Okay, Saturday's over and everyone (hopefully) has cast their votes! We got a bunch of submissions this time, good sh*t. I also cast my own votes in each category, never voting for myself. Well, except for the bromance one since that was dual members, but that was for Elyk's sake so... I guess that upgrades the bromance? See, it deserved the vote.

-Best All-Round Member:
@Draku and @Fun With Despair, each with five votes! I abstained from voting here. I'd say FWD definitely deserves it.

-Friendliest User:
@sealelement with six votes! Always friendly (thus the award, of course) and a good personal friend of mine for a long time too.

-Most Helpful:
@Elyk with six votes! A handy admin who actually knows what he's doing. I'm sure he won this because of those cooking videos of his, they've helped expand my recipe book exponentially. The Crispy Chicken Sandwich is my favorite dish!

-Picasso (Best Artist):
Anonymous with a whopping eight votes! Since @Kright has publicly revealed that this was them I'm going to award them and the individual anon post out of pure respect. Amazing work!

-Best Entertainer:
@Fun With Despair with six votes! Running KG and Jackbox on occasion easily got him the slot.

-High Profile (Best Profile, including Gear loadout if applicable):
@Aidan with five votes! I voted for you too bro.

-Top Wizard (Best Spellcaster):
@Aidan again with six votes! Made some extremely good plays recently. Also fuck you.

-Most Missed Member (Please Come Back):
@brainwyrms with six votes! I miss him so much, he made some excellent sh*t.

-Least Missed Member (Please Don't):
@Puddin landslides this one with eight votes. Ouch.

-Most Involved:
@Fun With Despair has NINE votes! And deserves all of them, the dedication to writing Killing Game, moderating the Discord, and even the forums now is admirable. Definitely involved!

-[ ] join MW (Someone who is NOT a member but should be!):
Barack Obama (Real) with nine votes as well! Who wants to send him the tweet?

-Best Member to Share a Deserted Island With:
Anyone but @Fun With Despair with four votes.

As a result of not being able to award everyone on the site, I will subtract one MW Awards 2019 medal from FWD instead.

...Not really.

-Best Bromance:
@Draku x @Elyk with four votes! As stated earlier for the sake of transparency I DID vote for this one. But I stand by my reasoning that doing so proves it should win.

-Most Cursed:
@Feetio with seven votes! El Negro nearly won this one. But shit, with a name like FEETIO, how could he not win?

-Best Dupe:
@MarioPants with seven votes! That's a lucky number.

-Best Garrison:
@Fun With Despair's second Playground Garrison and @Jetamo's Wrestling Sim, each hitting four votes! The sheer dedication to going out to so many goddamn playgrounds and writing all that sh*t up is yet another Involved point for the dude. And Jetamo's Wrestling was plenty funny too, especially with the recent followup.

-Most Likely to Save the Planet:
@couch delivery man has seven votes. I completely agree, he'll deliver us one hell of a couch when the right time comes.

-Best Potential Parent:
@Elyk got five votes. He will make many, many more appetizing meals for his future family.

-Best New Member:
@Kright faced some very close competition but came out with seven votes! Somehow I think those art posts were a fine argument!

-Goodest Sh*t:
Anonymous, AKA @Kright makes another seven vote showing! As stated many times before, well deserved award here.

-Worstest Sh*t:
@Feetio and his existence wins out heavily with six votes. Including his own. As such I have decided to award this medal to the Feetio account rather than the Jetamo one as that's a true power play.

-Best Post on MFGG:
Virgin MW vs the Chad MFGG (Quote Preservation of Deleted Post) easily wins with 6 votes. I hope MFGG's posting game improves even more next year, I love this category.

Extra (By Request):
Pea's Voting Submission

We're nearly past another year of being here, folks. The forums were kind of dead for a while this year thanks to the ever present efforts of the Neo-IRC Cabal but have recently picked back up. Glad we're not down for the count, it feels good to still be posting on one of the last bastions of the classic internet forum format. Secret Santa's soon enough too, I hope everyone enjoys working on and receiving their presents. Get out there and post/cast some more good sh*t, people!
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
Fun With Despair
fuck you draku
JUST KIDDING i am always humble in victory and id like to thank @Draku for hosting the awards, @Fun With Despair for voting me in every category including the ones i wasn't nominated, and of course @Demonlemon
i've got 2020 vision, see you all next year!
Woah/// Thank you guys very much for the votes!
Fun With Despair
oh my god i wasn't serious with the autocorrects
El Negro
i demand a vote recount fuck you feetio FUCK YOU
[Image: z839mDR.png]
you didnt embed my video
i cant fucking believe we gave a mw award to feetio
El Negro
(Dec 1, 2019 at 8:05 PM)Feetio Wrote: Thanks.

[Image: n3gkoZb.png]

it's all in good fun, grats to everyone
[Image: z839mDR.png]
I just wanna say congratulations to EVERYONE(except Despair)...especially my dude Aidan. It's been a while but he is finally being recognized........not mistakenly as billie joe......but as a rly dope.....poster :100: :100: :100: see u all next year !!!
congrats to all winners
(Dec 1, 2019 at 10:24 AM)Draku Wrote: -Best Post on MFGG:
Virgin MW vs the Chad MFGG (Quote Preservation of Deleted Post) easily wins with 6 votes. I hope MFGG's posting game improves even more next year, I love this category.

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