Welcome, everyone, to the not-so long awaited TRIAL THREAD!

So here's the rules! At the end of the investigation, the one you all think is behind this dreadful act will be punished. In order to figure it out, we're going to hold a bit of a trial, because I don't want to be unfair, now do I?

In this thread, you can Vote for the person who you think did the deed. When you place a vote, try to include some kind of reasoning or theory too, so it doesn't look like you're just bein' a dick. That's my job! The one with the most votes when investigation ends will be subject to punishment!

Also, if you want a full tally, just ask any time, and I'll post the raw voting numbers. You can also Unvote of course.

Now, you're probably asking: Why not just use a poll? Well, why not post on a forum with forum software that lets me include all the options then, bub? Anyway, until next time... happy lynching!
Marco Pierre White
I'm going to vote that this one was a suicide by the Baby Sans Thanos, for the moment. I know I'm not the culprit, nor can anyone really place me and the victim precisely together and the only thing I did was prepare vegetables that the baby found itself eating the refuse of.
I'm casting my vote for Marco Pierre White.

The symptoms of Baby Sans Thanos match up with those of Solanine poisoning very closely (jaundiced, dilated pupils, vomiting, diarrhea).
Solanine is found in potatoes and tomatoes, the two things that Marco Pierre White was seen picking up from the garden.
Inspection of the baby's stomach reveals potato skins in high quantity and leaves which we are not able to identify anything about other than they were cut with a knife. I am making the assumption that these are tomato leaves.

What would make me change my mind?
The trash bag where Marco claims to have disposed of his potato skins is missing. Somebody could have taken it and fed the skins and leaves to the baby but that would require them to have known ahead of time that these items would be placed in the bag.

Update: There was no bag and there is no evidence of the peels being thrown into the trash.
Cooking Mama
Mama votes for Marco Pierre White. He told us that he threw the potato peels away, and they ended up in the baby. Worse babysitter than Bigfoot.
Ruby Rose
Marco per big foot the friendly monster.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Godbert Manderville
Tentatively voting for Marco Pierre White, with the same reasoning as Bigfoot. We now know the leaves could have come from the plants he took, too.
Bandit Shoey
Vote: Gordon Ramsey you can't fool me you son of a bitch!
Gordon Ramsay

Dude has put forth a good case, so this vote stays in case we get last-minute confirmation.
Hillary Clinton
I'm going to have to agree that Marco is the one most likely to have done it, per Bigfoot's reasonings. Along with the fact that he claims to have thrown his leftovers in a bin, yet the bin shows no sign of ever being used...
Well, that went by rather quickly, now didn't it? Looks like you've all settled on a murderer too! But... is your intuition correct? Is the killer really who you think he is?

Puhuhuhu, well... Looks to me like @Marco Pierre White is the prime suspect you've all voted for. Sad, that he should die before his Haunted Island Cooking show debuted on TV, but then again I probably wasn't gonna watch it anyway. I prefer to watch shows starring people who aren't Guilty after all!

Yeah, you got 'em. Could have covered his tracks a little better, but you know what they say: too many cooks will spoil the murder plan. Looks like it's time for his punishment!


Marco Pierre White is locked in the kitchen, and all the stoves are turned up to far beyond their maximum temperature, the flames from the gas burners flickering intensely as the room begins to heat up . A hatch opens above him, and he finds himself coated in olive oil. Buckets of the stuff cascade onto him, filling every crevice of his armor. Sweat streams down his face alongside it as he yanks on the doorknob, desperately trying to get out.

He gives up on the door to the dining room, and tries to move to the backdoor. As he passes in front of the stove, an egg timer goes off suddenly, startling him and causing him to stagger backwards in shock. The oil dripping from him connects with the flames blazing from the burners, and Marco ignites into a brilliant orange flame.

A couple minutes later, and his screaming stops as the doors unlock and a second egg timer goes off, indicating that Marco is finally well-done.


Marco Pierre White has been executed for the murder of Baby Sans Thanos. His role was the Ultimate Knight

role description:

Well, there's your cooking lesson for the evening, folks! Maybe with this twat gone, we can finally get some "good fucking food"! But... let this serve as a reminder of what happens to people who aren't good enough to get away with a simple little murder. Oh well, the more dead, the merrier. You're just as useful, either way.

The next night phase will begin tomorrow afternoon.
Vincent Valentine
Another of ours fades away.


I do not know if it is a relief that he is dead. A murderer is gone, but to what gain.

Another sin upon my mind.
And... For those who want to know how it all went down, I'll sum it up for you spectators out there!

At the start of the night, Baby Sans Thanos said he'd go with Jetamo, so they headed off to House Minerva, for the first step in Jetamo's master plan. Jetamo sat the baby on the bed in the Seafarer's Room with a knife, apparently looking to help the kid stab someone! Sadly, their little trick was ruined by the appearance of a mysterious Plague Doctor, who fed the baby a strange fluid...

Luckily for the baby, and perhaps not for himself, Bigfoot showed up, and took the baby away in a crate. Meanwhile, Marco Pierre White had a devious little plan too, this time involving a special kind of poisoning that wouldn't kill an adult! Using potato skins, tomato vines, and other such sources of Solanine, he created a special dish designed specifically to give the ol' snap to the purple baby himself.

Bigfoot was carrying the kid along, when the potion began to take effect, transforming the child into a terrifying Wendigo (Boy, that monster seems familiar!), which then, after being fought off by Ruby Rose, was knocked out, tied up, and taken to the Chapel by Momoko, where he turned back into a baby!

Back in the Kitchen, Ainsley tries, spits out, and insults Marco's poor tasting dish, which makes him storm out into the Greenhouse. Spotting the little purple shit through the building's transparent paneling, he leaves and... simply feeds his deadly dinner to the infant, who, after reaching the spot JUST under the Overlook Balcony, finally expires.

What a creative plan! I'd be proud of him, if he wasn't, er... dead, and all that!
is it too late to vote for trip

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