Forgetful Santa
Oh, uh... I think I was supposed to post this? Right, right. Sorry, Santa's old age makes him... a little lacking. You all at MFGG have always been such kind boys and girls...

Let's hope you all know better than Santa does about the usual setup, but just in case I've got this list Mrs. Claus gave me. I think. It was her or an elf... same difference? I don't know. She gets real mad when I wake up with the wrong person.

Signup Rules:

You have until the end of December 5th to sign up. The following day you will receive a conversation with your assignment. Remember, it's called Secret Santa for a reason. What that reason is happens to be is beyond ol' Santa though. Telling people will ruin the fun, especially if it's who you're making your present for. Unless they'd forget about it the next day... wouldn't that be something.

If your gift happens to be a little more physical than the usual digital-y ones Santa doesn't fully understand, you can ask me to see if the recipient will allow something shipped to their address. No guarantees on that and privacy's important. Santa may have everyone on Earth's address and a massive intelligence gathering operation to keep that list flowing, but even I can't forget the importance of NordV--... security.


Star Wars.
Horror/spooky/creepy things.
Get it by your own hands.

MFGG Staff Slaying Expert
Kill List
Assist List
Crazy Frog
Whoa! Sure buddy, I love giving gift to people! I hope a lot of people sign up and give everyone a really wonderful time!

Get the christmas spirit going!

- Games!
- Love!
- Go ham, I'm not really looking for anything in particular! I just want to help others!
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Forgetful Santa
Santa really IS forgetful. I completely blanked on that time an elf slipped me some weird eggnog and my abs gained sentience and the ability to type on a keyboard, despite them working away on it right below me!
Sup, which in this case is the contraction of the phrase "sign up".

-video games
-puzzle shit
-a complete and utter perversion of the concept of "sleep schedule"
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Nurse stuff: notebooks, badge clips,
Gardening : Seeds, Plants
Magical things: Moons, Crystals, Tarot
Nintendo stuff
Steam games

Anything made is totally acceptable :)
apologies in advance to anyone who rolls me. on any year really. if you don't into weebshit just look down to the bottom two, the amount of options is just in case someone happens to be familiar with any of the below by chance. the favorite characters aren't a "include all" deal either I'd fug it

-Nanoha (Favorites being Fate, Vita, and Reinforce Zwei)
-Fate/ series (If you know Grand Order at all you can do something related to that. Favorite servants are Tamamo and Elizabeth)
-Symphogear (Shirabe, Kirika, Hibiki)
-Neptunia (Plutia, Blanc, Ram)
-Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Sayaka, Kyouko)
[email protected] Cinderella Girls (Anzu, Kirari)
-Megaman (The weebest non-weeb option)
-On the off chance that you don't care for any creative exploits (I'm fine with even the crudest of MSpaint masterpieces) there's always the Steam game/PSN/eshop card business.
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Fun With Despair
I like video games, KG, and weeping silently into my mug of morning (mid-late afternoon) coffee
hit me with that good stuff

-Symphogear (Hibiki, Maria, or Kanade especially)
-Metroid and F-Zero
-steam games
-books, espec. of the mystery variety
-also if you just want to send me chocolates that's fine too
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Yo! Sign me up also!
I like....uhh steam games (pixel/ strategy), Art of best boy Trip, or a really cute pen or note book.
Alright, I'll bite

-Touhou (way too many favorites to list but Kasen, Patchouli, Utsuho, Komachi, and Momiji are up there)
-Fate (anything and everything Tamamo, or Nitocris)
-Fire Emblem
-Steam games, especially metroidvania and puzzle/strategy
-"Creepy-cute" stuff
-Yumemi Riamu
Snufferin Snagglepuss
I had fun last year so I'll do it gain.
Hanging out with friends
Kae (from the suguri series, the one below and to the left)
Wolves are cool
Puzzles and videogames are also cool
Dungeons and Dragons
Fighting Games
Fire Force, Manga, and Manhwa

Previous Year:
-Vocaloid (Mayu and Miku. Pinocchio, Divela and Deco are fire too)
-Videogames (Playing with friends is the best)
-Dungeons and Dragons
-Orange Juice related things, like Kae!
Sharp Teeth Characters
Characters like Scharlachrot, Metallia the swamp witch, and the games they are in.
Thanks Jet for reminding me that I also like;

There's a lot of cool stuff, let's be real
"Let's play our lives away!"
Sure, why not?
- Hello!Project (especially ANGERME) (yeah this is very niche so maybe pick any other interest of mine lmao)
- Touhou (the residents of the Scarlet Devil Mansion are my favorites, especially Patchouli)
- puzzles/puzzle games are cool
- musicals
- anything Nintendo
- pastel / cute stuff
- steam games (especially visual novel-type stuff)
another year where i sign up hoping to draw someone and get paired with someone who has no oc and just likes weebshit

I make things for TF2
I play a lot of Apex Legends
I like pixelshit and indie games
I like pictures of my fursona
i like deer
I'll toss my name into the hat for this year.

Forgetful Santa
I meant to send those assignments out last night, but I forgot. Silly me, that's the old age acting up again. I'll send them out now.

EDIT: All assignments have been sent out.
D'oh I missed
El Negro
For anybody that got me (Santa's Hot Abs):

I don't really mind about what I get. Go wild! I'll like whatever I'm given.

...but because simply saying "I want anything" would be a bit uh, lackluster... I guess I do have to give a few things I like.

- Krilalaris (100% Orange Juice)
- My OCs (Ask Santa in case you want to a picture of one.)
- Steam Games
- Touhou
- Cats
- Really, just about anything!

Sorry for whoever got me, I know how difficult it is to come up with things for someone.
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dangit too late
If life gives you lemons... RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!
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TCOTL Reference Humanoid reference Drawings/sprites people have made me.
Marco Pierre White
(Dec 8, 2019 at 2:34 AM)Demonlemon Wrote: dangit too late

i'll still draw you for christmas

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