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Night 8 ft. Godbert, Fink, Skull Face, Cooking mama, Trip, Hilary Clinton, ASMR Youtuber, King of Town (ghost) and a very grumpy Xavier!
[Image: FinkRatForRay.png]
[Image: b3250e11831ce257b88de8b3dd61f591dc72d1e5.png]

Night 9:
Ft. Shoey, Hillary Clinton, Ramone, Gordon, Unimpressed Xavier, Ninja Ruby Rose, and the Mystery Killer!
[Image: f50b75909abeab8f80ad3d4aa1bd4a67b0855005.png]

Night 10: Ft. Gordon Ramsey, Ainsley Harriott, and Shoey !

I swore to myself I would see this to the end , so here is a very late / quick little drawing for night 10! I don't think I drew Ainsley with any cheese previously, so I at least gave his shirt a little cheese design in tribute to for his love for cheese.
These drawings were one of the highlights of KG7 imo, I looked forward to seeing them after every trial
ASMR Youtuber
absolutely, thank you so much for adding this layer to the game

KG7 Final Night!!!

Well.... I wanted to try and do something kinda cool as my last little art thing for KG7- So I made a little video that follows the events of the last night! Hope you guys like it!

Music is; ' Ib Dining Room Remix ' by Jatzy!

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