[Day 4] - Another Log On The Fire

(Jan 12, 2020 at 8:33 AM)Godbert Manderville Wrote: Check Trip's Bedroom, Patio, and Bathroom.

Might as well check the shoreline for washed up items too.

I also want to take a closer look at the tank with a circular hole drilled into it. Is it the one connected to Trip's Pad? What else can I tell about the hole, e.g. do the edges look smooth like it was done with a proper tool?
You check Trip's Bedroom, the Patio, and the Bathroom. These areas seem relatively unaffected by tonight's chaos.

You check the Shoreline. Marco Pierre White's body is washed up here, fully clad in his suit of armor.

You take a closer look at the tank. It does appear to the one connected to Trip's Pad. The whole is quite large, just a bit bigger than the size of your head, you think. The edges are rough, as though not much care was put into the drilling.
Godbert Manderville
Can I climb inside the Big Daddy and control it? If so, I want to use its drill on what remains of one of the tanks and compare the holes.
(Jan 12, 2020 at 8:58 AM)Godbert Manderville Wrote: Can I climb inside the Big Daddy and control it? If so, I want to use its drill on what remains of one of the tanks and compare the holes.
You climb inside the Big Daddy suit. Yes, it looks like it can be controlled. You activate it and jump down into the water-filled tunnel, trudging through to the Water Control Room. Revving up the drill, you drill into the glass remains of one of the tanks. It is near identical.
Ruby Rose
There was a lot of mischief tonight, but I did my best to keep it in check! All the coldness made it suuuuuuper hard to properly watch out for bad guys, but here's what I did catch!

Atop a roof I spot a goose costume Exit Bishop while heavy footsteps echo beneath me. Assumedly big suit passing our culprit. Needing a reprieve from the cold I sneak inside and stealthily warm myself, seeing Grell on the piano and hearing a ruckus in the secret passage. I try to get a quick peek but I hear it filling with water, and choosing to not risk drowning or getting wet, I stealthily leave and return to my roof. The cold makes it hard to focus and I'm about to give up and head back in when some sort of sound comes from beneath me, namely around the vault area but I can't tell if this is it being opened or heavy footsteps around it. I think it may be the latter because soon after the Diving Suit exits Bishop and locks onto the Goodbert himself, who's fixing the statue currently. While I'm pretty agile that suit moves fast, and before I can get a preemptive strike it's already careening into the fountain. I come down moments after with a buzzsaw blast and it stops? Like, completely stops moving. Trying to not give it a chance to recover or something I attempt to give it a spin and a hurl away to a safe location and further battle but it's too heavy. With my momentum lost I take notice that it's defeated enough to have halted. Good enough I guess? I'll be coming back for that suit though, the tech was old fashioned but how it was kept so compact and with so much horse power was SO COOL! I'll fight off anyone that tries to ruin my admiration.

So I continue my night having defeated my monster quota and enter Minerva all by myself, and go to sleep in the Seafareer's room. But! There was still jutice this night! The crimson avenger who is most certainly not Ruby would fill my stead and save the good folk tonight! Leaving their hiding spot from totally not minerva the Crimson Avenger spotted a Yeti chasing a Chicken by the fountain. Leaping into action the Crimson Avenger halts the foul Yeti and saves the foul chicken. But before the final blow is struck the yeti reveals itself an impostor, it is truly Fink! Chicken makes its escape and Fink thanks me- i mean the Crimson Avenger! for showing them the path of justice and not the path of murdering on sight! They resume their yeti facade and run off.

Now with two goose statues at the fountain the Crimson Avenger has plenty of company to keep vigil and clothes to keep them warm. Except not really because it was really cold. So The Crimson Avenger enters house opposite of red where an Ape is studying the difference between Ape's and Samoans. Sounds like a useful book! Sensing no evil intent from them the Crimson Avenger leaves them be in favor of investigating the alchemy lab for interesting technology or discoveries!

And then, by some CRAZY event, I, Ruby Rose, Not the Crimson Avenger, SOMEHOW got teleported to the alchemy lab in my sleep! How crazy! Maybe it was something the Crimson Avenger found?
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
I got hit by some role power that John Freeman-ifies my account, so hopefully I don't misunderstand anything in it.

