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April 26, 1999

God, this is one of the better openings with Dilbert plainly declining to have fun just because of the arbitrary nature of the celebration. The running joke for this episode was overplayed for me before Ratbert - let alone the PHB - gets in on it. Also, we don't have a ton of Ratbert yet?

I don't know how I feel about Alice being a believer in the millenium bug actually being unfixable . . . she's usually much more intelligent. EVERYWHERE I have worked at has literally had this bullshit - taking a major structure that is obsolete and just making a ton of workaround coding and hardware linkups that are difficult and obtuse to manage. This is too real and I'm glad I didn't work during Y2K. Damn, a really good and subtle Wally joke - really vibing the comic Wally on his understanding of his stance on working. Too bad it is immediately tossed with a shitty, dumb attempt at abusing credit and loans.

Oh, oh god. I'm so fucking old. Asok makes me FEEL SO OLD. He also had one of the best jokes in the series thus far during the excursion to Catbert and exemplifies how underutilized the character is. Ooooh nooo I'm sooo old! Video versions of books!!! Does anyone recall these types of narrated character overviews being popular? Was this cartoon way more a work of its time than I remember?
Aight, so, the show isn't afraid of crude humour, but hypnotized Wally straight up just saying "orgasm" feels lazy beyond what most of the shite jokes have been at. The longer I watch the show with a more critical expectation of it, the more I'm disappointed and understanding as to why the show only lasted two seasons. It largely isn't taking its potential to be a smart, nerdy, and cynical comedy show to the meaningful conclusion like how we saw the respective elements pushed in future sitcoms - Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Community; King of Hill already was at that excellence.


:madshit: star wars reference.

What a total nonending.

Favourite joke:
Money is no object, unless of course you plan to spend it versus Dilmom recording her conversation in the future. Either one.
Get it by your own hands.

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