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This will be the thread in which the adventure happens. Choices will be made through emoji reacts rather than constant thread polls or straw polls. The first post here will be the last introductory post and then things will really pick off. You'll choose your story difficulty and how invested you'd like to be. Easy, Hard, and Whacky. I understand there are 2 other garrisons so I'll be keeping length appropriate and try to keep this up for at least 2 weeks with a minimum of 1 post a day. Good luck, have fun!

Cuckarooney, that's actually you by the way, not cuckaroony (what fucker would make that mistake?), greets the day to the sun shining through the window, a warm breakfast steaming from the kitchen, and the occasional cough of you mother as she once again pushes herself to make a loving meal for her family. Slipping into some more comfortable Casual Clothes, you head into the kitchen to scold your mother for getting up when she should be resting, again. However when you enter the kitchen you're stopped by a look of sheer determination on her face, one that speaks of her will to retain the role of mother and defy her illness. You let it slide for today, but next time you'll have to remind her to rest.

She spots you and gives a loving smile, "Good morning sleepyhead. Your father, Dante the Devil Killer, is currently outside working already and your brother Chris P. Chicken just left." Does that make you Cuckarooney Chicken? Guess so. Speaking of chicken it looks like she made you a wholesome breakfast of chicken jerky, eggs, and juice. Seating yourself she delivers a helping fit for a boy twice your size and you dig in with zeal. Having fed her family, your mother begins to wash the dishes.

Finishing quickly, you pat your stomach and exhale with satisfaction. Eating so fast might give you a stomach ache later, but it was worth it. Now fed and ready to take on the day you get up, give your mother a goodbye and a "Take it easy today" as you step outside. The sun blinds you for a moment and fills you with a strange feeling.

React Love for "Today is going to be a good day!" Expect an easy mode story with short posts for those with short attention spans.
React Cool for "Today might get a little rough..." Expect a hard mode story with longer in depth posts for those committed to the story/garrison.
React Shrug for "Today feels really weird?" Expect a story where you can't always predict what's next and might break a common logic here and there. Varied Length Posts.
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"Today's going to be... weird?" you say as a sensation you can't quite place fills your stomach. A feeling that is partly uncomfortable but at the same time unique and interesting. Which is great, because it reminds you that you need to get going and you get to work, even if you decided you wanted shit posting more than a real story.
"Huh"? You look around for the source of whoever was just insulting your volition but find no one. Brushing it off as part of the weird feeling you return to your senses and gather your tools over at the depot for miners; a Shoddy Pickax, some Dirty Mining Clothes, and a Scuffed Helmet. With that you set off into the tunnel and assist some of the others with getting your tunnels deeper. The clanging of metal on rock rings in your ears as you continuously bang and chip at the tough walls. With each hit your frustration mounts. Spending all this time digging... and for what!? Anything interesting found down here you just end up trading a way or gets stolen by your village neighbor Mariord. Gritting your teeth you try to tune out that voice in your head making you angrier and focus on your work.
But man, it wasn't anything like it usually was. First off, both your brother and your father weren't in here at any point despite the other workers claiming they were. Second, there were a lot more accidents than usual, including a leakage of some strange gas that left those who inhaled it stuck with laughter like some kind of good toxic sh*t. Minor nuisances aside at least it means you get to finish today early. Stepping back outside you notice you've still got plenty of daylight left, but not only that. Pent up feelings of frustration still boil within you, and you decide that this is the time that you need to decide something for yourself and what to make of yourself. You can't just stay here forever. Sitting down on a nearby rock you think to yourself,

