Trip [Cameraman]
[Image: VTMBCdy.png]

Right! So first up, we've got my main man Godbert, advertising for some kinda casino thing.

Footage - Godbert's Commercial:

[Image: oi7vngj.png]

Next up is just a bunch of footage I took in the Scholarly Hallway. It's pretty lame, not gonna lie, but I guess I can show it off if you guys really want.

Footage - House Academia:

[Image: W1fTAI2.png]

Now here's the sick part. Sit down and peel your eyes, because I'm about to hit you with real, factual ghost footage!

Footage - Greenhouse:

[Image: oYsJkGE.png]

...This next one though... it's a doozy.
Trip [Cameraman]
[Image: 0cMdDU9.png]

Yeah so, that last piece of footage. I... don't like it, for reasons. Brings back some bad memories, y'know? Reminds me a bit of the stuff that happened back then. It's important though, I think. I don't trust that King of Town anymore, and neither should you.

Just watch.

Footage - Hall of Swords:
(Dec 19, 2019 at 1:52 AM)Bigfoot Wrote:
(Dec 18, 2019 at 11:09 PM)Monokuma Wrote:
(Dec 18, 2019 at 10:53 PM)Cooking Mama Wrote: I'd like to look at the 2 new holes in the garden
You dig up the two new holes in the garden. One contains a watering can, a pot, a potato, a tomato, an eggplant, and a knife. The other contains the corpse of Baby Sans Thanos in a crate.
@Cooking Mama why would you defile this poor Baby's grave?

@Monokuma I bury Baby Sans Thanos again.
(Dec 19, 2019 at 2:46 AM)Skull Face Wrote:
(Dec 19, 2019 at 1:52 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: @Cooking Mama why would you defile this poor Baby's grave?

@Monokuma I bury Baby Sans Thanos again.

I stop the child's re-burial, and dress the corpse in the fabric costume used to tie Annie's hand together, to see what the costume is properly.

Then I bury the child again.

Bigfoot snatches the baby from Cooking Mama, and returns to the hole, where the baby is snatched by Skull Face. Despite Bigfoot's protests, he dresses the baby in the costume found around Annie's wrists. The baby is a good deal too small for the costume still, but you can tell now that it's probably made to look like a goose.

Bigfoot grabs the baby back, and re-buries him, packing the dirt tight and scowling at both you and Cooking Mama.
Godbert Manderville
Playing detective is typically my son's pursuit, but I'll do my best.

Can I compare the material of the goose suit to the fabric in the Arts and Crafts Room?

Is the floor of the Kitchen around Rick's body wet?
Baby Sans Thanos
* (muffled cry)
[Image: Zm6C7NV.gif]
(Dec 19, 2019 at 4:11 AM)Godbert Manderville Wrote: Playing detective is typically my son's pursuit, but I'll do my best.

Can I compare the material of the goose suit to the fabric in the Arts and Crafts Room?

Is the floor of the Kitchen around Rick's body wet?
You compare the material of the goose suit to the fabric in Arts and Crafts. It looks like it's made of the same stuff.

You walk over to House Oliva, and check out the Kitchen floor where Rick's body lies. It looks like there IS water on the floor, but only just around Rick's head.
Ainsley Harriott
wake up in the back yard of house olives, see some fuck with white hair and red eyes. He laughs at me and walks away towards trip's house. Walked into the kitchen, Archivist is hanging out there. Fucker challenged me to a cookoff, yeah good luck pal I'll have you know I graduated top of my class in cook corps and have over 300 confirmed jerk chickens prepped and ready to go. Which is exactly what I made. Spicy meat yeheeaah boy. He made some stupid meat pie thing and it sucked so I won pretty easily. I felt some pity for his effort so I told him about what I wanted to do for the night.

