Trip [Cameraman]
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"Yo! Welcome to the Haunted Island! Or, I'm pretty sure it's haunted anyway, that's what they told me back at the network. You guys must be that freelance media crew they told me about. Hopefully you guys get what you came out here for."

"Oh, me? I'm Trip. I'm a cameraman!"

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"Or I was a cameraman, anyway. Then my boss turned out to be evil and got his hands on this mad spooky magic jewel and then the security guard shot it and he blew up and THEN I started a wrestling career and became champion but then there was this wack royal rumble and Arin Hanson opened a can of whoop-ass on me and..."

[Image: T9QVv7O.png]

"The network suddenly just... gave me my own show! So, here I am, filming the radical first season of GhostQuest! Heh heh. "

"I've gotta get going and get my equipment set up back up in my pad, but you guys go do whatever you want, you've got your own "paranormal investigations" to do, right? Just give me a ring whenever @MCD shows up, I heard he was coming too, and I haven't seen him since my last gig!"


You glance down at the map in your hands again, alongside your fellow contract workers. At the bottom, you notice some small red text. It reads:

Hey! You! This might sound crazy, but if you kill someone tonight and get away with it, I'll give you a big fat ROLE BUFF, free of charge and right out the gate! As for what I mean by "get away with it", well... you'll see! Puhuhuhuhu! - Monokuma

The weather forecast for the night is Overcast. Visibility will be reduced in outdoor areas.



[Image: 3Htr2dB.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

[Image: GzD4dqh.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):


@Mother Goose
@Atelier Annie
@ASMR Youtuber
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Marco Pierre White
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Vincent Valentine
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Rick Sanchez
@Snufferin Snagglepuss
@Ainsley Harriott
@Baby Sans Thanos
@The Kindest Weapon
@Ramone Stradvar

As this is Night 1, submissions will end on Wednesday at 2 PM PST, to give players time to familiarize themselves with the map and room descriptions. All players will begin at the Fountain.

Please submit your actions to Trip tonight, and join the Killing Game discord if you haven't.

"Oh, how I have missed the salty seas! Aye, it's near naught of an opportunity to behold such beauty!"

"How could you find excitement over an atmosphere of blue and nothing but? My stomach churns by the mere thought of it, let alone my seasickness."

"To you, everything is about the view, but surely, you miss an important perspective to the beauty of the ocean!"

"Which is?"

"The smell of salt in the air."


"The sound of the waves."

"Nothing fantastic about water splashing on wood."

"And yet, that is your expertise, given a little bit of imagination! How are you one of the world’s most prolific artists if you’re to see the ocean as a simple, uninspired puddle?”

“Simple, our world has more to demonstrate than its elements. Life, as we know it, tells us many stories; from the faces of passersby, the fascinating daily construct of the animal world, to the grandiose picture of a city, bustling with all living beings, whether be humans, pets or even rats. One can find many answers in life by simply observing everyday occurrences and, with the help of a brush and a canvas, I can translate that observation into a timeless historical piece. What could you possibly find something interesting within this simple, uninspired puddle, that you’ve spoken about, if you cannot observe a story within it?”

“There’s a story in all things, not just life itself. Activity is presented in more than daily occurrences.”

“If it’s about motion…”

“More than motion! Time itself is presented in everything! You see the story within societal activity, whereas I see a story from the perfect opposite. Observing the waves, as they’ve crossed from coast to coast: What have they carried along the way? Every drop of water, even if it’s all the same to the common eye, carry a different story and a different possible outcome of its purpose.”

“Where are you going with this, Therese?”

“No matter what you see out there, you will never have seen it in a similar way, no matter how small the difference. If you’ve ever felt that you’ve seen something from a previous vision, perhaps should you observe it from a different perspective? Suddenly, a different outcome will occur.”

“You’ve lost me in more ways than one.”

“That, too, is a matter of perspective.”
The King of Town
Hold on a minute, I thought this was some kinda grilling game. Where are the grills?
Baby Sans Thanos
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im bees
Baby Sans Thanos
(Dec 3, 2019 at 6:24 AM)bees Wrote: im bees

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Ainsley Harriott
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