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Todd Howard
Hello, Minus Worlders, I am Todd Howard. It seems you use Bethesda a lot, which is great. At least, that's what our below-zero player counts on Fallout 76 tell us. We hate to ask you this, but, well, after we made the misguided decision to make a membership service solely for our game that's obviously being slept on by fans worldwide who don't know any better, times have been tough. We are morally obligated and bound through an unbreakable Sumerian contract to not lay off any of our workers, so instead, developers have been sleeping on our floors, we've had to burn our clearly canvas promotional bags for warmth, and we just went through our last intern last Monday. He was slightly undercooked. For the sake of our survival, we've been depending on generous donations. If each of you could give a small amount of 500 EX points, the price of a [insert favorite day of the week here] autoplay spell, we'll be able to sustain ourselves again, instead of simply taking the time to make our games actually function. Thank you for your patronage.
fuck you todd i just bought rust to spite you
Todd Howard
Oh, of course you'd rather trust a game with a Metacritic score of 69 than me.
John Wick's Dog
how to read
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