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Things continue basically as any Naruto arc would: the characters split up, get into a variety of small fights and eventually start meeting up with each other to fight bigger things. Weiss and Ruby end up riding a bird Heartless while pukey and his hot greek gf get rocked by a scorpion monster. There's some other plot points and a forced chess metaphor mixed in but that's all background bullshit. The important part is that the characters are slowly learning that the power of friendship is the most powerful force in anime, and apparently MMD animations are close enough to count.

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Everything comes to a head at the massive sky temple built off the edge of a cliff, as you would expect. I've been shitting on team side characters, but they're pretty cool in their own right, especially when they're all working together. Vomit comet is such a fuck-up that any minor success he earns feels monumental, and the others are stellar in combat, even if their personalities leave something to be desired.

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The extras take out the big scorpion, so the other of Bayonetta's summons is left to team RWBY. Spoiler: they're are indeed called team RWBY in-universe. They even spell it out for you in case the symbolism is too complex.
The last couple episodes have all been building towards the four main girls VS Griffon 3, and it's - dare I day - kino. The whole temple starts collapsing, forcing the characters to use their powers creatively to reach solid ground. And the kill move is absolutely magnificent; I wouldn't be surprised if RWBY's entire raison d'etre was to animate that one attack. I'll even link it so none of you can claim I'm overselling it.

At first I thought that was the season finale, since it was by far the coolest and most climactic scene so far, but it's actually just the mid-point. It works too well as a stopping point though, so I'll leave it here and probably skim over most of the rest of the season. As a consolation, here's Ruby with a minor concussion:
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dont watch that linked video in 60fps if you want to keep your eyeballs in a solid form
(Jan 9, 2020 at 10:35 PM)Pea Wrote: dont watch that linked video in 60fps if you want to keep your eyeballs in a solid form

>when the MMD animation is too good

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