Welcome, everyone, to the second edition of the always-popular TRIAL THREAD!

Look, I ain't gonna bore you with the rules a second time, okay? You can vote for a guy, or unvote a guy, take your pick. Whoever's got the most votes is gonna die, so make sure you catch the right culprit, got it?

There IS one caveat though: if you're voting for Rick's killer, color your vote in blue. If you're voting for Annie's killer, vote in orange. You can ask at any time, and I'll tally up the current votes for you.
At the garden, a very careful and concentrating Tomas is crouching down, tending to the flowers. Alisa is helping alongside him, sweeping the pathway leading to the Chapel. Barely a word is uttered between the two, not that Alisa expected any other outcome: It's already well known with the island's inhabitants that Tomas does not listen when he pours his heart in his work. It's better to leave him be, but she would rather defy that notion. She approaches the florist.


The water slowly drips to the flowers. The quantity of liquid poured in each plant seems to be measured scientifically.


Touching his shoulder from the back to get his attention would probably startle him, to the point of a heart attack.


Silence would speak volumes of his dedication, but he cracks and responds in an irritated manner.

"Quiet, they are scared of your wails."

Alisa stays silent in turn. Tomas stands up and turns around.

"And concerning the poison clouds you're scattering all over my children, I suggest you sweep in the pathway's direction, rather than the precious soil you see around you."

"Surely, you jest, Tomas. How should dust affect your so called children?"

She scoffs as she continues.

"I will have you know that, while flowers should be well maintained, we should not be treating them like-"

The words "contained experiments" almost left her mouth, but the irony of that statement would only bring further trouble in the discourse. She imagines all the things she could have done than follow along in this damned "experiment". The regret has settled from the beginning, but it has now plagued her mind.

"...Like test subjects!"

She tried to change her wording, but the regret persists in her mind.

"Not only dust, dear, but sand, dirt, ashes, salt! The sea’s salt, of all things, and it is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It accumulates in the air – I damn the ocean’s winds – and then hides in our ground, our soil, our houses! I try to keep the least amount of foreign objects from touching my flowers. I could have not accepted this experiment myself, but this soil…"

He rests his ear on the earth.

"This soil is special. It feeds the plants like nothing I have ever seen! I've seen rare plants here, turning to dust in the blink of an eye! I need to know more of it, and that is why I must maintain these flowers with utmost importance. It might be the key to many secrets in life, yet your ignorance would damn it all in one go."

Alisa furrows her brow, more in disbelief than in stupor or anger from the florist's obsession with his plants. She sighs.

"You are quite an insane fellow, you know that?"

Tomas' ear presses on the ground still. He signals a finger in the air towards Alisa.

"Silence, the soil is speaking."
ASMR Youtuber
I'm going to formally accuse RAMONE of killing Annie.
EDIT: Gonna have to revoke the vote because doubt has been cast on it, and I will likely not be available to adjust my vote should he be proven innocent. I will leave the theory below for reference.


Ramone and Ruby were Shrunk to half-size.
A half-sized person in a goose costume ran through the greenhouse, into the kitchen, then was lost outside.
A half-sized goose costume was used to tie up Annie.
Ramone entered the greenhouse, half-sized with no goose costume, shortly after the goose was lost, from the area where Annie would likely have been killed.

I believe Ramone disguised himself as a goose, killed annie and left the goose costume, before quickly returning to somewhere the goose was seen as an alibi.
He failed to account for being shrunk to half-size by an anime character (a rookie mistake), which allowed us to recognise that the goose and Ramone could have been the same person.
I am voting for The Goose because Vruet told me on discord that the goose did it.
The King of Town
I guess Rick must have killed himself. What a shame.
Mother Goose
I believe Rick Killed himself because of the Portal Gun theory
Ruby Rose
Sorry, i suck with formatting so rickle pickled himself.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Vincent Valentine
Rick commited suicide
Ruby killed Annie
Ruby Rose
And Ramone for Annie i guess?
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Cooking Mama

The King of Town
Ruby maybe?
Godbert Manderville
I vote Vincent for the murder of Annie. He had a shrink ray and could have turned into a tiny goose.

Also I vote Rick suicide.
Ruby Rose
oops, vincent is shrink man i mean
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Ramone Stradvar
Wrong thread
double suicide
Ramone Stradvar
For Annie, I vote Vruet
Gordon Ramsay
I'm going to put down Rick as the killer of Rick and abstain from voting on Annie due to a lack of knowledge.
Forgetful Santa
Ho ho ho, I cannot believe I got away with it!
It's the second execution of the game, and now you've got some experience under your belt! So, it's time to tally the votes, say goodbye to your loved ones, and accept your punishment!

First, up, for the murder of our alchemist, @Atelier Annie, it looks like you idiots went on a bit of a wild goose chase, because @Vincent Valentine is absolutely NOT GUILTY! If any of you dumbasses thought to ask Momoko or that weird Abraham Lincoln fangirl, you would have known for sure that he wasn't shrunken when he ended his night in the chapel!

Now, what about that @Rick Sanchez, huh? Whatever happened to that guy? I'll have you know, I don't appreciate rulebreakers! Wait, you all voted that he committed suicide?


Well, you must have lucked out on this one, because he's absolutely guilty! Hmmmm... Don't think this means I'm somehow more okay with this! I can't believe that clown would go and off himself... Grrr...


Vincent Valentine is placed in the Smoker's Lounge, several targets lined up against the Vault in the back. The door closes, and locks tightly. Monokuma stares him down, waiting for him to make a move, and when he does, Monokuma reaches back into a gun locker behind him, pulling out a pistol and firing. Vincent tucks and rolls, dodging the shot as Monokuma's expression sours.

He pulls a shotgun from the locker, and Vincent kicks up the table as he fires, blocking the shot and knocking the gun from his hands. Next is a flamethrower, then a crossbow, then a full-on blunderbuss, but each time Vincent deftly avoids the projectile, landing several blows on Monokuma and sending him crashing into the source of his guns. Monokuma, now mildly panicked, fishes around in the locker and smiles a horrible smile as his hand connects with something.

Vincent tears a leg from one of the chairs, and speeds towards Monokuma, when suddenly the bear pulls a portal gun from the locker, and shoots a portal on the wall behind him. Unable to stop his momentum, Vincent keeps charging as Monokuma hurls himself out of the way, sending Vincent's head through the portal, and into a pot of boiling water. When the horrible bubbling noises stop, Monokuma closes the portal and Vincent's body is ejected onto the floor of the Smoker's Lounge.


His role was the Ultimate Firearms Expert
role description:

As for Rick, well... He's dead, right? No point in killing him more, no matter how angry I am with the guy! Although, while we're on that topic...

I'll be waiting behind the shed tonight. Bring me the strange device on his body, if you'd be so kind. I'll reward you.

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