Finally, there's just one victim, so we don't have to go through the whole color-coded thing. About time too, it was making my head spin.

Bears are colorblind, you know. Just trust me on that one!

Anyway, place your vote for who you think torched ol' DemonMist. Now with the added bonus of not having to color it! Aren't I great? I figured demons would fireproof, you know? But it looks like that's not the case. A shame, a real shame. Maybe you can avenge him by catching his killer? Or maybe not, considering your track record!

I suppose we'll see!
Cooking Mama
Chicken man is also a goose man! Gonna vote MCD ...for now!
My vote is on MCD. He had ample access to everything required
Bandit Shoey
I will be the final survivor of the last killing game!
Vote Shoey no fuck off
Godbert Manderville
Tentatively placing a vote for MCD. He's been to the right places and has a penchant for dressing up as avian creatures. He's also been seen with matches before, and we've only discovered one matchbox missing.
Bandit Shoey
fuck bees
Ruby Rose
Have to go with MCD, i tried finding some innocence in there but everything came up a buster.
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Skull Face
I feel compelled to vote for Shoey
Ramone Stradvar
I vote MCD
So, you've placed your votes yet again. Looks like ol' @MCD is overwhelmingly in the lead. Buuuut... Is he guilty?

...Wow, consider me genuinely surprised! He's definitely Guilty, so maybe you guys aren't total losers after all. 2 out of 4 is teeechnically a pass, so I guess you're at least not totally braindead. Still... I gotta say, congrats on taking this guy down! He was a total pain in the ass, trust me! Did you know this guy used to be a famous actor? Now all he does is sit around and drink.

Well, I think it's time for his dramatic comeback, because it's punishment time!


MCD is standing in complete darkness. A stage light to his left flashes on, the light illuminating the white feathers of the chicken suit covering his body. The stage light to his right does the same, this one closer than the last. As the beam pierces the shadows around him, his face; clad in a Goose mask is revealed. A teleprompter flickers on, telling him to "Juggle if he wants to live".

Another light illuminates the Foyer, showing Monokuma sitting in a chair in front of him, a bunch of wine bottles sitting in a pile besides him. Monokuma clears his throat, and indicates that it's time to begin. MCD gulps as Monokuma tosses him two wine bottles, but he manages to juggle them with relative ease. He IS an actor after all, and honestly, he probably counts as a clown too.

Monokuma throws more and more bottles into the mix, MCD struggling to keep it going . Eventually, it becomes too much for him, and he begins to drop them left and right, each bottle shatters, spraying him with the contents. Is this... gasoline? MCD gulps and turns to run, but it's too late. Monokuma strikes a match, and tosses it into the puddle around his feet, igniting him.

As his screams eventually die down, you can swear that the air smells just like roast chicken.


His role was the Ultimate Channeler
role description:

His role, of course, bestowed at least four other roles upon him, so let's take a look at what he was working with!

Night 1: Ultimate Brewer:
Night 2: Ultimate Chicken:
Night 3: Ultimate Eldritch Horror:
Night 4: Ultimate Time Anomaly:

Wow, he had quite the beefy powerset huh? Even with the clear timeline screwery he did, you still managed to nab him! Boy, I bet you guys wish you worked this hard on the past couple nights, huh?

Puhuhuhu, I can't wait to see this level of effort from you bozos again! It's a real nail-biter, every time!
Trip [Cameraman]
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