React Blush for "The longer I work the shorter my mother has, I'm going to find a way to cure her!"
React Cool for "Nothing is going to change in this town unless I do it. I'm going to set out and make a positive change around here one way or another. Adventurer style!"
React Mad for "I'm going to find out the mystery about that disembodied voice that I keep hearing in my head and teach it a lesson or two. Or just figure out why/what it is."
React Nerd for "I'm not sure yet, but I should visit my good friend Kyl and weigh my options before making any choice I can't go back on. I'll pick one later."
"Let's play our lives away!"
the time has come to go on an adventure to find a cure for The Mother
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
kyl wants you to come over and try his cooking
Snufferin Snagglepuss
You decide to go check on your friend Kyl and see what he thinks. Switching back into your Casual Clothes you hustle over to his house, where you find him outside next to a campfire. A strange smell wafts out from the pot and you can see him stirring it with a stick he found. Frankly, you don't want to guess what's in there.
"Hey there Kyl, what's up?" You ask as you approach, trying to circle around the pot of wonder. "Hm, not much my friend, not much." he replies with great enthusiasm in his monotone voice. "Just... trying new things?" Both of you eye the pot. You'd tell him to try something else next time but you aren't that much of an asshole. Speaking of assholes...
"Yo, wassup CUCKY?" a voice rudely yells from behind you. Turning around you see the village bully, Drak. Fuck Drak. You'd flee if you had the chance and spare yourself the effort but you came here for Kyl so you'll just have to endure this...
Drak looks at Kyl and his pot. "So you finally decided to do yourself in, huh? What is this, death by cooking?" He laughs, thinking he made a funny insult. You decide to correct him. "That's not funny Drak. If you are just going to make fun of us you may as well leave." Good on your for standing you ground you think to yourself. But Drak glares at you in anger. "Oh yeah? Well I was just going to have a little fun, but now I feel like really messing you up. What do you think about that Cuckaroony." Ah. You decide to correct him. "Actually, it's Cuckarooney, there's an e." He laughs. "Not anymore!" Says Drake. "I took your e now. And you won't be getting it back." WTF? He can do that? "WTF Drake, that's uncool!" Boldly he laughs, "Actually, it's Drak idiot. Not Drake." ??????? Now where'd the e go? As if reading your mind Drak responds "I gave it to your friend over there. That's right, and he doesn't know how to give it back."
Turning to your friend you plead with your eyes to give it back, but sure enough he's about as confused as you are. "You don't even know his name anymore do you, well I'll give you a hint. What happens when you add Kyl and E? That's right moron, E-KYL! The E stands for electricity by the way." There's no way that can be true, he's bluffing. E-Kyl raises his hand and makes a sudden whip of his arm only for a bolt of lightning to shoot forth! It Really does mean electricity! But wait, if he has your E that meant electricity, that means... Oh no. "Hey check this out Cuckaroony!" E-Kyl says as he shoots his pot with electricity. The bolt then leaps to your Pickax and shocks you, YOWCH! And now that your Electricity E is missing, you take extra damage from electricity!
E has been stolen!
Weakness to electricity gained!

Drak howls with laughter watching you get absolutely rolled. Barely able to stand you spin around and attempt to punch him in the face, but he takes it like a champ unmoved. "Oy, oy. What are you thinking Cucky boy? You should know that I'm the son of a lich and have stored my immortal soul in one of the anime figure hourcux's in my room. Not like you could ever figure out which one!" He then slaps you to the ground, making you literally eat dirt. "Later idiot!" He says leaving you to grovel.
E-Kyl helps you up, "Hey Sorry Cuckaroony, I didn't mean to shock you there. I'll make it up to you, we can hang out for a while, what do you say?"

React Thumbs Down for "I'm sorry E-Kyl, but you're too dangerous to keep around me, lets just forgive and forget to move on."
React Grrr for "Good idea, in fact, let's take this new power over to Drak's house and REALLY make him pay!"
React :V for "I'll take you up on that idea E-kyl. I've got some grand plans we could do and wasting time with Drak really isn't worth it. (Revisits the previous 3 choices)
React I'd fug it for "I'm sorry E-Kyl, but I'm taking my E back whether you like it or not. No hard feelings, prepare to throw down!"
"Let's play our lives away!"
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
prepare to die drak
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"Good idea, in fact, let's take this new power over to Drak's house and REALLY make him pay!" You say with a jerk of your thumb in the direction of his house. E-Kyl seems to ponder for a moment. And a moment more. His eloquent mind turning various gears as if to assess the situation. After what feels like an eternity he hits you with the most enlightened response you could've expected.
Great! We're in agreement! The two of you head off to Drak's house for a bout of vengence.
E-Kyl has joined your group!

