"Charity," "Holiday," "The Infomercial"

Original recording date:
May 10, 1999

If you don't love samoas, you might be a basic bitch. And Whoever wrote this episode fucking thinks any Girl Scout Cookies taste like styrofoam. Disgracefu- wait did this millenial just blame Gen X for ruining the world?!

Another antiquated joke - plaques being used for some mundane, selfish purpose by the boss or a self-centered person. Does anyone else get the "I'm a gaug" joke? Clearly something on "I'm aghast," but is gaug like from demagogue? God, another fucking weight joke with Alice. I'm exhausted. The rapid-succession of different charities is both incredibly real, and incredibly stupid, and again has a tinge of sexism in it again where people think short-haired women are dudes. Jesus, the athlete too. I think the show shouldn't be taken in too seriously or in such a short breadth. Was that homeless guy saying all the things he is a reference? I do like the ass-kissing booth a lot, and I think anyone would. Finely crude, yet a good double-entendre. Dilbert's morality is so steadfast even in-front of the moral quandary of hurting one in the face of hurting all - truly, the trolley problem is a philosophical issue of eternity.

Alice was excellent by the end of this episode. Mwah.

Favourite joke:
Eh, I don't like to leave a paper trail.

Original airing date:
May 17, 1999

Whoa, bad CG for the intro float burning! Man, we should celebrate Dogbert day.

Wow, a transgender joke that wasn't spiteful! I REALLY hate Dick's design. I, uh, don't get this episode. I've like barely had any holiday or vacation experience with work. God, fuck riders and fuck this congressional section. Asok is so innocent and pure. <3 I didn't like the PHB aside for the cap of the episode. :/

Favourite joke:
Nothing stood out to me.

Original statement given:
May 30th, 1999

Ugh, ancient aliens. Ugh I can take crude jokes from Dogbert. They just work.

Oh, Stephen Hawking science joke. What the fuck; cooking popcorn in a printer? And PHB predicted the fut-

Oh, I remember this episode. Oh my god. It's all a dream. -__- A blackhole is opened up and PHB predicts everything and they bring a parody of that skeptic dude who does the debunking show; forget his name. I do appreciate the turn over of the adage that you can trust where truckers eat. Ugh, sight gag of a news camera focusing on breasts. The Hawking stuff is funny, honestly.

Favourite joke:
"I've said it before and I'll say it again."
"That's as far as I ever get."

With that, season one is over. Grrr The show is pretty much a bland sitcom half of the time that feels out of place in both that I'm watching it 21 years later and as an idea that either should've been executed sooner or later than it was. For the other half - the part that really pulls in the appeal of the comics - the Dilbert cartoon can't decide whether it is going to be seriously grounded or cartoonish and it succeeds to juggle that pretty well. The flanderized characters and absent progression of anything hurts the show, especially since I know its fate as a two season show instead of something longer-serialized. Luckily, I have a solution to my new-found apathy to the cartoon.
Get it by your own hands.

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I remember enjoying the "cartoon sitcom" parts of the show but I also watched it years and years ago so it may be different now. It was an interesting way to try to take short gag comics and turn the concept into full episodes without just making it punchline after punchline.
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id like to thank drei for sacrificing his love of dilbert for this garyson

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