in this thread we post and try to solve the many mysteries of minus world, starting with the quintessential example - the "semicolon cryptid

[Image: f3u1EjM.png]

this strange creature can occasionally be found lurking at the very bottom left corner of minus world, what is it? is it friendly? minus world scientists have yet to provide us with any answers, but i speculate that this little fellow emerges at the scent of good sh*t, looking to feast

please post your speculation and other minus world mysteries
John Wick's Dog
where luigi
[Image: qoFYQcX.png]
[Image: sm64-code-top.png?w=640&h=447]
here is another perplexing minus world mystery, "the guests." as you may or may not be aware, minus world is host to many spectating specters

[Image: xFqkOur.png]

this number fluctuates throughout the day, and is a somewhat accurate gauge of how much paranormal energy minus world is emitting at any given time. if you go to the who's online page you can see which thread the guest is inhabiting

[Image: BzAIOaz.png]

i've tried to catch a glimpse of these visitors many times, and each time i must have caused them to flee with my arrival, i took a picture of the last thread i visited and as you can see there is absolutely nothing of note here

[Image: bV9zHFq.png]
El Negro
sorry those are my 45 alt accounts
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