An uneasy air settles over the island as you all gather together by the Fountain at daybreak. As you look around, trying to identify the source of this uneasy feeling, the strange bear who gave you the map at the start of the night leaps up from behind the fountain, perching on the Goose Statue and letting out an extremely irritating laugh.

[Image: 110?cb=20170520215140]

"Well, what's this we have here? Couldn't resist my little motive, could you? Awfully murderous for a bunch of freelancer reporters, but I won't complain! That just means more fun for the rest of us! Besides, who knows what kind of exciting discoveriesyou'll dig up during your investigation!"

"I'd be shaking with anticipation, if it wasn't for the fact that I'm about to reveal something even more exciting!"

[Image: 0cMdDU9.png]

"Aw no, not again. Knock it off, bear dude, this is lame."

"What are you even doing here anyway? I thought we all ditched you back in the woods after the last time. Besides, no one here would kill anyone! We're all just chillin' out and hunting ghosts and stuff."

[Image: 106?cb=20170520215139]

"Puhuhuhu, the answer to that question might surprise you, cameraman. But we can dwell on that later, can't we? Without further ado, it's time to announce what's got me so hyped up!"

A body has been discovered on the island! @Baby Sans Thanos has been found dead in the backyard of House Oliva, lying in a pool of laundry detergent!

His role was Ultimate? Baby Sans Thanos

Role Description:

-Baby Sans Thanos is lying in a puddle of laundry detergent
-There is black tinted vomit around his mouth
-The ladder to the Overlook Balcony has been set up, allowing access from the ground floor
-A broken bunch of wood sits between the Fountain and the Bonfire
-The Kitchen has been extensively used
-A loaf of bread sits on the counter
-Some gloves, raw chicken, and oily water cover the floor
-Two logs are missing from the Bonfire
-Two holes have been dug in the Garden
-Broken glass covers part of Trip's Desk and the floor in front of it
-The fountain contains a pipe and a rock
-A bust sits on the chapel altar
-A lumber axe sits behind House Academia, on the ground

-Somehow, the floor in the Wine Storage has been restored
-Several bottles of wine are absent
-A bookcase in the Library is now against the wall, and all of its books are scattered on the ground

Room descriptions will be altered as you investigate and learn more about the changes in each room.


[Image: 3Htr2dB.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

[Image: GzD4dqh.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):


@Mother Goose
@Atelier Annie
@ASMR Youtuber
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Marco Pierre White
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Vincent Valentine
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Rick Sanchez
@Ruby Rose
@Ainsley Harriott
@The Kindest Weapon
@Ramone Stradvar
@Bandit Shoey

Post investigation questions in this thread, and try to post any major theories here, for the sake of ease.

The investigation will end tomorrow at 6 PM PST.

At the garden. Therese is sitting at a bunch, conversing with Valentina about their lives preceding the social experiment. Eventually, someone else walks by the two: A narrow-minded Edward, looking everywhere but in front of him. Therese waves at him for a while, shortly giving up and shouting at him for an invitation to sit down and converse.

The man, lost in his own thoughts, breaks from his absence of spirit.

“Therese! Oh, my, you’ve scared me.”

“Your lack of presence told me that.”

“How could that be? Presence doesn’t speak. You could read someone’s expressions by looking at their face, but I was facing away from you…-”

“Ah, blabbermouth! Sit, now, I’ve done naught but read your whole body. There’s more to someone than a face! Fascinating of you to be ignorant of this type of knowledge, what do you really do in your studies?”

Perplexed, but his interest now piqued towards their conversation, Edward sits by Therese, while a silent Valentina observes.

“I don’t study humans and, quite frankly, I find that remark to be a tad insulting. I try my hardest, like every other academic.”

“Aye, for the money I could obtain for hearing that saying.”

“You think academics are fakers?”

“It doesn’t only go one way or another, my Edward! I, too, have made some studies. The world around me were students, students and more students! Why, had I have seen a face that never frowned there, I would have stayed.”