-I wake up under the House of Academia stairs and open my loot crate. I put on my Bleach pants. I also get a Gintoki wall scroll, and a Sword Art Online manga which I have posted already as a journal entry.
-The King of Town is by the bonfire. He tries to feed me but I refuse and flip him off.
-Fire blows out from Trip's Pad on the other side of the island.
-The King doesn't care and falls asleep. But then he stands back up and has red glowing eyes. He walks toward Trip's Pad.
-I go up the stairs to House Academia but cannot enter the sealed room because it is locked and flooded.
-I go back down and enter through the front door. The ape is there climbing down from the attic.
-I wrap my wall scroll around me to protect me from the cold and venture back out into the storm. I wield my cannon to protect me.
-Suddenly a yeti starts chasing me. I flee behind House Olivia and it stops the chase.
-I notice that Annie's body is gone and Bees is KO'd in the bush.
-I return to the front of House Olivia and see King of Town entering House Bishop.
-I enter the workshop and begin working to power up my cannon. As I enter, a chicken man leaves with a black crystal.
-After I finish the modifications Ainsly walks in. I spend the rest of the night searching for secret passages in House Olivia
-I find nothing and go to sleep under the dining room table.
Skull Face
Examine the workshop, try to tell what materials have been used recently.
Do the same in the Arts and Crafts area.
Momoko Koigakubo
my depression is really really bad rn so no rp but here's my account

-leave chapel
-go to trips pad
-the place is smoldering from a fire that looked like it happened recently. the arcade machine and question mark door are intact
-demon mist is lying on the floor burned up
-king of town is standing by the ??? door, he's glaring at me with red eyes before punching something into the keypad and slipping inside
-i LICK THE CORPSE of demon mist
-leave pad, its very cold, go to kitchen, nobody is there
-go to fountain, ainsely is sitting there with a bottle of wine while big daddy is sitting there beside him. big daddy is motionless
-i lick ainsley gods what the fuck did i submit
-ainsley drops the wine from pure shock and arousal, he then begins to yell phrases like "dirty little christian slut" at me
-skull face walks by and shares a romantic glance with ainsley
-ainsley storms off
-i start to go back to the kitchen but on the way i pass ot from fatigue due to the cold in front of the door to house olivia
My night went great except for having 3 people try to assault/kill me. Seriously you freaks calm down.

I woke up in the Leisure room and immediately went to the bar and got absolutely wasted. The trio of dorks were there too but they aren't alcohol so who cares?

Once i was nice and liquored up i went and made myself a sick yeti costume to mess with people and keep me warm. Apparentally it was pretty good considering i was absolutely plastered while creating it.

I went outside to find some nerds to scare and found Ham Sandwich who almost immediately passed out from the cold. Get a costume next time loser.

I wandered for a bit and found Bigfoot next. Who tried to shoot me for the sin of spooking him i guess. Luckily it didn't do squat and i chased him for a bit. Hes got big stupid feet so he easily outran me.

After i lost the creepy foot man i got jumped by a freak in a Chicken suit who was determined to throw some sort of freaky kettle water in my mouth. So naturally i deck him and chase him for the very real sin of assaulting me!

I almost caught him and pummled him but Ruby Rose decided that she needs to one up his assault with cold blooded murder. I took off my mask and she suddenly decided to get morals and start going on about how amazing she was. Girl you just tried to kill me now is not the time.

Tired from all you weirdos doing your weird junk i went back to House Minerva and passed out.
trip do you read the discord chat
Trip [Cameraman]
(Jan 12, 2020 at 8:22 PM)bees Wrote: trip do you read the discord chat
[Image: 0VVJwsB.png]

"Funny you should mention me, bee dude. 'Cuz I'm sick of hearin' about you trying to kill me! What'd I ever do to you anyway, man? So, I came up with a plan to get you off my back. I borrowed the ASMR lady's gun, telling her it was just for zombies, but really, it was just gonna be for self defense, like-in general.

Which, unless I'm just buggin' out, counts as a murder plan. And I'm usin' the incentive to get even. For the next two nights, I'm gonna immunize myself against attempts from bees."

[Image: GSDLOyX.png]

"So cut it, bro. Stop tryin' to kill me."

[Image: J6jvKVx.png]

"I can give you dudes my full account though, just hang on."
Cooking Mama
woke up in bishop
fuck around for a whilel
grab a coat
head to house academia
see chicken man with kettle leaving
mother goose enters behind me
go to chem lab as KoT leaves
mother goose passes me on the stairs
run past bonfire, theres fabric burning in there
at the chapel, woke up momoko
go to trips pad, demonmist enters alongside me
I'm headed to the office when the goose, "likely a costume" flings the match in
chaos ensues, demonmist screams in agony as he burns to death
I'm knocked out
(Jan 12, 2020 at 6:16 PM)Skull Face Wrote: Examine the workshop, try to tell what materials have been used recently.
Do the same in the Arts and Crafts area.
In the Workshop, some cardboard and construction paper, as some glass working materials have been used recently, from what you can tell.

In the Arts and Crafts, it is too much of a mess to tell beyond the fact that a good amount of white fabric is missing.
Trip [Cameraman]
[Image: nSRUtdu.png]

"Right, so like, my actual account. Well, it started out with... a dream, maybe about the Clinton lady trying to dab at me? I dunno what she's up to, man. Does she think I'm like, 12?

Anyway, after that point I woke up for real, and headed out to House Bishop with the Youtube chick. We walked over there, and it was pretty cold, but I got this sweet vest keeping me warm, and it wasn't a really long walk anyway."

