Trip [Cameraman]
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"Well, another killer got away, but all this talk of secret passages is making me think... I bet I could spin a really wicked episode out of this stuff, huh?

Doubly so if I can actually uncover one myself, live and on-camera! Extreme would be an understatement!"

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"So that's my plan! Who knows what other wild stuff is hiding right under our noses? Sucks about that Steve guy though, I'm pretty sure he just wanted to eat a bunch of prepackaged food for... some reason."

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"Besides, with the weather tonight, I've got a hunch that it'll be better to hang around inside. I don't do great in the cold, I'm way more of a summertime guy, y'know? I'm all into discoveries, but I don't wanna find out what frostbite feels like.

Speaking of discoveries, what do you guys think is up with all those weird journals you keep digging up? Whatever happened to these dudes, and what's all this experiment stuff? It couldn't just have been about living out here on this lame island, right?"

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"I guess what matters is that we're here now though, so don't get that bear get you down. We've got a mystery to solve!"


The weather forecast for the night is Bitter Cold. Spending too long outside without proper winter wear will result in you being KO'd from fatigue. It is also snowing, but the snowfall is too fast for footprints to be left. You will be covered in snow if you go outside, however.

If you attempt murder tonight, you can pick any player in the game and become immune to their attempts for the next two nights.



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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):

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Room Descriptions

Basement Rooms:


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@ASMR Youtuber
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Ruby Rose
@Ainsley Harriott
@Ramone Stradvar

Submissions are due tomorrow at 6 PM PST on Saturday.

You may submit your actions to Trip, Monokuma, or Fun With Despair.
A bright night. The moon’s shine embellishes the view of the sky, riddled with stars and light clouds. The dreamy view washes away the endless waters surrounding the isolated location. Inland, a campfire, located outside of House Minerva, becomes the only source of light of the island, with a single man contemplating right beside it.

Moments pass by, another person joins the bonfire.

“You should know that you shouldn’t be allowed outside without supervision, Nathan.”

He sits by the fire, keeping a distance away from the thief.

“This experiment never told me about supervision, sir. I might be a thief, but I will have you know that a thief, at least one with the capacity to think, would have no reason to steal or hurt anyone in a place like this.”

“The possibility is still present.”

“Of course, Gareth. Should I steal from kitchen cupboards or from scientific cabinets, I would be the number one suspect. Why even attempt when the intrigue starts and ends with me as the accused? There is no fun in hiding when you are constantly in plain sight. Figuratively, might I add.”

“You are a troublemaker to my eyes and to many others in this island. Justify as you may, but regardless of your situation, it is still my directive to keep watch on everyone and ensure the security of this island. As for you, you are under Academia’s watch. Should any of the representatives need you, I trust that you will follow their every command.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve hurting me.”

“Their experiments are purely psychological.”

“Science does not efficiently determine one’s mind. If I were to experience any trouble, I would approach Valentina, instead.”

“Prayers are to ease one’s soul, not mind.”

“If only.”

Silence reigns the camp for a moment. Nathan looks up at the starry sky.


No answer.
“The night sky has never been so stunning, hasn’t it? I’d stare at this forever. It’s dark, yet, everything shines so bright. I feel like I’m in a dream.”

Gareth ponders at the fire, instead. The thief lets out a brief sigh, standing up and approaching his elder.

“However, this is no dream. Perhaps you should be careful, for I am not the only criminal here.”

He hands over a knife, adorned with an emerald stuck by the hilt. Gareth lets out a surprised face, while Nathan flaunts one of satisfaction. The illusive man retreats to his house, while the other stares intensely at the weapon.

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