“And so…”

“You say they try, but they’re unhappy! They cry more often, they look at the ground when they walk, they are shut-ins for the majority of the day! Students do not live a healthy life, but they dedicate it nonetheless towards what makes them as such. You say they try…”

“But they do, Therese. We try, just as much as you do. I cannot read ‘bodies’, as you say, but you cannot understand what we truly live for.”

“If it is unhappiness that you settle for and you’re content with it, I will not personally judge or damn you for it. However, I do worry about your way of living.”
“That unhappiness is from the stress we all experience throughout our studies. We might be suffering, but ultimately, it is inevitable! Research takes time and patience and results, with varied consequences, may not be what we are looking for, but it is what brings us to a future we can all live in, without worry, without detriment, without danger. We suffer, but we do it for you. Without us, you would be stuck in your caves, making a fire and barely making through the day without hunting down nearby stock.”

Valentina, locked out from any way of speaking — as the other two are back and forth on their topic, endlessly, it seems — attempts to break her own ice.

“Excuse me…”

The bickering ceases for a second, but no soul answers to the quiet girl. Although visibly upset by the lack of proper response, the priestess maintains her composure and leaves the scene, heading for the Chapel. The remaining two look at each other and, despite the lengthy talk, they’ve come to an agreement to stop their debate without uttering a single word.
Baby Sans Thanos
[Image: Zm6C7NV.gif]
The King of Town
I taste the baby.
(Dec 8, 2019 at 12:22 AM)The King of Town Wrote: I taste the baby.

You... stick out your tongue and lick the baby. It tastes like... well, a baby. If anyone would know that flavor, it's you, the King of Town.

You notice that the baby is not covered in any detergent though, just in a puddle of the stuff. He also smells quite bad, perhaps he soiled his diaper. Or he's a corpse.
Can we check if he soiled his diaper?
(Dec 8, 2019 at 12:51 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: Can we check if he soiled his diaper?
He did indeed soil his diaper.

It appears to be a quite nasty bout of diarrhea.
The King of Town
Well, I'm out of detective juice. Somebody more qualified and less royal than me check out if that baby was poisoned.
-I awaken to find myself standing in front of the fountain. Hilary Clinton is there giving a speech.
-I stop listening and break into the loot crate at my feet. I pull out a Walking Dead t-shirt and put it on. King of Town approaches me an asks for food but I have none.
-An ape wearing a suit greets me. He has a briefcase.
-I search the fountain for the baby but he isn't there. I go to House Academia.
-Nobody is in the classroom or the specimen room. One of the jars in the specimen room has been broken.
-I go to House Minerva. I hear crying upstairs and find him in the seafarer's bedroom. A plague doctor has the baby, a glass bottle, and a knife.
-Skull Face runs in with a can of paint, takes the knife from the doctor, and tells her to leave.
-Skull Face tries to take the baby but I take him instead. I wrap him comfortably inside a Friday the 13th Camp Crystal Lake Pennant and place him comfortably inside the crate. I give him the Leatherface plush that was also inside to comfort him.
-The King of Town comes in and looks like he is about to vomit.
-I head toward House Oliva, passing by Ruby Rose in the courtyard.
-Before I can reach House Oliva the crate bursts open and a wendigo pops out. What magic is this?
-The wendigo has a large lumber axe and gives a roar. I flee and Ruby Rose attacks the wendigo.
-I head to underside of House Academia to end my night and fall asleep there.
Mother Goose
Oh what a dark night for a group of strangers to gather and begin,
Strangers standing close with eyes filled with sin.

As I walked towards house Minerva, to grab myself a drink,
I witnessed the Plague Doctor with a sack that made me think…
Of what might be hidden within the contents of the fabric
But before I can ask they disappear into the bedroom to cause some havoc

I walk to arts and crafts to see what I can find
And see Skull Face with pink paint and things on his mind.
The room is …red and so I take a long drink.
How badly did things go when trying to create pink?

