The Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling Royal Rumble!

RFVFRW Announcer
Welcome wrassle fans, to another exciting instalment of Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling!

After the resounding success of the first official RFVFRW tournament, we are proud to announce that, with the endorsement of our founder, Chuck Wellon, who is currently in one of Arizona's finest correctional facilities, we are expanding! The tournament for the Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling Championship belt will now have atleast TWELVE CONTESTANTS.

Not only that, but it will now be accompanied by a TAG TEAM TOURNAMENT, featuring eight teams, vying for the Double Knuckle Tag Team Championship belt.

However, after the previous tournament ended with Kojima's cashing-in of the GOOD SHIT and Trip's claim of the championship, we at RFVFRW were faced with baseless accusations of rigging it so that your favourite wrestler, Negative Man, lost. Let me address these accusations, unofficially.

Yes, we did.

But let's be fair - it's not our fault the sad Simpsons-reject couldn't land a pin at a bowling alley. And now that there's even more matches, that accusations of rigging will be even more rampant. However, after some deep soul-searching, and a short business meeting with our incarcerated founder, Chuck Wellon, he offered a solution.

"Host a twenty-man Royal Rumble, and determine the seeding of the tournaments via their position in the standings of the Royal Rumble. The winner claims the Good Shit."

And that, wrassle fans, is exactly what we planned to do, in the first REAL FAKE VIRTUAL FAKE REAL WRESTLING ROYAL RUMBLE. Unfortunately, due to a scheduling error, not everyone currently signed up for a tournament has made it to the rumble itself, so there are a few new faces, mixed in with completely random wrestlers who will not be joining the tournaments proper.

We will, however, make sure that their placing in the rumble is thoroughly represented by their replacements in the tournament brackets.

All twenty will enter the ring, and the last one standing will win the Good Shit.

Whoever claims the Good Shit will be able to contest the Championship of their choosing, and attempt to claim it for their own greedy hands.

The VOD will be available to watch sometime tomorrow. Until then, wrassle fans!
release the bracket so i know who to foolishly bet all of my ex on
RFVFRW Announcer
(Nov 26, 2019 at 2:09 PM)MFan168 Wrote: release the bracket so i know who to foolishly bet all of my ex on

As we have not yet finalized all contracts for the next set of tournaments, we will not be releasing an official tournament bracket until we are close to beginning.

Wrassle fans, it's time for the Real Fake Virtual Fake Real Wrestling Royal Rumble to finally begin!


All non-competing wrestlers will have their spots stolen taken by willing contestants in the solo tournament itself.

But for now, that's RFVFRW, signing off!
Arin Hanson is a fraud
BULLSHIT! Steve-ass fucking bitch!

This contest is RIGGED. I don't care, man, it's just so STUPID! Second place?! What the FUCK! Only the SHIT gets second place and the PISS gets the first! What a piece of garbage.

I hate Minecraft.
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