With the promise of a warm, pleasant day for once, you gather in the plaza. Yet... something still feels off. Despite the sun's rays, a chill creeps down your spine. Sure enough, that bear is still here. You really wish he'd get a hobby.

[Image: 124?cb=20170520235350]

"Ahem, attention please! To start things off, I'd like to give a big thank you to the one who delivered what I wanted yesterday. You're probably the only one I actually like here! As for the rest of you... eh. You chumps peaked with Baby Sans Thanos.

But hey! At least we've got another killer on the loose! I guess I like whoever that is too, but I'm not allowed to play favorites! That's right though, a body has been discovered!"


@The Kindest Weapon has been found dead in the Kitchen pantry, stabbed with a knife!

Their role was Ultimate Changeling

Role Description:


[Image: 148?cb=20170520235354]

"Oh, but that's not all! My favorite mechanic finally got used! Unlike that dumbass scientist and his suicide plot, our next victim tripped their forbidden action! I've been waiting all game for this to happen!

Which, I mean, has only been like three days. Time flies when you're committing murder, huh?


Indeed, a second body has once again been discovered. @sealelement has been found dead in the Mirror Hall. Dried blood is caked around her eye, it appears as if her Forbidden Action has been triggered.

Her role was Ultimate Wizard

Role Description:


[Image: 110?cb=20170520215140]

"You know the drill, right!?

Of course you do, you've done this before after all! This should be a breeze! Unless of course, you want to lynch another innocent like last time! Puhuhuhu!"

[Image: oi7vngj.png]


[Image: oYsJkGE.png]

......There's something I gotta talk about too.


-The Kindest Weapon has been stabbed with a knife. The Ultimate Detective can tell you that it's from the Kitchen.
-They are also missing one of their hands. The Ultimate Detective can tell you that the knife used to remove the hand is also from the Kitchen.
-The Kindest Weapon is completely nude.
-Rick's body is missing from the Kitchen.
-The Unnerving Painting is missing. Behind it is a ladder descending both downwards and upwards.
-Trophy Cases are thrown around everywhere in the Trophy Room.
-The chandelier has fallen to the ground below, though nothing besides the chandelier itself seems damaged.
-Vincent Valentine's body is missing.
-Sealelement's body is in the Mirror Hall.
-Gouged into the surface of the mirror are the words "WHICH KNIFE?" The Ultimate Detective tells you these were not cut in by any sort of blade.
-A noose is tied to Seal's wrist, though the hanging end is not attached to anything

-There are scorch marks around the Leisure Room, though nothing is damaged
-The Holding Cell door has been slashed open.
-Vincent Valentine's corpse is cut in half by the Fountain.
-The Fountain has refilled

Room descriptions will be altered as you investigate and learn more about the changes in each room.


[Image: 3Htr2dB.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

[Image: GzD4dqh.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):

[Image: Qz1GbXV.png]

Room Descriptions

Basement Rooms:


@Mother Goose
@ASMR Youtuber
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Ruby Rose
@Ainsley Harriott
@Ramone Stradvar
@Bandit Shoey

Post investigation questions in this thread, and try to post any major theories here, for the sake of ease.

The investigation will end tomorrow at 7 PM PST.

As an incentive, if the correct killer is lynched, those who vote correctly will be immune to all forbidden actions they may possess for the next night.

It’s dark.

You only see dark.

They only see dark. Nobody is around them, yet they hide.

A muffled conversation holds place in this darkness. You barely make any light of the words you hear.

“Surely... is near, why now of all times should...?”

“You were supposed to… but you decide to join us in this façade. What… in showing yourself here?”

“I must see it with my own eyes. With…”

“Your… Is not flawless. Prying eyes are everywhere, that much, you should know.”

“I invite them to try. It would require… I do not expect such persistence from anyone.”

“You underestimate humanity as a whole.”

“Should humanity be estimated at all is of no importance. What is important is… Let them see it for themselves. We’ve talked enough. Any more, and...”

“I hope you know what you are doing.”

Footsteps can be heard, as if the two voices are walking away from each other.
Regarding seal's FA, does it matter if seal initiated any sexual contact, or should we presume the other person involved is the killer regardless?
[Image: U7dyPAD.png]
Trip [Cameraman]
[Image: oYsJkGE.png]

Well uh… Everything I saw tonight was like, all jumbled and stuff. I can’t really describe it, dudes, but if my night was like, written down, it’d be nothing but typos everywhere.