It's not long till you reach his house as the village is fairly small, but it is starting to get deep into sundown so you'll have to make a decision quickly. Staying up past curfew isn't tolerated for your age range and you'd rather not get in trouble with the village elites. Deciding to do a little scouting you snoop around the house, careful to not be seen by any passer-by's. Given that Drak's dad is a lich you aren't surprised he isn't home, what being a chaotic evil monster. There's no sign of any mother figure either, and Drak himself is missing. Could this be the perfect time for revenge? You recall him mentioning something about his phylactory in an anime figure, so you could start there?

React Nyeh! for "Now's the time to strike, let's just bust in quick, smash around the place, and maybe we'll break the right one."
React Bleh for "We gotta be smart about this, You take the left side, I'll take the right, and we'll target any figure that seems to stand out more than the others."
React Pirate for "Forget worrying about curfew, let's sneak in and take out time sneaking around and find that figure, plus maybe even some extra dirt or another opportunity for revenge.
React Evil for "Oh we're waiting alright, waiting for Drak to come back then we jump him just outside and see how he likes eating dirt!"

Partner Opinion.
E-Kyl: "I don't care, just not the last one."
"Let's play our lives away!"
me when the next update hits
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
angery reacts only
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"We gotta be smart about this, You take the left side, I'll take the right, and we'll target any figure that seems to stand out more than the others."
E-Kyl nods with agreement. Now with the heist of the century in mind you both sneak up to the door when no one is around, bust it open with the pickax, and rush in side. Breaking off to the right E-Kyl goes left. He disappears from sight but you hear some thunder strikes and know he's doing work, so time to focus on yours."
The room you first entered was the entry way, nothing weird there. But after you head off right you find a kitchen stocked with various types of instant noodles, some cereal, and a strange ritual-like assembly of various figures and effigies. A body pillow of someone (tastefully) nude sits at the head of the table while an inflatable doll looking like some sort of magical girl sits next to it, drooling milk and cereal out of its mouth. Gross. Further down the table is a Bionicle, wait no it's a bunch of figures interlocked into a human shape. With a swing of your pickax and a few stomps you reduce them all to pieces. Lastly at the table is a picture in a frame. Looking at it you can tell it has been heavily edited, showing a much more handsome looking Drak hover handing some cartoony looking chick with colorful hair. It's a shame you aren't weeb enough to recognize any of these, maybe you could make fun of him for it later.
Kitchen is clear, so you proceed to the next room, a storage room with pantry stocks. Nothing unusual, but BOY is that a lot of junk food. He should try eating healthier. Oh wait, he already sold his soul to an undead life of anime so I guess it doesn't matter. Next is up stairs, and it's a small space so this should be quick. Two rooms, left and right, lie before the final room at the end of the hall. No time to choose you just have to check them all. Room on the left is a bathroom but BOY does it reek. Doesn't he know to wash his socks after undressing for a shower? They're everywhere! There's 2 figures, one in some blushing pose in the window, and another holding the tooth brush, but the O shape it's using is a little too big for just a toothbrush. You take the tooth brush one (boy it's kinda slick with soap scum isn't it?) and throw it at the window watcher, shattering both.
Room on the right, it's an abandoned room. Looks like this room was supposed to be dedicated to things like dressing up nicely, learning how to socialize, maintaining bodily health, and being a functioning member of society. No wonder he doesn't use it.
Final room, and you lucked out. Based on the vile stench and the typhoon levels of uncleanliness this must be Drak's personal room. You couldn't set foot in here without stepping on a figure. There's posters, hand drawings, moving pictures (magic probably), and one figure in a display case protected by a glass dome. That has to be the one. No mercy to the dolls beneath your feet you charge forward and with a clean swing destroy the protective panel of glass. But doing so has its consequences, as glass scatters around. To make matters worse you only have a few moments before Drak himself flies through the window, shattering it, and tossing you back. Slumped against the wall and covered in anime merch you see Drak quite pissed.
"Are you a fucking idiot? Thinking I wouldn't notice someone invading my own home? I'm A LICH! For crying out loud. I sold my soul and decades of my life to the ways of anime and obtained a level of power that even WIZARD'S would be envious of!" He rants for a bit more as you slowly get up. Maybe this is your chance? Leaping forward you aim for the doll near him, still unprotected. Unfortunately now that he is in his own lair, Drak is empowered, and scoops up the doll, leaving you crashing forward into nothing and landing on broken glass. Circling around you he creates more distance.
You have sustained minor injuries.
"Fool! FOOL! You continue this pointless game! I have powers equal to that of a moderator! I participate in every garrison the village holds not for amusement of kindness, but to slowly leech off their bullshit, gaining power as they try to earn useless internet points! I FEED OFF YOUR VERY EXISTENCE!" He raises the figure in his hand and begins rubbing his cheek on it like a kitten. "And it's all for my waifu right here. Yes you are! I love you, but understand that this is a fantasy that will never be realized and choose not to embrace reality, so much!" You nearly vomit.
Looking around for options you notice a few things, but you need to act quick.

