Trip [Cameraman]
You decide, despite the previous night's wanton destruction, to join the rest of the crew at the Fountain, or what remains of it anyway. As you arrive at the gaping hole in the middle of the houses, a wave of unease seems to flood across the island, coating you in a heavy, sickening dread.

Elsewhere, a clock on the Library wall strikes midnight. A large vault door swings shut and a chandelier rockets upwards from the floor, the fibers of its support rope merging once again with the torn end that held it. A burned-out building begins to restore itself, red paint melts off the walls of Arts and Crafts, flowing back into the can, and massive glass tanks fly back together, piece by piece. An antlered figure swipes a keycard in the woods. It's head twitches mechanically and a burst of black sparks pop from its neck as it moves to step on a metal platform.

Back in the Courtyard, you blink and your eyes grow to twice their as you take in the sight before you.

The Fountain is back.


[Image: hDCXuUY.png]

"...A-am I going nuts, or did everything just...?

Well, I was checking out the Trophy Room when suddenly, it was like everything... went back to the way it was. The chandelier was hanging back up, and the smashed cases... weren't anymore. Same with the Vault, and the sword in the Piano when I came downstairs. It was all normal again, like none of that stuff from the past five nights happened."

[Image: DCkl95s.png]

"This isn't one of those "role powers" you guys always talk about at the trials right?

...There's something seriously bogus about this. I mean, at least I have a not-crispy house again but... How? Magic? Time travel? Did that bear do this, or... Was it something else?"

[Image: dDPkOqS.png]

"Eh, forget it! Like I said, I'm done being scared. I'm gonna make that bear pay. For MCD, for that dude with the gun who got lynched on the second night, for that weird guy who wanted his prepacked military food, and..."

[Image: ZDKzwkJ.png]

"Well, I was gonna say 'for everyone else', but the King of Town was pretty weird. Not sure if I miss that dude yet.

Still... I hope everything's gonna be alright. I've got a real nasty feeling about tonight. You can feel it too, can't you?"


The weather forecast for the night is Ű̴̹̀̑neasy. Dark clouds blanket the sky, and a feeling of latent fear is making you feel anxious. You are more vulnerable to being surprised, frightened, or passing out from extremely stressful situations.

The map has been reset to its Night 1 state, and all corpses have now vanished. Your inventories are intact, and locked rooms and passageways have been re-sealed. If your role power involved a limited quantity of items, they have been restored to their original capacity.

If someone does not attempt murder tonight, everyone will die on the spot.



[Image: nfkxev8.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):
Trip's Pad (Pink):
Outdoor Areas:

[Image: GzD4dqh.png]

Room Descriptions

House Bishop (Red):
House Minerva (Yellow):
House Academia (Blue):
House Oliva (Green):

[Image: XvBFwnk.png]

Room Descriptions

Basement Rooms:


@Mother Goose
@ASMR Youtuber
@Ham Sandwich
@Skull Face
@Godbert Manderville
@The Archivist
@Momoko Koigakubo
@Cooking Mama
@Gordon Ramsay
@Hillary Clinton
@Grell Sutcliff
@Ruby Rose
@Ainsley Harriott
@Ramone Stradvar

Submissions are due at 6 PM PST on Monday.

You may submit your actions to Trip, Monokuma, or Fun With Despair.

If you attempted murder on the previous night, please specify whose Forbidden Action you would like to learn if you haven't already.
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