He leaves and kindest bastard comes in who has lost my trust for now. Traitorous Weapon tells me I'm a great chef, you know I am, you all know this. Even Gordon, and the traitor says they wanna show me a cake. Yeh that bread was pretty gud so hey why not. We go to the workshop and I see Shoey in the dining room on the way. The cake looked good enough and KW asked me to cut it, which I did, and then fucking gas shoots out and burns me. I was getting the gas off my face when I see Bigfoot with a piece of glass pointed right at me and he's apparently naked. Thankfully Godbert Manderville, the most manly manderville man of all, shows up and gets bigfoot to leave. He then helped me with the gas issue and I'm pretty pissed at this point. Know what that means?


I go to the specimen storage, get some dead squirrel or some shit, a bottle of wine from the wine cellar, and a burning log. Time to fuck him up. I head over to Trip's place, pour wine on his bed, smash that dead squirrel jar on his desk and light his chair on fire. Fuck you, Trip. You suck. Then some clingon lookin woman hits me with a log and I passed out.
The Archivist
Statement of The Archivist, Head Archivist of the Magnus Institute, London, regarding his continued holiday at the Unknown Holiday.
Statement recorded by subject December 18, 2019. Wait, this is the second day, correct? Curious...
Statement begins.

Might as well cut to the chase, I've been having the...strangest headaches. I wonder if I'm not the only one who suffers from migraines that turn your vision yellow...

The first sight my eyes laid upon after their nightly retirement was Demon Mist, behind the bar. He pulled out this pocketwatch and next thing you know it, as embarrassing as this might sound for a follower of the Eye....I fell victim to some hypnotism. He gave me a good long piece of rope, and he told me to do whatever I pleased with it, as long as my intentions were....lethal. I went out into the Unnerving Hallway, and despite using every ounce of my strength to fight this spell, I attacked the first person I saw, who in this case was the Cooking Mama. Thankfully, she was robust enough to fend me off before I spilled blood on my hands...hands controlled by invisible strings.

...Note to self: I need to have a chat with someone soon.

In any case, I sulked over to the House Academia, but not before I was confronted by King of Town, that....strange amalgamation. He was somehow carrying a bag of flour with his nonexistent arms, but this must not have been to his satisfaction, as he asked me for more food. As you could imagine, I refused, and he slithered off into the unknown. In the Scholarly Hallway, I came upon Trip, that ASMR YouTuber, and a man in a chicken suit, filming the diagrams on the wall. Not wanting to intrude on their shadowy business, I shuffled past them into the Chemistry Lab, where I filled a bucket full of vinegar and grabbed some towels. Trip's crew was still there when I went downstairs and out into the courtyard. There was Fink, wearing a large coat and carrying a large pot to House Minerva. Ironically, considering my career, I felt it was best that I didn't ask.

In House Bishop, I was once again faced by the Vault Door. Now that I had a firm understanding of what I would be dealing with, I soaked the towels in vinegar and laid them across the lock. Eventually...Anyway, I went outside to find Gintoki urinating in the fountain. Before I could wish I grabbed bleach instead to satisfy my eyes, I found myself in House Oliva. I see Godbert constructing something in the Workshop, and in the Dining Room, I witnessed Shoey holding a candlelight vigil for Marco Pierre White. Of all the players to be the first one to grow a moral compass and mourn the dead, Shoey wasn't even it my top 10, but...surely, he could at least have the decency to not display the actual corpse. After the incident with C.M., I was feeling rather insecure about my social situation here, so when I met Ainsley Harriot in the Chapel, I offered to challenge him to a nice, casual cook-off, to which he agreed.

I'm not on the same level as my celebrity chef contemporaries by any means, but there's one thing my friends can all agree upon: I make a damn smashing shepherd's pie. My cooking was going relatively smoothly, until I felt a tang of hunger for something that wasn't my pie. Of all the times....I drew my tape recorder, looked Ainsley straight in the eye, and asked for his statement. This was roughly his response:

"When I woke up, I saw this man with white hair and red eyes looking at the Chapel, and he proceeded to laugh and walk towards Trip's pad. What my plans are? Well, I'm just going to Trip's pad and light his stuff on fire with wine. Finally, I would sleep in the Garden."

