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"So, with all the talk of these journals people keep finding lying around, I've decided I'm gonna keep all the publicly revealed ones here, just 'cuz they might come in handy later, and this is way easier that going through the past investigation notes tryin' to find these things."


Journal - Mobius Strip:
Journal - Roll Call:


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"And if anyone wants to show off a journal they haven't already, feel free to post it here! I'll add it to the list."
Gordon Ramsay
Found this under the mattress in the Seafarer's Bedroom.

Ruby Rose
So it's a letter, but it's still considered a journal.

"To the assigned,

Following this letter will be the visual descriptions of your quarry. Should you subdue the target in question with the degree of professional care you have advertised in the letter, the reward shall be given to you.

We suspect the quarry to be a dangerous person with malicious intent. Whatever the intent may be, the basis is not something we could ignore: It could spell a terrible fate within the country and who knows how far it may go from there. The quarry has performed various deeds that the Yard have been investigating on, eventually coming to the conclusion that many of the city's shortcomings come from them and possibly a crew working with them.

We are counting on you to work on this as quietly as possible. Nobody should know of this operation.

Salem Promontory

[The visual descriptions seem to be missing from the document, but technical information about the quarry are found in the second page.]

Plan: Infiltrate the experiment and subdue the individual and all involved parties within the

Quarry: Performs meticulous background checks of their employees, partners and clients. Infiltration should be done with the least amount of dubious paperwork possible. Should the opportunity arise, an official status can be given to alleviate the circumstance.

Potential caveats: Unrelated personnel are rumored to join the group. Avoid altercations with them as much as possible."

Found in the holding cell.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Cooking Mama
Journal Found: Ripped Page of the Seafarer’s Journal 1:

Journal Found: Therefore Lack of Faith:
As that Gintoki guy gave permission, I'll take the liberty of posting the journal he found!

Pathetic Poem:
The Archivist

Journal Found: First Night Alone:
Mother Goose
Journal - Prism :
Skull Face
A telegram found within the Teacher's Lounge.

Ramone Stradvar

Quote:Long ago has it been that Newton figured about the wonders of light and, by extent, color theorem. I've put not a single cent of interest in the physics of light, but today, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that I am forced to do so, not in personal gains, but by the request of my friend.

I've started for a tad two nights ago. However meaningless it was, I still attempted to filter out the different colors of light using a candle, then, a lantern. The prism fared nothing but simple reflections. I've recently obtained a prototypal bulb of light, but I haven't bothered to work out its functions yet. And so, I had to wait for morning to come. Fortunately, the clouds have taken a vacation to another world, which made way for the sun's shine to cross by my window.

From there, I could now understand a bit more about the wonders of light. I could read all of this in a book or a report, which I have already done, but witnessing the result with my own two eyes has always proved to be the more satisfying result of my research. Should a graph or an artistic rendition of a theorem cross my path, I'd rather ask the artist about what they have thought of the real event, if they have seen it for themselves.

However, the search does not end there: I am specifically interested in the reaction of an element to light. Should a certain material or particular object behave differently under colorimetry's influence, I must know. Light, however, is not an element of any physical property. How can one react to what is theoretically not there? The best result I could give is that light changes the color of a transparent (or translucent) object. Reactivity to light is therefore a simple question of "What will the color become?". I wish I could produce better results. Perhaps the technology we have to this day is not enough. Giving up on a research has never been a mindset of mine, but I feel that we, as a society, are not ready to uncover the answer just yet.

My client has asked many oddities from me, but I am tasked to perform with my utmost abilities. Should I fail, I must swallow my pride and report what could only be deception for them. Such is the way of a true scientist. Such is the way of a true human being. I shall meet with them on the morrow. I can only wish for clouds at this point, not to accentuate the mood, but to prevent them from showing up.
Hillary Clinton
Mother Goose
'Notice: found in the Pier ':
Mother Goose
'Letter from Renard’ :
Ruby Rose
Ok So, The pad in the forest. If you spoof it like I did it teleports you into some lab or such. 2 charging stations for "something", a rotting civil war dude, some whiteboards and shit. But also, a locked door with a keypad. 4 digit code. There was also a four digit code. Didn't work. Go check it out.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Godbert Manderville
cable car station folder: island resident tidbits:

There was also a document about "Nathan" indicating that no such individual was found in crime records of the time, and his true identity is unknown.

A diagram of light passing through a prism marked with the word "Photoreactive??" was also included.
Gordon Ramsay
For ease of reading, I have recorded all these mysterious visions we seem to be receiving in this thread.


DAY 1:




DAY 3:


DAY 4:


DAY 5:

DAY 6:

DAY 7:
Hillary Clinton
Journal - Learning Through Enlightenment:
Godbert Manderville
research notes - Wings of an insect:

Arcadia Laboratory Clue:

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