Lotta Hart
Howdy again! Boss told me to contact you once more for another scoop in the works. I don't understand what's up with y'all, but he sees good potential in you. Wish I could say the same.

We've recently uncovered rumors about a haunted island, located in the Atlantic Sea, or at least, to the left of the European Islands. Not only that, but we have its exact coordinates! What's important for us is the scoop, so if there really is a haunted island out there in the world, I would chance it with all my life!.. Is what I would say, but I'm too busy chasing some other rumors back in my homeland.

I've got some documents that detail the haunted island, or rather, who haunts the premises! Spooky, I know!

Document One:

From the looks of it, we know a bit about these potential ghosts. If you ever see one, maybe you should go say hi to them! Befriending ghosts is possible, not that I've tried... yet. They also mentioned state of the art tools, but it seems that we're dealing with a group of people from the Victorian Era. Boss didn't like that, so he hired some people to re-purpose the island a bit to modernize it all. Don't ask me if the people who went there saw the ghosts, I have no idea.

Before I get carried away: Signups! I would like to specify that while you're volunteering to take a trip to a remote island, this is not a vacation. We would like for you to work on getting the scoop of a lifetime for us! If it works super well, maybe a big pay will be in order, based on how my boss is feeling about it. If you can't do research well, you could at the very least be entertaining! You're all going to be part of this story, after all, so if you get creative, that's bonus points for keeping readers interested.

Signups will end when we see fit, but you might want to join as early as possible, just in case!

Volunteers (28):
@Mother Goose
@Atelier Annie
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Marco Pierre White
@Charles Chuck Goodrich
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Gordon Ramsay
@Vincent Valentine
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Rick Sanchez
@Snufferin Snagglepuss
@Ainsley Harriott
@Baby Sans Thanos
@The Kindest Weapon
im in
[Image: GrFo47K.jpg]
sign me the fuck up
put me IN coach
Ham Sandwich
Marco Pierre White
Yes, this will do alright. I'll partake, but don't bother me when I'm busy.
Sheldon Cooper

My name is Sheldon Cooper, and I'm a Theoretical Physicist, B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., and Sc.D. I like science, computers, video games, chemistry, physics, string theory, quantum physics, and comic books. My favorite superhero is difficult for me to decide, but it's usually Green Lantern or The Flash. I would like to join this game of Killing and Mystery Solving, so that I can prove how to optimally solve mysteries and lynch the killers every time. I can guarantee that I won't let you down with my deduction and reasoning skills. There's a reason I invented Mathology, after all.
[Image: UtCDrJD.jpg]
Count me in!
Charles Chuck Goodrich
Eh, why not. Not like I'm doing much else.
yea okay
Yumemi Riamu
Nice! Let's get this game onto a tray..
The Archivist
So the game finally begins, eh? It's aBO̶͔̟͚̫̩̱̱̖͈̯͋̓̂́̀ͅͅU̴̮̤̖͎̣̾̀T̶̡̡͚̼̭̹̬̲͉̼̲̻͒͆͊̈́͊͋̍͘͠ ̶̲͗̿͌D̷̯̩̾͗̊̑̊̏̑͋̒̽͐̕̚͝Ą̶̜͎̘̖͚̤̪̹͈̭͇͙͐̉̇̃͜M̴̖̹̮̌̀̊̊̔̔̂̓̒̂̇̚͜͝ͅǸ̸̬̯̹͎͎͖̦̖͎̹͔͙̱ ̵̡͚̳̱̼̲̦̜̪̌̓͒̎̅̄͌̈͠ͅT̵̢̪̦̟̤̪̼̓̃̈̑͊͆̉̆̄̕ime.
Momoko Koigakubo
(Nov 27, 2019 at 5:01 PM)Shygul Wrote: sign me the fuck up
also praise the lord!
Sign me up!
Gordon Ramsay
Listen, I'm only here because one of you idiots is paying me a fuckton of money to cater this. So I'd better see some cooperation in the kitchen, understand?
I'm down. I'll come up with a dupe when roles are sent out, probably.
reserved for my future dupe
Dupe coming later but sign me UP

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