React Nerd for "I think I hear E-Kyl coming up the stairs, if I can buy more time he might take Drak by surprise. Maybe goading him into talking about this anemay would work?"
React Sleeping for "I can't stand another moment of this dirt bag spouting all this heresy at me, rush him again! And again! Unrelenting Will!"
React Ghost for "This is doomed, I need to get out of here immediately. Fortunately he busted the window behind me open, I can leap out but the fall might hurt."
React :P for "There's no giving up now. There has to be something in here to save me. It's basically a dumpster but I believe in miracles. Perhaps I can take something hostage or find a powerful item in this mess of incomprehensible media."
"Let's play our lives away!"
lmao this drak guy sounds like an asshole
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
cuckarooney should wash his fuckin hands Sick
Snufferin Snagglepuss
(It was close but I'm calling it)
"I think I hear E-Kyl coming up the stairs, if I can buy more time he might take Drak by surprise. Maybe goading him into talking about this anemay would work?" You think to yourself... But where do you start?
"H-hey Drak." You stammer out, breathing is a labor with how banged up you are. Drak looks up from his waifu and gets a sour look. "What? I'm kind of busy, would you rather I finish you off now?" Tread Carefully you tell yourself. "No, uh. So, you being such a strong Lich and all, how does... no, when did a-a-anime factor into this?"
Drak blinks, slightly confused by the somewhat honest question. "Well. I guess I don't know much myself. One day you're a normal human being and the next you've given up years of your life to fandoms. What's more your soul gets sucked out from all the oppressive haters here, overzealous fans there. The world of anime is truly monstrous, and to compete it is only natural to obtain high level power like this." Shit, that was deeper than you thought. Perhaps Drak retains more humanity than you thought? Maybe he was even a nice guy once. But now he's here in front of you, ready to pop your skull in front of his dearly beloved. Yet your ray of hope shines true, E-Kyl peeks around the corner, unnoticed by Drak. He appears to be waiting for an opening so you keep Drak talking. "So then. Do you remember what it was that first pulled you in to these cartoons?"
There's an audible pop, as if Drak's undead body popped a blood vessel. "Car-cartoons? Did you just call them cartoons?" Holy mother of fuck what landmine did you step on? He's got bloodlust welling up inside him like never before. Fearing for your life you shout the signal, "Now E-Kyl!"
E-Kyl leaps around and shoots a solid ray of thunder at Drak. Your yell gave Drak just enough time to avoid a fatal blow but at least you're alive. His anger also made him slip up on his grip, and the figure is launched into the air. As Drak and E-Kyl sling magic back at each other you nab the figure. "DRAK!" you shout. "Stop now or wsay good bye to your betrothed!" Drak and E-Kyl stop, both turning to you. Seeing you in possession of the figure Drak says "Listen dude, it's not THAT serious. I'm not married to a-" You shut him up by making a feint jerking motion of breaking the figure. "Ok, Ok! I yield! My soul is still in there you know!"
A few minutes pass and Drak is kneeling with his hands tied, E-Kyl confident in his ability to tie knots (it's like cooking with rope). But you need to decide what to do here.