His statement was muddled, to say the least, but his comment about the white-haired man was...heavily fueling my suspicions. The only other event of note was that I swear I saw a cake in the oven that wasn't in there before, and neither of us put it in. A glitch in the matrix, I guess. His insane ramblings distracted me so much that my shepherd's pie was left as nothing more than a charred rock, so I left, my business in the kitchen finished, When I entered House Bishop, Grell Sutcliff, swinging on a chandelier, noticed me and called me """Hot Stuff""". I'm not even that attractive...I continue on to the Luxury Bedroom, where I grab a hairpin for some mischievous work. In the past, I already couldn't pick a lock to save my life, but I figured that perhaps this island's influence could change that. Damn, was I wrong.

The rest of the night was just random events, really. I went to the Unnerving Hallway in House Minerva to admire the painting, but not too long, as Demon Mist was watching me. On my way to House Academia, I notice some ape by the shoreline. Out of sheer boredom, I went to the Chemistry Lab and mixed two random doses together. Crossing the courtyard, I noticed some shadowy figure on the House Bishop roof. Of course, I accidentally tripped over a tree root, and of course, all the concoction did was turn the trees a fluorescent purple. Exhausted, I went over to the House Minerva bar to fall asleep.

I can't take my mind off that red-eyed man....where did I read about him?

End recording.
Hillary Clinton
I am disgusted. Not only has another unspeakable act been committed, but two of them? Deplorable. Whoever killed Annie and Rick should be ashamed of themselves. I will not be able to fully help out as much as I want to in this case, as I am busy with my 2020 campaign, but I can tell you what I saw last night. Hopefully it will help us solve this.

The first thing I did was go over to the corpse of BABY SANS THANOS and retrieve him. I decided to cast him into the sea, so I gently carried him with me, noting that VINCENT, who had just left the chapel, was stalking me. I will admit to the diaper falling into the fire, but I'm going to pretend it was an accident. Notably, the cauldron was now missing. Before I could finish my task, BIGFOOT in a Twin Peaks shirt approached me and asked for the baby. Not wanting him to crush me, I handed him over. He placed the baby in a box and walked away to the north, and Vincent had also left around this time. Since I didn't have the baby anymore, I decided to go ahead and move on.

I know that Trip was not happy with our time together the previous night, so I decided to apologize for being boring. I found him leaving House Academia, along with ASMR YOUTUBER and A CHICKEN. He accepted my apology and even autographed one of my books, so I am very happy with how it turned out. I also told him I was going to clean up his pad as an extra apology, which he was cool with. I headed on my way to his pad, seeing MOMOKO playing with a stick in the dirt by the fountain.

When I entered Trip's, I was greeted by GODBERT, who was playing on the arcade machine. After we exchanged hellos, I began cleaning up the mess in there. Godbert eventually left, though I'm not sure when. I did however see THE KING OF TOWN leave Trip's bedroom with pillowcases and soap. I regrettably didn't have any food on me, so he didn't interact with me much. I just continued cleaning up for a while, looking at a few things but not really learning anything. After a while, AINSLEY showed up with wine and another flaming log. He disappeared in Trip's office while I wasn't in there, but quickly returned to set a chair on fire. I wasn't going to let him destroy anything else, so I smacked him with the log from before. Not hard enough to do serious damage, but it knocked him out cold. Before I could put out the fire, the sprinklers went off, resulting in me leaving the pad soaking wet.

Shaking some of the water off, I saw the APE by the fountain, but curiously, he was now VERY SMALL. He went towards Oliva while I made a brief visit to Bishop to take a quick look at the vault. I didn't really learn anything, except that it had been covered in towels and now smelt like vinegar. I quickly left, noticing SEAL walking up the stage, though her back was turned to me so I'm not sure if she saw me.