The King of Town shows up and make a suspicious sack,
So I shake my head and assumed its something important he must lack…
I watch him leave so I exit the house
Seeing in the distance perhaps a quiet mouse.

I go to the garden for a lovely evening stroll,
And see Ham Sandwich digging a rather impressive hole.
I leave him to his work and look for something new
Knowing just exactly what I want to do

I grab a pipe and bring it to the fountain to toss in,
And smile at the goose…oh my noble kin..
But alas I see Ruby Rose perched up high,
And tell her to get down but she insists so I say goodbye.

As I stroll away a drunk discussion is at hand,
Between MCD, Trip, and some YouTuber man
There are talks of a car but I tended to ignore
Leaving quickly before they said anymore.

I end the night looking at some art,
Searching for some themes to connect with heart.
Widows, and widows, and nature in view
I close my eyes and that all that I do.
Anyway, let's get this started.

Mkay. Well, a certain presidential candidate told me where I could find some MREs, but it turns out lyin' Hillary isn't just a campaign slogan. I took some photos to test out my skills at photography, and then I hung out in the Seafarer's Bedroom, cuz I had a feeling something old..or new, might stop by later. Turns out I was right. Check this out.

-shows you all an image of the King of Town and Skull Face mid-coitous. The King's nipple is fully erect and Skull Face is going to Town on it, so to speak.-

Not bad.

Hope that's useful. I've got some C-rations to take care of now.
The King of Town
I did not have relations with any skeleton person! Especially not on an empty stomach!
(Dec 8, 2019 at 1:59 AM)Steve1989MREInfo Wrote: -shows you all an image of the King of Town and Skull Face mid-coitous. The King's nipple is fully erect and Skull Face is going to Town on it, so to speak.-
Steve pulls out a photograph, and shows it to everyone else.

It depicts the King of Town, lying on the bed in the seafarer's room. Lying on top of him is Skull Face. The king's robe is open, displaying his hideously flabby chest, and Skull Face appears to be licking at his erect nipple. They both appear in a state of shock, as though they have been caught in the act.
The proof's in the pudding, King, and the pudding tastes a bit of rot. Nice.
The Archivist
Statement of The Archivist, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, London, regarding his first night of his stay at the Unknown Island.
Statement recorded by subject December 7, 2019.
Statement begins.

Not even my second night here, and already, my unusual situation is presenting itself in the most senseless of fashions. A mere infant....I must admit that he's not exactly the most pleasant of sights, and keep in mind I'm not the biggest fans of infants so that says something, but to imagine someone so young dying through such macabre manners just feels...wrong. I'm still unsure as to why and how a baby with no parents in sight could pop up on an uninhabited island for a murder game, but...I digress. I have observations to record. I'm usually not as meticulous with my own statements, but for the sake of evidence, I might as well.

I must admit, after I woke up and got out onto the grounds, this is a rather gorgeous island. Bold architecture, little to no damage, well-kept scenery....which makes it all the more unnerving when you consider my group is probably the first people to step foot on this island for at least a century. Dressing pigs for slaughter, indeed....My first order of business was to find some way to defend myself. At least where I come from, there was at least some people who wouldn't think twice before slitting my throat, but unfortunately I can't say the same for here, and frankly, I wouldn't have the scars I do if I tried to fight back. At the Equipment Room, I grabbed a scalpel and pocketed it. Not the most efficient thing, but one thing it possesses over anything in the Sword Room is a low profile.

My next stop was the Chemistry Lab, where I collected a beaker and some vinegar for later usage. I did try the "seal" button out of curiosity, as I know one of the Puppetmasters....er, my term for someone behind a large collection of "dupes" at a time...does share that name, but all that happened was the airtight door opening and closing. I should be thankful I was the sole occupant of that room, thankfully. I sauntered off to House Bishop, where I saw someone going to the entrance to loiter, not that I could make out their identity. I entered the Smoker's Lounge, hoping it was protected by a mere padlock or two, but....no, it was a standard comical vault door. I don't know what I expected. Fortunately, someone came around to witness my looking like an idiot, standing around with a beaker full of acids and chemicals. This creature named The King of Town tapped me on the shoulder, asking if he could consume my vinegar, and I politely made an excuse and he left before I could make eye contact with him for too long. I....I'm not sure what Entity he worships.