...But… That’s not really what’s got me wigged out.

I was chillin’ in the Garden taking some b-roll footage when I saw someone in the distance. Now, I’m not sure because I was losin’ my mind thanks to whatever was going on in my head, but it looked a lot like, well, this guy I used to work for.

I guess I can give the whole story.


It was like a year ago, when I got brought out to this movie studio in the woods to help “film a horror movie” based on the legend of the Wendigo or somethin’. It’s a long story, but I didn’t have a whole show to my self like I’ve got now, I was just a cameraman.

[Image: frSV0am.png]

Anyway, things weren’t going so smooth, because this bear dude showed up, the same one as here, and started forcing people to kill each other. I don’t know if he was really the bad guy back then though, because the real reason he was there was to stop my boss, a dude named Xavier, who was posing as a film director. In hindsight that figured, because I don’t think we even shot a single scene, despite hiring an actor as great as MCD!

[Image: CroojQH.png]

This guy was bad news, and was searching for this magic crystal called the Despair’s Wish that was hidden under the studio. Apparently someone jacked it from his company lab and hid it away, probably the same dude who was controlling the bear, some janitor, I hear. I never got to meet that guy before he died and the bear stopped working though.

There was a Wendigo running around too, but not the one from the legend. It was a guy in a suit. I guess there was an animatronic too, but that one was all dressed up by Alex Jones. Eventually, Xavier and the Wendigo got what they were looking for, and Xavier used it to get like, funky reality-bending darkness powers.

It was okay though, because the security guard shot the crystal out of his hand and it exploded, making him disappear suddenly. As for the Wendigo, I think Shoey stabbed him to death. Good ol’ Shoey. I’m glad he’s here with us now too, he’s pretty tough. Dunno what happened to the security guard though, haven’t seen her since we escaped.


[Image: 0cMdDU9.png]

I’m telling you guys this because like, I think that old boss of mine is the guy I saw off in the distance. It looked JUST like him, but he walked away behind House uh… the red one. I couldn’t get a very good look but… there’s no way he could be back, right? He like, got vaporized. Anyway, I just kinda went to the party and tried to drown my sorrows in Powerade.

[Image: W1fTAI2.png]

The party was pretty gnarly though, I’m not gonna lie. Loved MCD’s sick firework trick, man that was so rad!

Wait... MCD WAS the chicken, right?

Gordon Ramsay

>see a nude bigfoot

>cut off nude bigfoot's hand

>the kindest weapon is naked and missing a hand and can disguise as people

>see, later in the night, seal enter the leisure room

>see nude bigfoot follow seal into the leisure room

>see nude bigfoot exit the leisure room with dead seal

the kindest weapon killed seal, the end
(Dec 31, 2019 at 10:33 PM)Superchao Wrote: Regarding seal's FA, does it matter if seal initiated any sexual contact, or should we presume the other person involved is the killer regardless?
Seal cannot initiate sexual contact either, but something like stripping, for instance, would not count as sexual contact if she was to do it.
Hillary Clinton
I would like to examine both bodies and their surroundings in full, especially The Kindest Weapon and the kitchen as we probably already have a good idea as to how Seal died.
(Dec 31, 2019 at 10:59 PM)Hillary Clinton Wrote: I would like to examine both bodies and their surroundings in full, especially The Kindest Weapon and the kitchen as we probably already have a good idea as to how Seal died.
The Kindest Weapon's body is naked, with a kitchen knife stuck in their chest. Their hand is also missing, though you don't see it anywhere in the pantry or Kitchen. Beyond that, they seem mostly unharmed, though there is almost no blood anywhere in the Kitchen, despite the stab wound being quite rough.

Seal's body is half-purple from lack of circulation, and blood is streaming from her eye onto the floor of the Mirror Hall. Up on the mirror, the words WHICH KNIFE? are scratched into the mirror. A rope is tied around Seal's wrist, which leads into the Luxury Bedroom.
The King of Town
That's all fine and dandy, but what do those cadavers taste like?
(Dec 31, 2019 at 11:10 PM)The King of Town Wrote: That's all fine and dandy, but what do those cadavers taste like?
They taste like... corpses.