Next, I went to the unnerving hallway in Minerva, meeting up with GORDON. Both of us spent time looking at the unusual painting, until Gordon was suddenly hit by a flying glass jar, getting knocked to the ground. I turned to see that SHOEY had thrown it, but there wasn't anything I could do, so I simply left. He also left, but I didn't see where he went.

I went over to the garden, noting that there was a freshly dug and filled in hole. Additionally, HAM SANDWICH was also in a hole, now with a cauldron on his head. I decided to water him before leaving. On my way back to Trip's, I believe I heard some people screaming on their way out of House Bishop, though I'm afraid I don't have any extra details.

I wanted to ask Trip if I could spend the night, but he wasn't there. Hopefully he doesn't mind. I was really tired, so I just passed out on the floor, despite the sprinklers.
i woke up in the chapel and gave the gettysburg address from my book
my seal barks at a figure at the door of the chapel. she cant identify them
someone else walks up and hands me a watch, which i clumsily put on while still giving the speech
i bumble through the greenhouse to the kitchen, and find some bread and a cup
i pass through the dining room, where shoey is singing
we go to the workshop and hear the washer and dryer running
i go into the library with someone behind me and fall the fuck around again sorry. i apologize
i get some hats from house bishop and put all of them on the one remaining bust in the bust room, tf2 style
my chonk and i go to the shore but it smells like shit
instead we go to the garden for now. bigfoot is doing baby sans thanos's burial. my chonk helps me pour wine over b.s.t.'s body to baptize him
i hear some people enter. one of them smells distinctly of ham; that must be ham sandwich, freed from his ham hole! i give him a cup of wine. my chonk also motions to alert me that fink is the other person present, so i say hi so theres no hard feelings about the other night with the washer dryer
i go to trip's pad, where the fire alarm and sprinklers are going off. i get cleaned up nice before we go to house bishop
i begin my first song onstage in house bishop. suddenly, something screaming and clanking runs up to me! the clanking sounds like armor footsteps?
i think quickly, and turn my thoughts to abraham lincoln.
lincoln's power surges through me!
suddenly, just before landing an attack, this clanking screaming thing stops, turns around, and walks out.
i continue, but as i perform, my chonker is distracted and stops doing her barking-singing to my civil war music when someone "particularly sinister" walks in. asking for clarification via showing my chonk pictures of different people on the island and gauging her reaction, this was the king of town. i heard some other people follow behind, but my chonk was too scared to notice them.
after they head upstairs, i begin my third song. suddenly, screaming!
a WHOLE LOT of people run downstairs. for some bizarre fucking reason i hear clucking too? like a chicken??? what the fuck you people???
i hear clanking footsteps again as a second figure clanks downstairs and, after stopping for a bit, runs in my direction. i pray to lincoln to defend me to no avail; this figure must channel the power of john wilkes boothe. my chonk is terrified. just to clarify, there are apparently two people or ghosts maybe wearing suits of armor or something, and one of them was union, while this second one was confederate and therefore impervious to the gettysburg address.
before i have what i think are my final moments before my ass is beaten in with a hammer, the armor then walks away. after it turns, i hear the blade of a sword trailing behind it as it walks, all medieval fantasy berserker style. from the flavor i'm assuming it was intended to be a zweihander. whew
i hear someone else walk in from upstairs as i run outside, but my chonk was too spooked for a memory check
my chonk and i go outside and fish at the shore, which doesnt smell like the poop butt ocean anymore.
we cook the fish in the kitchen, and also, my chonk alerts me that rick sanchez is dead in here. i am so mad i didnt get to do the mcdonalds guy thing you have no IDEA
after we cook our fish, we give a sermon in the chapel about abraham lincoln, and then my chonk eats up all the fish and we fall asleep.
The King of Town
Does that Pot o'boiling water match any of that scientist guy's burns? Or look like it was splashed anywhere?
Did he drowned?
Ham Sandwich
Annie Cauldron Shed Flash Obtain Railgun Leave Cauldron Sandwich
Ruby Offer Ladder Ham Decline Go Bishop Roof With Bullet Blast
Hilary Clinton Water Mean On Sandwich
Leave Garden Pass Goose Get Vodka
Go Green House See King Of Town He Pour Flour Mean
In House Green Kitchen Creeper Backdoor Exit Suspicious
Pick Plant Go Kitchen Get Knife
Head Garden Fink See Seal Get Wine
Fink Sledgehammer Bye
See Extra Filled Hole Who Steal Ham Sandwich Idea
Dig Hole Plant Water Item Go Sleep
(Dec 19, 2019 at 6:40 AM)The King of Town Wrote: Does that Pot o'boiling water match any of that scientist guy's burns? Or look like it was splashed anywhere?
Did he drowned?
The boiling water contains a not insignificant amount of skin boiled off of Rick's face. It doesn't look like it was splashed at all though.

