Hi everyone, my name is KirbyLover2048. Some of you might know me from the MFGG forums, and how I got banned from there. I wasn't really looking for another forum to join, but when I saw the Life Event thread on MFGG, I saw this:
[Image: 0QcvYOH.png]
I checked out the link, and here I am, registered and ready to post.

Now that that's out of the way, time to post some sprites!
[Image: R5dtKrh.png]
This is something I made a while back: Modernized Mario enemies. Basically modern Mario enemies in the style of Super Mario Bros. 1 for the NES. I haven't finished it, obviously, since I've been working on a lot of other stuff (*COUGH ROBLOX UNCOUGH*), so there's that. Thoughts on the sheet so far?
welcome af

the swimming frames kinda just look like he's jumping
[Image: nIMDSBE.png]
Don't feel too bad, Minus World was banned from MFGG too.
(Sep 13, 2016 at 8:21 PM)JoshJDubya Wrote: Basic, but not terrible.

I think people need to work on animating Goomba a little differently, because we've seen this style of animation for over 30 years now. Even Nintendo has moved past animating Goomba this way. Yes, it's a simple looking enemy that traditionally moves side to side to pose a minor threat to Mario if he is too busy texting to look where the fuck he is going, but don't be afraid to color outside the lines for a change.

To be frank, if you are going to animate Goomba this way you might as well just use the official sprites. Either way, you're really just kicking a dead horse at this point.

All the same, welcome to minus world! SoVeryHappy
idk this is the first time i've seen a goomba walking on its eyebrows
[Image: dinogunz.png]
That may be the saltiest first post ever
idk that's kinda cruel though to a first timer, don't know the context behind this person at all but what if it sets a bad image of us for future additions to the character roster? what if we attract comedy cops hunting us down for using our jokes for darker purposes
[Image: dinogunz.png]
I'm in KirbyLover's Discord server, I messaged him immediately afterwards telling him I gunked his post as a joke. He gets EXP from it anyways tho.
[Image: fad.gif]
okay that's some good context then
[Image: dinogunz.png]
And that would be why we should probably turn off non-positive spells in the arts board.

Hello! That's a decent effort at bringing expressiveness into a more limited space/palette. It would probably be better to try to convert an enemy that wasn't actually in SMB1 at all to try to show the idea off more, however.
[Image: s2n7oi.png]
kirb was banned initially from mfgg (and other off-site mfgg related chats) for being obnoxious and general lack of self awareness and control. i've been in that same discord chat with him for some months now trying to help him out and he has yet to really change or learn from any of his mistakes (most likely due to aforementioned lack of self awareness/control) and each time he gets punished for said mistakes he lashes back with usually a spite post from a dupe and/or a long winded apology post begging for forgiveness.

if he changes his ways i'm sure he could be an incredibly worthwhile member of any community he's in. he seems to have the potential and honestly in some aspects willingness to improve but for one reason or another he refuses to really take much criticism seriously and sometimes acts arrogant about it in response. also keep in mind he's been making the same kinds of edits like these for years on mfgg itself and gets the same criticism every time but yet he still refuses to do anything more, which, is his choice, but still.

it would be nice to see a change on a new forum but i'll believe it when i see it. hopefully that clears some stuff up. personally i think the spells are in the grand scheme of things harmless since they wear off but ultimately yea negative spells should probably be turned off for the arts board.
Salty & Pepperoni Spells are now disabled in the Art & Help boards
[Image: O7N9eYD.png]
[Image: Q0L8Wm2.png]  <- Help me work on MW instead of doing my job

Well, here I am again, back for more art. (WARNING: Big images.)

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