best girl from every anime i've seen goddamnit zelma

keep in mind there's going to be a lot of cases where it's just the mc because there's no other important girls but anyway let's GO

Aggretsuko: Fenneko, she's the chill coworker i wish i had
Angel Beats: Yui's humor just clicked with me idk
Anohana: Menma deserved better
Assassination Classroom: that one virtual girl Ritsu, i'm glad that show saw the value of 2d girls
Baccano: Nice Holystone of fucking course, give me more eyepatch waifus damn it
Black Lagoon: Revy, best waifu across all of anime, next please
My Hero Academia: Uraraka even if she's sort of the easiest answer. I guess i just find her interactions with deku really cute
Clannad: Kyou, I will die on this hill that tomoya should have landed with her instead of vanilla waifu nagisa
Code Geass: Pizza Butt, only for the design
Cowboy Bebop: Ed, though she's too ditzy for an actual fulfilling relationship
Danganronpa 3: Asahina, with kyoko being a really close second
Death Note: Misa by default, she's an obsessive psychopath but the only other girl in the series is light's sister who barely gets any screentime
Death Parade: that girl with the blue hair, if only because of her pure dance in the op. she's so happy
Devil May Cry The Animated Series: Lady, a shame she ended up being wasted
Devilman Crybaby: Miki, i guess you could say i'm head over heels with her ahahaha oh god i'm so sorry
Durarara: Celty, I was always impressed with how she expressed so much emotion without a head
Fate/Zero: Saber, or am I thinking of one of her million spinoffs
FLCL: Haruko, a really fun gal to be around
Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood: fuck you got me, this is the hardest one by far. i'm calling a four way tie between winry, hawkeye, armstrong, and izumi, though it's probably Hawkeye
Devil is a Part-Timer: Chiho, i'm obligated to relate to a fellow fast food worker
Hellsing Ultimate: Seras Victoria just gets shit done
Hunter x Hunter: Komugi, more in a protection sort of way though
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Lisa Lisa, trisha has a better design but she doesn't do as much as the former
K-On: Mio, hands down
World God Only Knows: Elsie, that lovable dork
Kekkai Sensen: Chain, bonus points for being in a suit
Kill la Kill: Satsuki, such big dick energy
Konosuba: Megumin, same explanation as literally every anime fan on the planet
Black Butler: Elizabeth, i guess for her devotion to her 13 year old fiance and no i'm not giving that context. though it's either her or the fucking ditz maid
Little Witch Academia: Sucy, what a mood
Madoka: you can't expect me to remember anything about madoka next
Megalo Box: I think there's only one female character in the entire show? even then she's not my type
Mob Psycho 100: sort of the same case as the above, can't remember that many females
Mushishi: third time's the charm, except not really
Naruto: hinata's a white bread answer, i'm going with my main girl Temari
Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka, though it's a lose lose situation either way. I say asuka and i get mauled by rei stans, i say rei and i get mauled by asuka stans
Nichijou: that one tsundere character had the best skits
No Game No Life: Jithril or whatever the name of that angel is, and nnnno this has nothing to do with the censor-friendly nude scene
One Punch Man: Tatsumaki
Ouran High School Host Club: just because Haruhi's the only major girl doesn't mean that's a bad thing, she's a good straight man character regardless
Overlord: i feel like every female character in this show is the obsessive yandere type ala Misa Amane, not my type at all
Psycho-Pass: eeeeh Akane's the only girl I can remember
Re:Creators: god i love Magane so much, great design, great playful personality, everything
Re:Zero: No.
Re:Life: don't remember anything about this whoopsssss
Samurai Champloo: Fuu's the only major girl but even then she's a great one
Serial Experiments Lain: Lain's the only major girl but even then she would just stare at her computer all day
Your Lie in April: Kaori i guess??
Attack on Titan: Annie, if only she would show up after season 1
Haruhi Suzumiya: Haruhi, sort of a "lesser of three evils" type thing. yuki's too stoic and asahina's just too moe
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: yoko used to be my very first best girl but now I shift more towards Nia
Toradora: Minori, suck it taiga
Violet Evergarden: Violet for episode 10 alone, fuck man my heart
Zombieland Saga: Saki, the only reason to look forward to s2
the correct NGE answer is to pick Mari to piss off both sides
mf I cant believe we groupwatched watched love live together but you didnt include maki on this list Sad

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