Well, you guys bungled last night, but you know what they say: third time's a charm!

You can vote for a guy, or unvote a guy, take your pick. Whoever's got the most votes is gonna die, so make sure you catch the right culprit, got it?

Once again, we have TWO victims, so...if you're voting for Sealelement's killer, color your vote in blue. If you're voting for The Kindest Weapon's killer, vote in orange. You can ask at any time, and I'll tally up the current votes for you.
Gordon Ramsay
The Kindest Weapon

i did everything short of see it happen with my own eyes
Hillary Clinton
Normally I don't want to call a case this early, but I think one of these is already pretty clear. As I said in my testimony, I witnessed Seal's death, and I am 100% sure that The Kindest Weapon was the one who triggered her forbidden action, most likely by accident.

As for his own murder, we definitely don't have enough to pin down anyone yet, so I will abstain until we have a solid suspect.
Skull Face
The Kindest Weapon seems quite obvious at this point.

As for the other... my gut says the only one that could possibly make any sense at this point is Steve. I can't really think of any other way at this point. He's the only one that vaguely fits.
gonna at least put down a vote for Kindest Weapon
Godbert Manderville
Might as well vote Kindest Weapon.
The Kindest Weapon
Cooking Mama
the kindest weapon
king of town
the kindest weapon

Bandit Shoey
The Kindest weapon
King of town
I don't trust any monarch
The King of Town
The Kindest Weapon I guess?
Oh, and Steve not from Minecraft, probably? Does Minecraft have portals in it? I don't know what the kids are into these days.
Ruby Rose
[blue]kindest weapon[/blue[
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Momoko Koigakubo
Gordon Ramsay for both because it was a kitchen murder.
I can probably start by announcing to you all what you know is already true.

Obviously the killer of @sealelement was @The Kindest Weapon, our other victim. I mean, c'mon, how many people saw it? Quite a few, if my count is right, and my count is ALWAYS right.

Buuuut, that leaves another unfortunate idiot staring down the gallows, doesn't it? Who killed the killer? According to you guys (but only barely!), the consensus is that it was @Steve1989MREInfo, which is of course INCORRECT!

Ol' Steve just wanted his MREs. Who are you lot to deny him that? Luckily, I hold no responsibility in what's about to happen, so I can live the rest of my days knowing that this man died because of YOU, and not the horrible execution I'm about to give him.

Let's all get ready, because it's punishment time!


Steve finds himself thrown into the Luxury Bedroom, the door locking behind him. He sits in here for what feels like hours, time slowly ticking away. He's patient enough though, at least until the hunger pangs kick in. His stomach begins to growl, and he decides that this is finally his chance to fulfill his destiny.

He will find his MREs, and he will dine.

He looks under the bed, he roots through the wardrobe, and he even tries in vain to search the stuffing of the pillows, to no avail. Slowly, his eyes shift over to stare at the chest at the foot of the bed. He tries the lid, and finds that it's unlocked! He flings open the lid and gives a mighty shout of victory as he basks in the glow of what he finds inside: stacks and stacks of Meals, Ready to Eat.

He hungrily grabs one and begins to unwrap it, when a spring -loaded knife erupts from the packaging, stabbing him square in the chest. He falls backwards, a cry of pain echoing through the bedroom as he falls the ground. Monokuma unlocks the door, waddles up to Steve, grabs his camera, and gives the knife a brutal twist as he snaps a selfie with the agonized MRE enthusiast.

With a final spurt of blood from the wound, Steve's last breath leaves his lips.


His role was the Ultimate Photoshopper
role description:

...Don't worry, that's not actually what was in that chest. I had them swapped out, obviously. Why would I waste a perfectly good key under the mattress puzzle on a bunch of crappy military rations?

Speaking of puzzles though... I must say I'm most displeased with some of you on that front. Sitting on a bunch of journal entries... Y'know... I kinda want to read some of those myself! So, here's the deal!

Unless you reveal the journal entries in your possession for public viewing, your chance of death next night will double.

Sometimes it pays to be charitable! Puhuhuhu!

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