You check Rick's mouth and lungs, and find his innards are also similarly scalded and his lungs do contain water.
Gordon Ramsay
Well, that was some hot fresh bullshit. I didn't think I could hate you fucking people more than I could the previous night, but none of you let me do what I actually wanted to do. You're all a bunch of ingrates. Especially Hillary.

Waking up in an uncomfortable room, I leave the Leader's Bureau and House Bishop entirely, thankfully getting myself out of there before all of that ridiculous nonsense happened. As I head downstairs, I run into Grell. They offer a sexual encounter, but I realize they don't have any lube or condoms - in other words, it'd be FUCKING RAW! Naturally, I dismiss them and leave.

Storming out the front door, I attempt to recruit Trip by going to his Pad, only to find that he isn't there. Right. Godbert is playing the arcade machine, but I'm not interested in that, so I exit. The freeloading King of Town attempts to ask me for food, but this bloody idiot hasn't even tried to cook for himself. There's a kitchen right there, he could ask me for fucking lessons! I head over to the chapel, seeing Rick Sanchez look at his device. What a weird man.

Inside the chapel, I examine the various stained glass windows. Besides the one "evil" one, now that I can actually look at the fucking thing clearly, nothing else stands out. That was a waste of my fucking time. Heading back, I look into the kitchen, and see The Archivist talking with that fucking liar Ainsley. At least The Kindest Weapon was there. They were making more bread, and that's good. It was some good fucking food. I, however, lack a cameraman, and so I swing by the fountain, where Gintoki is wearing no pants. We go to House Minerva together, and he enters the Leisure Room while I look at the art.

I've heard, recently, about this strange art trend featuring a god named "Atua". I wanted to see if there were any examples of this ridiculous nonsense, but all I found was a long series of images with the same theme. Every single one featured natural scenery and a woman dressed like a widow, except for the last one, which had... an ocean and a floating widow's hat. It was... strange. Strangely calming... and hypnotizing. Concerningly so. By the time I snapped out of it, Mother Goose had fallen asleep in here. When did she enter?

The final thing I tried to do was look a little closer at the strange painting, and I noticed that the eyes really do follow you as you move. I tried to figure out the source of the illusion, while Clinton also showed up to take a look... and then Shoey hit me in the head with a jar and knocked me out.

Cooking Mama
I woke up outside House Academia, after a very hairy, primate-like businessman knocked me unconscious last night. Rude! I went to House Minerva, seeing STEVE1989MREINFO along the way. What a long name. He's headed for House Bishop. In the Unnerving Hallway, I am examining the creepy painting, when I am suddenly assaulted by The Archivist, as I now know was not in control. He attempts to strangle me with a chain of colourful handkerchiefs, but I save myself with a quick elbow to the face.