What did you expect? They're not covered in anything.
Ainsley Harriott
DAMN I still hate Trip with a burning passion. Wake up in the Garden and walk out toward the fountain where I hang out and relax for a moment, gotta calm down. I saw the sammich climb out of a hole in the ground what a goof ya ol' rascal you. Anyways I'm chilling out by the fountain when KW walks by and into the Garden. I remembered the gas cake and felt like I needed to figure all of that out. Why did you try to gas cake me? What did I do? I gotta know.

SO I followed KW into the garden and...... HE was there. The ire of my life. The absolute worst person on this damn island. Trip.

I got furious. Insanely furious. I glared at him and thought of turning him into some kind of chicken dish yeheah boy. He was with the sound youtube person. Some moments pass and I break my glare and shit KW's gone. GOD DAMNIT TRIP IF YOU WEREN'T DISTRACTING ME I COULD HAVE KEPT TRACK OF KW. I'm more pissed now at this point. I scoured the garden but couldn't find KW anywhere until bigfoot walks out of the shed. Naked. The fuck? He winks at me like he wants to give my meat a good ol' rub which I decline and I ask him to put on some damn clothes.

[Image: mbaPOhK.png]

Anyways trip and sound ost playlist are gone, I'm lonely and depressed. Some jackass in a chicken suit walked through eventually and got some rope from the shed and some fireworks. Yeah cool bud I make your kind into food all the time. I'm left alone with my thoughts again. My thoughts of hatred of trip. I storm over to his house, I slam open his office door, I piss on his desk, sit in the chair, and fall asleep. Fuck you, trip.

[Image: zKAUfHz.jpg]
The Archivist
Statement of The Archivist regarding one of his more brief nights at the mysterious island.
Statement taken directly from subject December 31, 2019. Audio recording by The Archivist of the yadda yadda yadda, statement begins.

-When I woke up in the Leisure Room, Demonmist was gone, Godbert was coming in from the hall, and Fink was sitting at a table.
-I follow the ASMR Youtuber and Trip outside, and I head out to play some piano at House Bishop.
-At the fountain, KOT leaves to the west, and Skull Face approaches me as we walk towards the house. I draw a statement from him, and I'm sure he can explain it all in his own testimony. Most important part that his attempt was to drop the chandelier on someone.
-In the Foyer, Mother Goose jumps from the chandelier and into the Coat Room. At the piano, I discover a journal amongst the sheet music.
-After the chandelier comes crashing down, I check on the Vault door. There in the Smoking Lounge, a man in a chicken suit comes in and starts smoking a pipe.
-Outside, as I'm walking to House Oliva, I noticed BEES posing in an odd manner by the Fountain. In the workshop, Chicken Man slithers to one of the benches and starts making something out of clockwork.
-I start making a connection map in the Library before going to bed.
Mother Goose
I awoke in the Gallery without much of a peep,
And exited to see Gordon Ramsay in the Hallway asleep
I exit to House Bishop with a theory in mind,
When I see Demonmist heading upstairs… so I follow behind.

We travel to the bedroom and I give him a chance,
But he turns to me with a pocket watch that puts me in a trance!
He hands me a noose and tells me die,
And obediently I follow without questioning why.

I tie one end to my neck and then to the chandelier above,
I fight with my might but the thoughts once shove.
To my luck the rope is too long,
And my mind snaps out of the terrifying song.

I wave to the Archivist and Skullface as I leave,
And grab some wine sighing with relive.
As I’m outside I hear someone call for Vincent Valentine,
But I ignore the sound with other things on my mind…

I relax in the leisure room after grabbing some clay,
And decide to take it easy for last of the day.
The activities begin and we play some games,
When Seal wonders in and yells out some star wars claims.

Big Foot enters with one hand and nude,
And Seal calls out ‘OH COME ON DUDE’
It takes a second before they fall dead to the ground
And Big Foot takes the body before leaving without a sound…

In the hall I hear a yell,
Before chaos happened and we were in Chocobo hell.
It some how worked out and I came in first,
So things end up not the worst.