Atelier Annie was quick to fill in his absence, holding a wine bottle. But since I don't drink, I quickly left. On my way to House Oliva, I witnessed Hillary Clinton leading Trip out of his Pad, along with some obscured figure carrying a gun. Actually, why is no one addressing this? A baby is one thing, but a high-profile politician dropping off the face of the earth would surely be the talk of the town worldwide. Not that I would know, what with this island obviously being off the grid. But regardless. I entered the Library, searching for anything that could possibly hint at the origins of this place. And of course, I didn't find a damn thing. The only texts even remotely supernatural were some demonology book, Tobin's Spirit Guide, and, I suspect as a result of Trip's stay, the entire collection of R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. I did come across some books from Jurgen Leitner, but those things are so spread out, I wasn't even concerned. No, that was something else that arose....a hunger. Not in the grumbling stomach sense, it's more like....my soul felt heavier, I was growing exhausted. It's difficult to describe my curse to someone who doesn't know a thing about Entities this or The Eye that, but in any case, I needed someone to feed off of.

Enter Ruby Rose. That poor girl.

I drew out my tape recorder...and I took her statement. Paraphrasing, these were her plans for the night:

"First, I pulled up Amazon and ordered the scythe-gun thing I have with me now. I then stopped by the Coatroom to grab some loot and then the Garden for some rose petals, where I saw this peculiar figure digging a hole. Next, I complimented others on their cool gear and rocket jumped onto the roof of this house, and as for the rest of the night, I'm simply going to take a diary and inkwell from the Reading Room and perch on the fountain."

While I was recording her statement, Seal came in, decked in fancy clothes and carrying what looked to be a seal on a leash. The Puppetmaster bumped into a bookcase and knocking it down, with MCD sharing my vitriol towards her. She left, with Fink passing through the Patio and back into the Library. Before I could apologize to the girl for the....pain she was going to endure, she ran off. Feeling morose, I went to the Leisure Room, where Skull Face was sipping some whiskey behind the bar. I was about to amusingly offer to grab a mop despite myself when my eyes drifted to a dart board. What the hell, darts is a good hobby of mine and it's a fine thing to do when depressed, so I played a game by myself. That King of Town fellow walked in, and he proceeded to grovel at my feet and beg for some mead. After I shooed him out, I poured some mead myself....before remembering that not even depression is enough to curb my disdain for drinking, so I threw the glass down. I was more exhausted than I realized, because after a few minutes of talking with Skull Face, who's actually sort of a nice bloke, I drifted off to sleep.

Statement ends.
Here's my theory, for now at least.
the King was eager to taste the baby, which is his motive for the murder, since historically the KoT loves eating anything he can get his grubby..hands? On, and you can't eat an alive baby sans thanos.

I talked to Skull Face a bit, as I am of course someone who makes time for veterans, and he corroborated that he fell for the King. Disgusting, sure, but to each their own. Because of his upstanding background of service for the US government, I trust him when he says my theory was correct and that he's selling out the King of Town on this one. Why would someone like Skull Face lie?
The Kindest Weapon
I get nervous around new people, so I went to House Oliva's Kitchen to stress bake. I figured fresh baked bread would be a great way to break the ice and make new friends.

Seemed like Gordon Ramsay beat me to the Kitchen and he was making a crème brûlée or something. I made the dough for my bread and put it in the oven before exploring House Oliva a bit. I found a journal and inkwell upstairs in the Reading Room. I thought it would be nice to write down my bread recipe in case any new friend wanted it.

So I went down to the Dining Room to write in this journal. I saw Ainsley Harriott come in from outside, and I watched him walk into the kitchen.

I went in there a bit later to take my bread out of the oven. Ainsley and Gordon were very mad at Rick Sanchez. I think he cooked something very poorly.

