Lulu Azhal
Sign me up
sign me up ill make a funny dupe later
[Image: d64e939958.png]

im bill ding
Snufferin Snagglepuss
i'll do a thing i guess
"Let's play our lives away!"
Ayy lemme get it
Atelier Annie
This Killing Game thing sounds like a lot of work, hopefully I'm not pushed too hard.
[Image: j5vb4q.png]
Grell Sutcliff
Ohhhhh? What's this? An opportunity to spill some fresh, red blood? Now this is an opportunity I simply can't pass up! I wouldn't miss a DEADLY game like this for anything~

Though I do hope that Will doesn't get me in trouble again...
Baby Sans Thanos
[Image: coollogo_com-3229305.png]

(translation: Feed me.)
[Image: Zm6C7NV.gif]
I'll play if its still okay, but I won't do a dupe
Godbert Manderville
This looks like a job for a Manderville man.
Ainsley Harriott
(Nov 28, 2019 at 12:40 AM)Archer_Est Wrote: Ayy lemme get it

He meant "Put the greatest chef, Ainsley Harriott, in the game."

I'm in
The King of Town
Alright, lets get this Grilling Game show on the road! I've already run out of second breakfast and it'll be another minute until The Poopsmith shows up with third lunch!
Can I volunteer?
(May come up with/use a alternate character/dupe later?
The Kindest Weapon
I was told to make an appearance.
Am I too late?

[Image: CMd9JdRWwAAeY1V.jpg]
Skull Face
A haunted island in the Atlantic Ocean... Sounds exactly like what I need.
Mother Goose
Time to rhyme and do some crime!
Fun With Despair
I am tentatively closing signups at this point. It's not a hard limit, so if someone really wants, they may be allowed to join, but future spots are not guaranteed.
Forgetful Santa
Looks like Santa overslept... I don't know what any of all this is. You youngins have fun on your island, I'd think ol' Rotten Jack and his Halloween season would've suited this more. Ho ho, nothing could ever keep that guy down! I'll bet he's going strong to this day.

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