I leave for the night and wonder to the music room,
Sitting in the cubicle keeping my eyes out for doom.
I end the night by hearing a ‘Schwing' sound,
Before I fall asleep wondering what that was in the background…

I want to check out that ladder behind where the Unnerving Painting was, whats up/down from it?
(Jan 1, 2020 at 12:30 AM)Mother Goose Wrote: I want to check out that ladder behind where the Unnerving Painting was, whats up/down from it?
You check out the Ladder. It leads upwards from the Unnerving Painting, and when you climb up, you notice that you can exit from the Lighthouse Painting in the Bust Hallway.

You climb downwards, and find yourself in a dark tunnel. Several crates and barrels of likely smuggled wine sporadically scattered against the walls, one of which has a bottle of sunflower oil sitting atop it. You follow the tunnel and find a second ladder. Climbing it leads to the Wine Storage, underneath one of the mounted casks, which you push out of the way, as it is empty.

A partial map of B1F has been added to the map

[Image: Qz1GbXV.png]
My second night as a chicken. I wake up early and head up to Arts and Crafts, because boy do I got some arts and crafts to do!

Once I get back to the Leisure Room, GODBERT's setting up for the, uh, the Gold Saucer thing. Sorry about that, by the way. But you gotta admit, it was pretty funny. The - ah, I'll get to it later. I head over to the Workshop to bring my creation to life, and red paint, to bring blood and death. On the way back to House Bishop I can hear someone at the bonfire, shouting about VINCENT, who as far as I know is no longer alive.

I decide to relax a bit after my hard work with a hot n juicy cigar in the Smoker's Lounge. This ARCHIVIST guy is here and boy is he pissed, he just storms out! I then head to the Wine Storage. Some noise is coming from under the casks, guess it must be something to do with that tunnel. I then decide I'm gonna stalk TRIP until the Saucer and I look for a shitty disguise in the Coatroom but none of them fit over my costume, and I don't even find him, or the ASM-STOLEMYCAR YOUTUBER. Not cool, guys.

Then I'm in the Garden and AINSLEY is looking around for someone. I head into the Shed and pick up a few final supplies, and can just about hear some people talking behind it. Finally I run back to the Gold Saucer at House Minerva just in time to enter the race. HILARY, TRIP, FINK, KING OF TOWN and MOTHER GOOSE are also taking part, and obviously GODBERT's running the whole thing.

And while we're on that - look, man, nowhere in the rules did it state that you couldn't make your own hell nightmare Chocobo which JUST HAPPENS TO HAVE a FIREWORK growing ON ITS BACK, which I get is a clear advantage, but... hey, you know what, whatever. RUBY even ran in and bet on mine to win. Thanks. Nice to know someone has my back.

So then I just happen to accidentally light a match and it just happens to fall onto the fuse, and GODBERT tries to - to stop me, but he's too late. This thing goes everywhere, ricochets against everything, all around the room, and I'm just laughing my ass off. In the end I think it took out the others in a big sort of explosion, no idea how that happened. I just wanted to win the race, fair and square, I never wanted anything like this to happen. But damn am I glad it did!

GODBERT takes my tokens - that's fine, it's your game show, you do what you want - but I think I got a bit mad about it and threw all the paint over him. RUBY chased me out of the room, bit of an overreaction because as I've said five times and Trip has said at least once it was funny as shit.

I head back to Trip's and see this body slashed up near the Fountain - and, well, I've got one firework left, so I light it inside the house and... the sprinklers go off. Ruined my entire night. GODBERT walks in and he gives me this look that - well, it just caught me. God, I felt so ashamed. He heads into the Office. Then the KING OF TOWN arrives and I am fucking terrified, I saw what that guy was capable of last night and he's looking worse for wear already. I manage to avoid a confrontation, but then KOT heads into the Office and I hear shouting and a big thump.