Also there was some random Knight in the kitchen cooking something on the stove. I don't know what that was about...

Anyway, I shared my bread with Ainsley and Gordon; receiving high praise. I hope we're friends now. I left an extra loaf on the table for anyone who was hungry. The Knight disappeared at some point during this exchange.

I wanted to share my bread, so I went toward the Bonfire with another loaf thinking people would be hanging out there. I only saw King of Town laying on the ground though. His eyes were extremely red, he just got up and went toward Trip's place. Didn't even take a slice of bread. It was real spooky; I do not think we could ever be friends.

Then I slept in a Chapel pew. Vincent Valentine was asleep in there already when I arrived.
Skull Face
Well, well, well. This operation may turn out to be more interesting than I had thought.

Let me blunt; I had planned a scheme with the child, seeing in him a kindred spirit, but it seems herr doktor and the Bigfoot had other plans.

I took the young titan over to the Seafarer's Bedroom, and left him to his own devices, whilst I myself examined the artwork in a nearby room. When I heard the child begin to cry louder, I returned quickly, to discover a masked physician standing above him holding a knife.

The Bigfoot, who also came towards the disturbance, managed to persuade the doctor to leave, before promptly placing the screaming child within his crate, and leaving.

After he left and my plans, at least for the moment, scuppered, I retired to the bar in the Leisure Room for the night, whiling away the rest of the night. That should suffice, for now.


Let's take a look at the poison room. I passed through that room a few times, let's see if I notice anything missing. If the child was poisoned, it's likely the venom came from one of these jars.
Ainsley Harriott
yeheah boy

Strong urge to burn trip's room down. Run over to bonfire, bonfire isn't lit. What the fuck.

Start rubbing logs together. Gotta make a fire. Shoey climbs up from the cliff and sits down next to me. Asks about s'mores. Do I look like a kid? I'm a world class professional chef, not a soccer mom. Go make your own s'mores. He fucks off.

[Image: 6Ddsqpl.jpg]

Finally get some fire going. Nice and HOT. Pick up my flaming log. Walk over to trip's house. Bust in the door and see him in the office with sound vtuber. Fucker flashbangs me and I get out of there. Decide the area's too hostile for a peaceful chef such as me, run over to the kitchen through the greenhouse. Le funni angry tv chef man is in there with ricky and a knight. Time to tell these idiots their food will never be good.

Gordon made potatoes wow holy shit it's potatoes what an amazing dish simply fantastaic world class that's the stupidest plainest shit they tasted awful. I tell him as such. I didn't like them. At all. Then I try Rick's food, if we can call it that. It's "soup" but holy shit it looks awful. I don't even try it. Gordon, probably still full of rage at my decree of his food, slaps away the soup and Rick leaves get out of here loser. Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen am I right?

Kindest Weapon entered at some point and got some bread, cut some up and leaves a loaf on the counter. Knight's turn. I try his food. It sucks. I spit it out in his face. Disgusting. I tell him as such. He gets angry and says something barbaric and un-chefly and leaves lmao get rekt.

Kindest Weapon offers me some bread. It was actually good. Very good. Good job KW. I go out to the chapel, sit down outside and fall asleep. Momoko's dragging something towards the chapel before I pass out.

Reminder that Gordon's food is trash

[Image: MhWKOlm.png]
Atelier Annie
enter house bishop
see KOT
KOT looks absolutely SLAMMED
I enter coatroom, KOT enters smokers
enter wine storage, godbert is doing some fine maintance
grab wine
coatroom, see demonmist entering storage
smokers lounge, archivist is here with a beaker of vinegar and checking out the vault
we leave the building and he heads to fountain while I head to house academia
grab a cauldron from alchemy lab
place cauldron on lit bonfire
exclaim about the wonders of alchemy while nobody is around to hear
momoko comes out of nowhere and tries to ram me with a log
escape into the classroom, blackboard says "KOT waz her"
enter equip room, plague doctor is missing
enter teacher's lounge, sleep

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