, he parks his car near a bridge, runs out and scans the edges of the river that cuts through town. Yet, each time, he is disappointed.

Losing hope, he stares into the choppy waters, where he notices an odd shape pop out of the river.
A man, clad in full scuba gear and carrying an oxygen tank on his back, doggy-paddles to the edge of the reservoir. He then climbs a service ladder to the highest point of the reservoir's wall and practices a smooth Olympic dive back to the same place. After a few minutes, he resurfaces and scans the horizon. He happens to notice a small point of illumination - a car's headlights - and waves kindly before swimming back to repeat the ritual.
Hours pass, and the swimmer returns to his car to retire for the night. To his surprise, the window has been smashed in, and someone has stolen his wallet.

Across town, Zange sits in her kitchen, fixated on the front window. The oven is preheated, and she's prepared a sheet of cookie dough. The counters are a mess of flour and dirty bowls.
The night grows long, and she begins to doubt anyone is coming. As she stands to clean the mess, a car drives past her house, stops, and slowly backs up. Zange runs to her front door to greet her guest.

She opens the front door to see the car parked outside, empty. Confused, she takes a step onto the porch to search for her guest. Some small object, roughly shaped like a pencil, bumps against her side, and she feels a sharp pain. She grabs at the spot and finds she's been hit by a dart soaked in a foul smelling liquid. In a panic, she stumbles back inside and quickly blacks out.
To avoid another fiasco like last night, Fun with Despair searches for Draku's house, reasoning that this would help him find Elyk. Against all odds, he actually succeeds. Elyk struggles to open his front door, feeling nauseous before he can even undo the lock. Fun with Despair welcomes himself in as Elyk vacates his stomach yet again.

Having familiarity with Draku, Despair notices an uncanny resemblance between the two. They're nearly indistinguishable, aside from Elyk's pale skin and bloodshot eyes. When Elyk returns from the bathroom, Despair produces a vial and a syringe from his pocket. Elyk is reluctant, but exposes his arm to the injection.
Nothing happens at first, and Elyk begins to question Despair's intentions. Despair insists that he produced the real antidote, and that Elyk is lucky he even survived this long. Frustrated, Elyk stands to approach his guest. He begins to protest, only to realize his mind is clear and his stomach has calmed. Despair grins and leans back, in anticipation of gratitude and potentially a generous reward.

Elyk gestures toward his open front door, staring Despair dead in the eyes the entire time. Despair obliges, and Elyk slams the door behind him.
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With a sense of satisfaction, Kright drives home. Something about the scuba clad driver made him feel fulfilled. As his home comes into line of sight, he notices his front window is shattered. Upon further investigation, he finds a dead body soaked in blood, in a mass on his floor next to a knocked over shelf and broken TV.

Portrait Sculptor has died. He was Kright's neighbor.

Horrified and bewildered, Kright returns to his car to plan his next move. He's distracted by a panicked scream followed by a hard impact. At the source of the sound is a corpse, head twisted nearly backwards by its shattered neck.

Merciless Charity has died. He was Kright's other neighbor.

Too overwhelmed to function, Kright crumbles onto his lawn, head in hands. He takes a long moment to compose himself, and slowly begins to stand. A light from his neighbor's house draws his attention. Inside, a woman struggles to smear blood on her wall, managing only the letters "J E T" before succumbing to blood loss.

Beautiful Soul has died. She was Kright's neighbor's friend.

Kright walks back into his house and goes straight to bed.
Eager for freshly baked cookies, Hearts speeds down the empty highway. Having been unable to return home for his own car, he'd spent the entire night walking to a used car dealership, the only one in town. It cost him all his savings, but he considered it a worthwhile investment: a clean slate for his fresh start.

A shabby old Mazda pulls up next to him, drifting uncomfortably close. He veers away, and the other car serves into him, nearly sending his new car careening off the road. Guided by instinct, he powerslides into a driveway and regains control of the vehicle. The other car turns back at him, and he narrowly avoids another collision as he pulls back onto the road and takes off.

The Mazda gives chase, and the two stay in near perfect sync as they dart through the empty residential streets. Finally, Hearts pulls ahead, and the other driver begins to slow down in apparent surrender. Eyes on his rear view, Hearts fails to notice the Nissan Cube turning a corner up ahead. Hearts is unable to react before the two collide, his door against their front bumper.

The Mazda slowly drives up, pauses just next to the wreckage, and speeds off.

@Hearts has died. He was Two_Finger's roommate, and self-appointed protector.
Message on the answering machine of Yamada Pest Control:
"Hey uh, I've got a bobcat here. Well like, not a real bobcat. Like a little guy that kinda has a bobcat head. But not as deadly or small or whatever. Actually it's really huge and I'm not sure how he holds it up. Anyway he has piss all over his shirt and-"

Day 3 will begin tomorrow, and will last 48 hours.
imagine dying to a nissan cube

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