[Image: latest?cb=20180910205250]

I run through the Leisure Room and upstairs to escape, passing by DemonMist, tending the bar. The Archivist goes to sleep in here, I see Fink, and I head to the Seafarer's Bedroom. There's really nothing interesting in here, so I head over to House Oliva, and go to the Library. The pleasant Sealelement is here, with her adorable seeing-eye chonk.
[Image: latest?cb=20180910213033]
Unfortunately, the seal doesn't save her from an accident with the bookshelves. She apologizes and makes a quick exit.
[Image: latest?cb=20180715044257]
I head downstairs, and Shoey is in the Dining Room, singing rather unwell, so I leave for House Bishop.

I don't mind saying, I don't like this house, but I wanted a coat. I see Grell here, headed to the Wine Storage, before I leave to House Academia. I see Trip, ASMR Youtuber, and a Giant Chicken in the Scholarly Hall. I wonder if that chicken makes eggs. They could be good for an omelette! I check out the Alchemy Lab, but I really don't seem to understand this kind of stuff. Maybe Annie would've been able to teach me something interesting.

I go up to the Library, and see into the Workshop on the way, and I see a cake on the table.

[Image: latest?cb=20180910210440]
Terrific! Even better than Mama!

I give the selection a second look, and fall asleep reading some boring technical book.
Godbert Manderville
I'd like to check if the coat that was on top of the dryer on night 1 is still in the Laundry Room.

Furthermore, I've deduced that the following people have taken coats from the Coatroom. Therefore, I would like them to submit to show off their coats and prove theirs wasn't used in the murder.

@Ruby Rose
@Cooking Mama
The Kindest Weapon
(Dec 19, 2019 at 1:35 PM)Godbert Manderville Wrote: I'd like to check if the coat that was on top of the dryer on night 1 is still in the Laundry Room.

I should have clarified in my account that the reason I wore the friendship cloak when I changed my clothes was because the coat was missing from the laundry room.
Godbert Manderville
While I'm at it, I don't believe anyone has asked which direction the drag marks leading to the bush are coming from.

Additionally, how many coats are missing from the coatroom overall? As in total coats, not just trenchcoats.
Mother Goose
Waking up in the gallery over at house Minerva I see The Archivist and Skull face hanging out asleep at the bar while I grab myself a drink for the night.

I exit the house passing by Demonmist and head over to the garden to see how Ham Sandwich is doing in his hole. To my surprise he is up and walking around (although he is now spotting a cauldron on his head). I hand him the vodka bottle I have and watch as he leaves the garden. Waling around I find a cute little flower and pick it to bring to the fountain later.

First I decided to head over and check out trips Pad, but before I get there I find myself getting honked at by some sort of goose looking thing. (the audacity!) The goose grabs the flower from my hands and I angrily chase after it yelling. I chase it into House Oliva where I see Rick Sanchez walk into the kitchen and solemnly boil some water looking at a small device in his hand. I also notice Shoey just sitting hanging out in the dining room not doing much.

I follow the goose back outside but lose track of him, so I continue on my path toward Trips Pad where I find all the fire sprinkles and alarms are going off. In the midst of the chaos Ainsley is sleeping on the floor, so I grab a slightly damp copy of Nintendo Power and head to the Fountain.

As I get to the fountain I am horrified to see the goose statue has been smashed to bits! As I look over the terrible sight I am startled by the sudden sight of Skull Face, ASMR youtuber, a Giant Chicken, and Trip bursting out of House Bishop yelling in panic before scattering off into the night.

Finding it all to be too much, I head back to House Minerva and return to the painting gallery where I see Gordon Ramsay spaced out. I look at the art myself and space out and rest here for the night.

@Monokuma – I wanna check and see if Rick still has whatever device he was looking at in his hand and inspect it.
I was the big chicken and I just followed Trip around and clucked at him all night, 99% sure my account is the same as ASMR Youtuber's so I'm probs not gonna post it but I'll check if there's any new info in mine

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