Trip [Cameraman]
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"So like, I know there's a killer on the loose and all, and I know that the King of Town is being really uncool. You'd probably think this would kill my vibe, but actually I think tonight might end up being the most radical night since the midnight release of Shaq Fu!"

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"That's right, I'm talking about this "Gold Saucer" event that @Godbert Manderville is throwing! After last night, I think I'm gonna go hang out and try some of those games that he's talking about. The arcade game in my lobby is fun and all, but I can't keep playing the same game over and over. There's a reason I didn't buy the Atari Jaguar. Plus, I heard he's got a prize!

After finally getting a ghost on camera though, I think I can take some time to just hang. I can probably just like, chop that footage up and split it between a bunch of episodes anyway. "

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"...Don't give me that look, yo. It's network television, everyone does it!"

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"Speaking of prizes, I'm not about to let you off the murder hook!If you attempt to kill someone tonight, I'll give you a Grab Bag, with a selection of my own special prizes! I'll let you pick one of them. Oh, and remember, bring me that device that the scientist had on him! I'll be behind the shed, and I'll give you a Grab Bag anyway if you do!"


The weather forecast for the night is Clear Skies. Feel free to enjoy your outdoor activities, though it's still dark, being nighttime and all.



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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):


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Submissions are due tomorrow at 6 PM PST on Sunday.

You may submit your actions to Trip, Monokuma, or Fun With Despair.
Inside the Trophy Room. Gareth, his wife Aileen, Angus and François are assembled around a knife display, stuck in a corner, overwhelmed by various trophies, displays and sets of armor.

Angus opens the display. “Fine collection, aye, but do not touch the blades, if you can.”

Various knives of various curvatures shine from the sunlight, coincidentally beaming down on the display in the most opportunistic angle. François had his eyes laid on what he believes is a knife, polished with steel and a fine edge. He pulls it out carefully, to his overseer’s demands. Angus gives a short scoff at the Chef’s fascination with the blade.

“Don’t think these cutters are made for cooking, lad. Your presence alone was unsolicited in the first place, dare I mind you.”

François does not flinch at the remark, but instead holds his head high for a passive retort.

“Blades are made for cutting. Knives are blades, knives are used in the kitchen. The most inspirant recipes are made from unconventional methods. However, I understand that you do not want these knives to be dirtied, am I correct?”

“Aye, but there needs to be no reminder that ‘tis the house’s collection, not yours.”

Gareth approaches the two, as if he were to announce some form of decree.

“The chef will not use these blades for cooking. I think we all know this by now.”

Followed by quiet, amused clapping from the wife behind him. Easily pleased by her husband’s authoritative presence, but easily annoying to the others’ eyes, she doesn’t utter a single word, for fear of being ostracized from the new society and, worse, her own lover. Angus is visibly annoyed, not by the clapping, but by the cook’s wise-assery.

“Overseer, sir, I assure you that I only wanted to have a close look at the knives. If they were made for collecting, then so be it. However, my curiosity also extends to the house’s obtenance of these tools.”

Angus opens his mouth in pure annoyance, but stops and takes a breath before speaking.

“This display was given to us as part of the experiment. I, myself, do not know of the display’s origins, nor do I know of how we’ve obtained the rest of this cornucopia of rich man’s treasure.”

“A… Cornucopia?”

“Figurative speech, first word that exited my gob.”

“A figurative speech that a cook would say.”

“I am no cook. Hells, I can barely toast a loaf without it becoming ash.”

The group share a hearty laugh, with Angus having an awkward chuckle. François returns to the display.

“Despite my insulting and, if you could excuse me for that display of unpleasant wit, these knives are sublime! I picked the steel one as it reminds me the most of a kitchen knife. I did say that knives are made for cutting, but knives can be made for displaying too, if they look beautiful enough.”

The appreciation for the knife display visibly calms Angus down to reduce the redness of his face.

“Some have jewels on them! Emerald, rubies, even a diamond! Breaking one of these would make its value worthless. I understand how these need to be pristine and, as soon as I heard of the display, I couldn’t resist to ask for a viewing. It’s… not a hobby, but an interest of mine.”

Gareth smiles. “Will that be all, then?”

The chef nods, asking to be excused. He exits the room with a hop and a step.

Angus manages another scoff.

“I hope that the people don’t share his enthusiasm for talking down on us.”

Aileen steps forward and faces the overseer with a look of concern on her face.

“My, oh my, Angus, you need to trust our subjects a little more than that! François is our friend, after all! Such talk should not be frowned upon as much as you are frowning about it!”

“Take a break from law, and everyone revolts when you least expect it. You need to practice your stern looks, miss.”

“And if our people get scared of us, what could they possibly do? If we’re too strict to them, who’s to say that they won’t get rid of us in return?”

Angus is silent for a few seconds.

“...That’s a stern talk. I hope you’ve got more of that in ye.”

He then dismisses himself from the room, leaving the couple alone.
Godbert Manderville
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That's right, the grand opening of the Manderville Gold Saucer (island edition) will be held tonight in the Leisure Room of House Minerva! Anyone who seeks a night of murder-free merriment is invited to participate.

The Gold Saucer is a casino where guests can enjoy a variety of games in the company of their colleagues. Admission is free, and you will be given five Manderville Gold Saucer Point (MGP) tokens upon declaring your intent to participate to me, your host. All games require one token to participate and are played in a winner-takes-all format, with the exception of the main event. Play as many times as you wish, as long as you have tokens to bet.

Triple Triad: Card game. Two players.
Lord of Verminion: A board game version of the popular minion-based strategy game. Two players.
Doman Mahjong: It's like Mahjong, but Doman. Four players.

And the main event, the Chocobo Race. Unfortunately, I couldn't ship actual chocobos to the island, but I did make a set of convincing clockwork miniatures. This game will only be played once right before the end of the event, and it requires one token to participate, so don't go broke! First place will win the pot plus five tokens, second place will win five tokens, and third place will win three tokens.

The player in possession of the most tokens at the end of the event will be declared the winner, and will be able to claim a special prize. Of course, a Manderville man always plays fair - anyone who is caught cheating will be disqualified immediately.

The Gold Saucer will begin near the start of the night after a brief setup period, and players can join whenever they wish. The event won't run all night though, so if you want to participate, make sure to come early!

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Of course, participation isn't required if you wish to simply join us in the Leisure Room for a drink or a chat. To anyone who seeks refuge from the chaos and violence, Godbert Manderville welcomes you with open arms.

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