[Image: FwAwrDZ.png]

"We went into the Smoker's Lounge, looking for secrets. I moved the table around, checked under the painting, looked in the tobacco for a key, stuff like that. I got it all on film, but I never found much. At least, not 'til that DemonMist guy ran in and unlocked the vault before high-tailing it out outta there."

[Image: 4biledO.png]

"Either before or after this is when I asked the Youtube chick for the gun, saying it was for zombies. I said this already, but really it was just for self defense. I guess that counts as a murder attempt, so my plan was to use the incentive that bear promised to make it so the Bee guy couldn't murder me.

I don't wanna hurt anyone, I promise! I just... don't wanna die."

[Image: J6jvKVx.png]

"Good thing is though, we got the best of both worlds 'cuz that's when the zombie came in. Let me tell you, dude. I kicked its ASS! So many bullets flying around, it was just like playing Quake! Man, I wish I installed that on my computer here. I'm sick of Super Mario Kart. 64 was better, man."

[Image: nSRUtdu.png]

"Skull Face came in and started lookin' for secrets too, but I told him there's nothing here besides the Vault, and we checked out the inside. There were a bunch of weird jars and stuff, but the real jackpot was the ladder down to that Underground Pier. "

[Image: J6jvKVx.png]

"Youtuber and I went to check it, but when we got to the Pier, MCD comes outta nowhere with a flying elbow, and just knocks her out cold! It was SO COOL! Anyway, he dresses her up in the Chicken Suit as a joke, and even gives me his mask as a gift! He asks if I wanna have some drinks, and of course I say yes. He tells me to go to the bar and get something, so I do.

When I get back, we just have our drinks then fall asleep. Nothing super eventful, I don't think. Still, THE MCD coming all the way down there just to hang out? What a cool dude!"
Mother Goose
Can I go to the garden and dig up some of the Ham Sandwich holes to see if i can find the goose costumes he buried there the night before?
Gordon Ramsay
-get flashback light'd about ape
-wake up in seafarer bedroom
-shoey follows all night
-go down ladder, come out in wine cellar
-goose costume enters water control room during this
-mother goose gets wine, grell is at piano
-tell grell to fuck off
-vincent is gone so i cannot pose him like an action figure
-trip and asmr youtuber are here
-seal contract with trip
-look at mirrors in hall
-attempt divine revelation, receive none
-demonmist and i go to trophy room, i get sword
-stab the piano to leave a message, grell freaks
-go across to academa, godbert is at fountain
-check classroom, nothing special
-check chemistry lab, nada
-check study, mother goose with wine
(Jan 12, 2020 at 9:37 PM)Mother Goose Wrote: Can I go to the garden and dig up some of the Ham Sandwich holes to see if i can find the goose costumes he buried there the night before?
You dig up the many holes of Ham Sandwich, avoiding the gross, tainted shovel as you do so.

You find...

-A pot
-A knife
-An Eggplant
-A Tomato
-A Potato
-Two Goose Costumes, too small to fit a normal human. They are both bloody, but one moreso.
Ainsley Harriott
Is there anything out of the ordinary in the wine storage room?
(Jan 12, 2020 at 10:54 PM)Ainsley Harriott Wrote: Is there anything out of the ordinary in the wine storage room?
The Wine Storage room is missing a lot of wine, and the stonework floor has been lovingly restored. Besides that, the room is pretty normal.
Bandit Shoey
Before I met blocky in the spare bedroom I saw Fink, Trip, and ASMR Youtuber sleeping in the leisure room.
When me and blocky ended up back there they were gone.
Godbert Manderville
I'm going to do a quick recap so we're all on the same page for the last few hours.

The killer is almost definitely someone wearing a goose costume. Their plan began in the Water Control Room, where they added gasoline to one of the tanks. They left through the exit of House Bishop and went to Trip's Pad. They mostly likely arrived early in the night and entered through the Patio, then waited until everyone was out of the Office to sneak in themselves. Then, they tossed a match into the Waiting Room while Demonmist and Cooking Mama were inside. The resulting fire triggered the sprinklers to spray the previously-planted gasoline into the room and ignite. The killer then fled from the Patio.

What else we know:

- 750ml of gasoline is missing from the Shed
- 750ml is also the same volume as a standard wine bottle, and several bottles of this size are missing from the Wine Storage
- A box of matches is missing from the Smoker's Lounge
- A lot of white fabric that could potentially be used to make a goose costume is missing from Arts and Crafts

I think the killer obtained most if not all of the materials for the murder in advance. They probably originally intended to just toss the gasoline from a wine bottle then flick the match on someone, but changed their mind when they found out Trip's Pad has functioning sprinklers and the Water Control Room was revealed - nevertheless, their clever new plan required the same materials.

Thus, the killer is most likely someone who does not have an alibi during the time that the goose costume was active tonight and had an opportunity to visit all rooms required to obtain the materials.

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