Trip [Cameraman]
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"C'mon guys, you're gonna ruin my one chance at the spotlight. They won't put child murder on TV, and we all know that no one wants to hear a Hilary Clinton speech! I need some kind of actual ghost footage here, or they're gonna cancel me halfway through the first season! I gotta at least keep this running longer than the Back to the Future cartoon!"

"On top of this whole killing game too, someone totally jacked my stuff last night! Yeah, they took a really cool photo I had from my room, and uh... my souvenir from the last game...

"It's got me kinda worried, I dunno. Something doesn't feel right, that's all, and I don't know if it has anything to do with ghosts. I don't know where that bear guy went, but I do know that he's bad news. Last time we were stuck with him, a lot of people died. But like, last time there was a reason behind it. Now it just feels senseless, y'know? There's gotta be something going on..."

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"It's cool though! I'm not giving up yet, stuff or no stuff, murder or no murder. I'll catch a ghost on camera, or die trying! Wait, maybe I shouldn't say that, considering the uh... situation. Anyway dudes, I'm actually gonna be checking out these weird houses tonight. I've got work to do, so no more speeches!"

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You look down at your feet, and find a small envelope there. Must have been placed while you were sleeping. Warily, you open it, reading the contents.

Surely you can do better than that chef guy, right? I'll even offer you another motive! If you attempt murder tonight, I'll tell you a secret. What kinda secret? Well, that'd spoil the surprise, right?

The weather forecast for the night is Windy. Light objects left outside will be displaced by the wind.



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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):


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Submissions are due tomorrow at 6 PM PST, however extensions will be granted if needed due to high player volume.

You may submit your actions to Trip, Monokuma, or Fun With Despair.
At the library, near sunset. The ocean’s waves can be heard from inside the building. However fierce they may be, they still produce calm sounds when heard from inside the house. The sunset’s shine illuminates the room, making it look more of a sightseeing location than a place to find and read books.

Percy is sitting down at one of the Library’s desks, staring at a blank paper with a look of what seems to be dread and absence of mind. Valentina enters the scene shortly after, ignoring the catatonic man and his blank sheet, not by will, but by the lack of presence from the poet himself. Despite her thinking that nobody’s in the room, she still sneaks by, hugging the walls, as if there were 20 librarians actively searching for her. The silence in the library is disrupted by the priestess’ footsteps, but that alone does not wake up from Percy’s absentminded state. With a book in her hand, she closes by the shelf closest to the window, which is currently brightening the room and showing its dusty state. As Valentina closes by the shelf, she notices the deadlike body, stumbling and falling to the floor, waking up the romanticist from his slumber.

As Valentina gets back up, Percy jumps from his seat, eventually noticing the girl in front of him in a seemingly distressed state.

“Ah, Church woman! You’ve, er... “

The “Church woman” stares blankly at him.

“...Valentina, yes. You’ve woken me from my sleep... A slumber of depression and despair. Had I wished for a clearer mind for this poem, but au contraire!”

“Oh my, have you slept at all in the recent days?”

“No, no, no, my lovely! I have done nothing but torment and turmoil to my soul, looking for the right words for my newest work of art. As it is now, it’s nothing but a big hole, and my mind, she’s splitting apart!”

Valentina lets out a shocking gasp, one that startles the poet, such as how a cat’s reflex would work.

“Bless your soul, Percy, but I hope that no demon is within you…”

“Forgive me, ‘tis not what I meant. As simple as can be, my romantic mind, without a shadow of a doubt, has been spent. For I cannot bring myself to write a letter, to you and the rest of the island, my motivation has been torn asunder!”

He gazes at the book on the floor.

“Even more, I’ve done nothing but trouble for you, my lady. If I may, let me help you with this book, the least I can do to be handy.”

The priestess acquiesces with a simple nod, not one that the romanticist could read in her face. He bounces off his chair and picks up the book. Valentina points at the shelf, indicating where the book should go. Sliding it in, Percy turns to her and offers a gentlemanly bow. Unlike him, however, she manages to read the hopeless romantic in him and leaves without a word. Seconds pass as he stares at the door. Curiosity piqued him, as he turns around and picks the book from the shelf, opening and reading its contents. A few pages in, he closes the book and places it on top of the bookshelf.

A grin forms soon after.

“By the gods, Valentina, you’ve inspired me once more! With your help, I shall write what people will expect from art and lore!”

He sits down at the desk and immediately inks his feather, writing on the blank paper with passion emanating from every letter.
Hillary Clinton
I refuse to believe my speech was that bad.
U can tell me the secret trip we r bros
(Dec 10, 2019 at 2:59 AM)MCD Wrote: U can tell me the secret trip we r bros
You might be friends with the camera guy, but you aren't friends with me. Piss off, bub!

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