Original air date:
May 3, 1999

Aww, little Dilbert is so cute. Weird that the doctor sounds like the garbage man . . . ?! There were some unusual parts of this episode that were shaded for some reason?

Characters: Dogbert continues to be such a lovable ass. The voice acting work for Alice during the feudal society felt weirdly forced and I think the direction for the episode was rushed or really off. Why did feudal PHB become Shakespearean?

Humour: It truly is a curse to be an engineer in the Dilbert universe. One of the best jokes of this episode that feels more prescient now is the gatekeeping Wally conducts against Loud Howard with his recycling. The show has been timeless in unusual ways. No self-reflection is complete without a Dogbert put-down. The episode felt pretty empty of precise jokes. I really hate the nutritional value gag - the things are, and pretty sure for a long while - have been indicated for being based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Plot: The conceit of losing your natural abilities (don't get me started) due to severe influence of some shitty people is really relevant to my recent work life. The exaggeration of this becoming the cataclysm that descends society back to feudalism makes me ask: was this the first of the dark enlightenment?! I really don't appreciate the lack of a real solution the episode's problem; was pretty much a hand wave to return the status quo.

Favourite joke:
Dogbert's low-tier orgasmic reaction to a telenovela.

Sitcoms do not make for good review material on a per-episode basis for my knowledge and experience. I have a solution.
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>Can he lead a normal life?

>No. He'll be an engineer.

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