With the Detective dead, I doubt you guys are gonna get this one right! I mean, he was so incredibly useful after all. How will you ever go on without him? You probably won't, so I look forward to all the future suicide submissions!

Or maybe... you'll avenge him and solve his murder?

Either way, consider my attention grabbed! Just remember to Vote for who you think did it! You guys really gotta start doing that more. I'm going to get bored or something.
vote bernie
Hillary Clinton
Mother Goose

I do not know.
Gordon Ramsay
Cooking Mama.
Cooking Mama
Mother goose
Ruby Rose
Vote: Ainsley
The Huntress Team Leader, Ruby!

Not gonna lie tho, Casey Lee Williams is an awesome Vocalist.
Skull Face
Ainsley. I am... lost.
Mother Goose
Cooking Mama.
Mother goose
cooking mama
Ramone Stradvar
Skull Face
Bandit Shoey
Vote: Ainsley
Talk about not earning it. Geez, feels like you guys just voted at random, like throwing darts blindfolded. But... games of skill are overrated anyway. Who doesn't love a good gamble?

Well, you got it right anyway. @Mother Goose was Guilty! Yeah, that's what I call lucky. You guys ever go to Vegas? I feel like you'd be stars, real high rollers. Yeah though, she DID run over the Detective, so I can't really complain. She also killed @Atelier Annie way back on Night 2, too!

What a shining example of serial murder. I'd be proud, if it wasn't for the fact that you got caught. Sorry, sister, but it's punishment time!


Mother Goose finds herself strapped to a chair in the Painting Room, her sleeping room of choice. A table in front of her contains an array of white fabric, along with other assorted materials. A sigh drops from the ceiling, suspended by rope. It has a photograph of someone in a goose costume, as well as two words, in bright red lettering: "Make 3 to live". A rope-suspended lawnmower slowly begins to descend from the ceiling towards Mother Goose as she begins to frantically cut and sew, stitching together costumes.

As the blades of the mower draw closer and closer, Mother Goose begins to shake in fear and anxiety. She sews faster and faster, until the lawnmower is close enough to her hair to chop the longest strands. Suddenly, she finishes the fifth costume, and the lawnmower's blade stops. She breathes a sigh of relief, one that quickly turns to a scream as a trapdoor opens beneath her, sending her plummeting into a hole.

The ropes supporting the lawnmower snap, and the machine falls after her, landing on her and crushing in her ribs. As she weakly raises a hand skyward, begging for help, a shovelful of dirt lands on her. Then another. Then another. Eventually, her fading screams are completely buried (literally!).


Her role was the Ultimate Mitosis.

Role Description:

Well, that's that. Hopefully all these geese die with her. Now THAT's a trend I'd like to dump! Speaking of dumping stuff, can you losers stop swiping all these keycards? It's giving me anxiety! Besides, what if it trips your Forbidden Action? You know, that happened once!

Until next time... this is Monokuma, signing off!

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