Like all good sitcoms, we have a joke about a chicken. Additionally, we are served more immediate nudity than what your average ecchi will ever dare to. Click at your own risk as this is not NSFW. In another odd anime comparison, the opening has more style-consistent 3D usage than what I've witnessed myself in anime.

Anyways, the plot of this introductory episode establishes an overarching plot of a specific product the company Dilbert works for is developing due to a total failure of their prior flagship product - anthrax lozenges. We meet plenty of the core cast and are tossed a dozen little jokes a minute; most stick, though not as much as a lethal virus sticks to someone. Even a grunt at Dilbert receiving a "T" and a bunch of "Is" in Scrabble had me verbally chuckling. The primary issue Dilbert has to deal with is being assigned team lead on the new product where his boss insists they focus on the name first - the stress inducing chicken-like behaviours on Dilbert. The name-deciding leads Dilbert to having to attempt to purchase a name of a company for their product from a dry cleaner, requiring Dogbert to destroy an entire stripmall. It turns out, the executive they're presenting to was the person the dry cleaner was named after, so this executive is delivered only the terrible alternative name: Salmonella. Gruntmaster 6000 is decided upon ultimately as Dilbert is further identifiable as a chicken.

My favourite joke from this episode was the showcase of a marketing executive's firing:
"Bob, you're like a son to me."
"You don't have a son."
"That's where I'm headed here."
Depressed realization. "Oooh."
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ah damn it he actually did it someone reset the ban clock
This kind of reads more like a plot summary than a review, except for a couple of bits. I'd recommend focusing more on what you like about the humor and what makes the show work/not work than simply going for each plot beat. And yeah, I have no idea how the Dilbert OP looks better than most anime CG.
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fun fact i just learned about the production company that did this show: they also did that really good american godzilla cartoon (seriously, that cartoon is legitimately really enjoyable actiony stuff and a hundred times better than the movie), as well as the men in black cartoon, the weird-ass all-CG starship troopers series, and the spectacular spider man. sadly they've been dormant since then, but they made some pretty good stuff
also, despite being a good show, dilbert was cancelled because its ratings were awful because this tv show was it's lead in:

(it was also aired on UPN, which is weird cus i always saw it on comedy central. oh well)
it's been over 10 years and i still think spectacular spiderman got screwed

that show deserved more seasons and i could tell how much they had planned
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(Jan 26, 2020 at 7:40 AM)Superchao Wrote: it's been over 10 years and i still think spectacular spiderman got screwed

that show deserved more seasons and i could tell how much they had planned


on topic i didn't watch dilbert because it was on the same programming block as robot chicken so i assumed it was terrible filth

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