Then I just pass out in the wet ass chair. God, what a horrible night. You're all welcome.
- I get woken up behind the shed by Monokuma.
- I open my loot crate and put on my Masters of the Universe t-shirt. Inside is also a cannon from Fallout 4, a Jurassic Park figure, and a Zelda tumbler.
- I chat with Monokuma about the weather and movies
- Steve MRE appears from behind House Bishop with Rick's science device
- I ask Steve to hand over the device. He declines so I smack him with my shovel. An ape in a business suit appears from the woods as I do this.
- I pick up the science device off the ground and give it to Monokuma. He gives me the grab bag and a bottle of diet pills.
- I lock eyes with Monokuma and piss into the Zelda tumbler. I can't tell if he enjoyed what he saw or not.
- I head over to the fountain, which now has water in it. I play with my T-Rex and Batman figurines. I wanted to play with the goose statue too but it was apparently too broken.
- BEES is t-posing by the fountain. He starts spinning and heads to House Academia.
- Ruby Rose shows up and I give her the tumbler. The unnerving painting walks past behind her.
- Ruby opens the tumbler, and attempts to dump it on me, but I dodge and it hits Vincent Valentine behind me. He is carrying a large gun made from flesh and bone.
- Vincent shoots a lump of charred flesh at me but I dodge. Ruby fights back.
- I flee to the stairs outside House Academia. I sleep there for the rest of the night.
- Somebody is yelling Vincent's name near the bonfire as I doze off.
@Monokuma I would like to inspect Vincent's corpse near the fountain. What kinds of wounds does he have? Can we get more info on the flesh gun if he has it still?
Trip [Cameraman]
(Jan 1, 2020 at 2:23 AM)Bigfoot Wrote: @Monokuma I would like to inspect Vincent's corpse near the fountain. What kinds of wounds does he have? Can we get more info on the flesh gun if he has it still?
Vincent's corpse is mostly intact, but cleaved in two by some sort of blade. Beyond that he has no wounds beyond those from his execution.

The FLESH GUN appears to be strange machine formed from morphed human flesh, perhaps by alchemy. It fire balls of flesh like a cannon would cannonballs.
Skull Face
Ah, I see the stenographer has already revealed my plans for the evening. Well, I guess there's no choice but the truth.

The previous night, along with everyone else it seems, I discovered a secret passage between the Bust Hallway and the Wine Storage areas - along with a painting you could peek out into the Unnerving Hallway from.

I conceived of a small plan using the hallway - but seeing as there's no-one lying crushed underneath the chandelier, it's safe to say that no-one was harmed.

I started my night by, yet again, heading over to House Oliva's kitchen to prepare myself a cup of coffee. On my way there, I was stopped by Ms. Koigakubo, asking if I believed in God. Distracted by such an inane question, I barely caught Shoey leaving the dining room, looking distraught about something. I couldn't care less, of course.

Arriving at the kitchen finally, I began the slow, meditative process of brewing a cup of coffee. Whilst there, both the monarch and Ruby Rose came by, the latter grabbing the deceased scientist's corpse. Once I was done drinking, I left for the fountain, and to House Bishop, where I would put my plan into action.

Unfortunately, I was joined by the stenographer, or as he calls himself, "the Archivist." I, of course, am quite experienced in the art of interrogation, but I have never seen someone as... pointed, as he. Under his steady questioning, I was forced to reveal all my plans for the evening.

After the questioning was over, I went upstairs to the Mirror Hall, via the Luxury Bedroom - inside which, there was Demonmist, sleeping soundly. No signs of the Kindest Weapon nor Seal.

Inside the mirrored room, I set up my plan cunningly - first, I soaked the chandelier's support rope with sunflower oil, then tied a small dishcloth, also soaked in oil, around the rope, as low as possible.

Then, I pulled out my lighter, and lit the dishcloth, planning to be across the island, within Mr. Manderville's sordid little casino before the rope was fully burnt through, crushing some hapless fool beneath it.

...Unfortunately, the rope holding the chandelier was much drier than I had accounted for, and the entire thing went up in an instant, causing the chandelier to crash to the ground near instantly, narrowly avoiding the portly monarch.

Annoyed that my plan went so awry, I headed down into the secret passage regardless, passing the king as he headed back upstairs. I figured I would make the most of my now completely ruined evening, and gamble the night away.

Unfortunately, some pest was waiting for me in the basement passage - someone had grabbed the rather unnerving painting that was concealing one of the secret exits, and was staring at me. It moaned the words "Geeeet oooout " at me, prior to then clubbing me off the ladder I was still on.

I finished my night, comatose, at the bottom of the ladder.
Skull Face
I would like to pull out the kitchen knife in TKW's body, and inspect the wound, trying to gauge how forcefully the knife was plunged

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