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"...I'm not really feeling it tonight, sorry.

If you guys are looking for something to do, I think @Gordon Ramsay wants to host a cooking show, or something. That might be fun, I guess. He asked me to film it for him, so I think I have to show up anyway. If you guys want to come, you can.

...That's probably all I have for plans though. Again I'm... not feeling too hot."


The weather forecast for the night is Freezing Rain. It's less cold than the snowstorm, but watch out for ice! Moving too quickly outside could result in a nasty fall, and a nastier bump on the head.

If you attempt murder tonight, you can choose another player in the game. You will learn any Forbidden Actions they may have.



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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

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Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):

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Room Descriptions

Basement Rooms:


@Mother Goose
@ASMR Youtuber
@The King of Town
@Ham Sandwich
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Ruby Rose
@Ainsley Harriott
@Ramone Stradvar

Submissions are due at 6 PM PST on Wednesday.

You may submit your actions to Trip, Monokuma, or Fun With Despair.

If you attempted murder on the previous night, please specify who you would like to be immune to.
Leisure Room. A place for winding down and uplifting one’s spirits. People live life without a care as they share their worldly views of all and nothing. To have House Minerva host the postmortem of Valentina’s unpleasing demise is nothing short of irony, but the leader’s word was made so. Gareth, Gordon, Angus, François, Zayn, Mernon, Renard and Therese surround the table, normally used for playing cards and enjoying a drink, with Valentina’s body in the middle.

Not a month has gone by since the experiment has begun and something went remarkably awry. Someone’s eagerness to kill was in the forefront of everyone’s thoughts and fears, more so than the Priestess’ death. Small talk was made little, as everyone knew that breaking the silence would only make the atmosphere feel more tense. It had to be broken eventually, and who else to break it but Therese.

“Right, I am not here to extend the world’s longest moment of silence. I’d like to get this done with so we can plank the bastard and go back home.”

Angus breaks the ice even further:

“Lass, I’m sure your friend’s death is a very painful one, but the experiment will go on without her, or her murderer. If yer waiting for a wee boat, you’ll be waiting for a very long time.”

A contesting frown is formed on the seafarer’s face. Angus knows well that he is in for a long discussion, if you can call it a discussion.

“Aye, the boat’s not coming, but it’s not like we can’t make one ourselves?”

Gareth moves in to quell the tension.

“The seas will swallow us whole, if we’re to make our own boat. I cannot allow for us to leave, for we’d evade danger with an even greater one. You’re a seafarer, yes? What makes you think we can build a boat for all of us to get in, not make it drown and direct it to the closest land mass?”

“I’d rather drown than stay here and I’m sure most of us think the same.”

Therese turns to the quiet folk. No hands are raised and eyes are looking at the various pass-time objects they could consume to forget the commotion. François, as he eyes the champagne bottles, loosens up a bit.

“I don’t think we should depart from here… I do enjoy the idea of, well… not dying.”

Mernon moves forward with some words of his own.

“Tomas promised me some rare specimen the other night. Were I to leave… How could I prove my superiority to our dear ‘buffoon’ Zayn? Besides, it is not like we are all murderers in this island. I’m sure the thief sneaked out of his cell to satisfy his bloodlust...”

The chemist doesn’t take the statements very lightly.

“Buffoon of all buffoons! Your comments are always out of place, even in the direst of conditions. A thief does not satisfy itself in bloodlust. A thief steals, you buffoon!”

Therese motions as if she’s about to have a headache. She pinches her bridge in defeat and interrupts before the two scientists start their daily comedy routine.

“Right, right, right, right, let’s not get into any baseless accusations! I’m not here to learn about your lives, I’m here to be part of an experiment. This was supposed to be an experiment about life in an isolated island. If someone dies, I can safely say this whole operation was for naught. Whoever chose the candidates needs to reconsider their career…”

Gareth interrupts Therese’s train of thought with a simple gesture. Despite the situation, he is able to keep his composure and keep attention where it is needed.

“If you want to leave the island, we can discuss it later. For now, we have a murderer and a body to solve. Can we all agree to focus on this more important matter for now?”

A simple nod can be seen on everyone’s head.


He turns to Gordon and beckons him to approach the body.

“Gordon, what do you make of the stab wound?”

The swordsman crouches over to the body, observing closely the wound and the blood splatter it created.

“A knife.”

François stutters forward.

“W-well, I am sure it cannot be a kitchen knife. Am I correct, m‘sieux?”

Silence, followed by Gordon’s ignoring follow-up.

“Something the size of a ceremonial dagger, or maybe a pocket knife. I do not know exactly.”
A clearly audible sigh of relief is let loose by the chef. Gordon prods a bit at the wound, opening it up, letting a bit of blood further gush out.

Renard, who hasn’t shown any presence until now, snaps from his absent mind and protests.

“Why are we examining the body here, of all places?”

“The rain would wash away the blood.” replied Gareth. “And I can assure you that nobody wants to go to sleep as a soaking wet rag.”

“Well, why not at House Acade-”


Renard seemingly snaps back into his state of catalepsy without uttering a single word.

Gordon keeps away from the body and furrows his brow in discontent.

“It is a deep wound. If I were to guess, it was a single stab, from the tip to the hilt.”

“Sick bastard of a whore.”, grumbled Therese.

“A wound like this is very decisive, from the movement leading to the impact. Whatever the killer was doing, he or she felt pure dedication to see this kill through.”

Silence, again. Gareth ponders to himself. Whatever he was thinking of, he did not like.

“I must speak with Nathan.”

He turns around and leaves the group. Gordon follows suit, but the rest of the pack stay around the table, gazing at the lifeless body. Angus ponders to himself in turn, rhetorically asking a question out loud:

“What does that div have to do with the kill?”

“But thieves don’t kill, right?”

A collective of all but Mernon turn their head in annoyance towards Mernon. He backs up and leaves the room, as the gazes pierce through his soul.
Hillary Clinton
I apologize for the short notice regarding this. I've been thinking about this for a couple of days and was going to wait a little longer, but with all the hostility and death happening around me, I've decided we need another reason to try to calm things down.

I will be hosting a small party tonight by the place where we began - the fountain. It won't be as large as Godbert's casino, but I will be providing refreshments and entertainment, though others can assist if they wish. It will take a little time for me to prepare, so it will most likely be after Gordon's cooking show, if you're worried about attending both. Hopefully the weather will not pose an issue, because I want it to stay at the fountain.

Everyone is invited, though the overly violent and murderous will be asked to leave immediately.

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