React Hooray for "There's still something fishy about what he said earlier. Maybe if I can destroy this figure with E-Kyl's magic I can free his soul and return his humanity?" (Risks both failure and shocking yourself.)
React Thumbs Down for "Your reign of oppressive fan service ends here Drak, I'm going to smash this thing to pieces!"
React Gonna Be Good for "If he promises to behave, I'll try to convince him to join my group and release him. Of course, I'll still hold onto the figure just in case."
React Capitalism Will Fall for "He may be an undead evil, but let's make a deal. I'll relinquish the figure in return for a favor in the upcoming choice of what quest to take."
"Let's play our lives away!"
but which girl was it? mwee
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"He may be an undead evil, but let's make a deal. I'll relinquish the figure in return for a favor in the upcoming choice of what quest to take."

Drak considers your option. "You'd just give up your superior position for a mere favor? Very well then, it certainly suits me better than any alternative." While wondering if you can still trust him he adds, "Listen Cuckaroony, if anime puts one concept into you, it's that promises are supposed to be concrete. Or else how would the love interests ever propose to each other?" A little confused but getting the overall idea you make the 'promise' with Drak for a single favor. As one last surprise Drak stands up, now untied, and passes you a small slip that looks like an UNO wild card. "Take this as well, I have no use for it and it doesn't fit with my merch."
1 Drak Favor Obtained!
1 Wild Card Obtained!

Exiting his house through the front door and leaving that mess of... a world you'd rather not get into, you realize it is quite late, basically borderline curfew. Wishing each other goodbye you and E-kyl return to your respective homes. Approaching yours you see that there are no lights on. Likely everyone is asleep already. Creeping in quietly to avoid waking anybody up your waist bumps the table in the dark and you hear a ceramic clink. Waiting a moment to adjust your eyes you feel around and find a plate with a full meal on it. And some parchment. Unable to read the parchment in the dark you hastily scarf down the meal, quite tasty, and scuttle to your room, where you light a small candle to read the note. It's a simple message that reads "Good Work Today. -M&D" You really have quite pleasant parents don't you? Feeling some warm and fuzzies you curl up in your bed and fall asleep, thankfully with no disturbances.

Next morning you awake a little later than last time and to no sound in the house. Outside there's some commotion and sounds of strife of people toiling away in this dead end village. A new resolve fills you, you're going to decide what your next goal is and meet it with the whole day. No wasting around the village anymore. So champ, what's it going to be?

No matter what you pick, you'll still be visiting E-Kyl today, but no promises he'll accompany you.
React Blush for "There's nothing more important than family, I'm going to find a way to cure mother!"
React Cool for "Nothing is going to change in this town unless I do it. I'm going to set out and make a positive change around here one way or another. Adventurer style!"
React Mad for "I'm going to find out the mystery about that disembodied voice that I keep hearing in my head and teach it a lesson or two. Or just figure out why/what it is."
React Empty for "All three at once, because if I'm a crazy enough bastard to take out an anime lich lord I can handle some side quests."

Note: A wild card is a one time use item that allows you to forego any votes and write your own answer for a vote. If Mario Emoji ever has a majority vote I will open a quick open ended vote and take the highest good shitted result as the collective choice.
"Let's play our lives away!"
we need only conquer two of these options!
[Image: ynr38c.jpg]
Snufferin Snagglepuss
Tie's will be broken and since one option was all three but you tied for two I will allow the choice to be for both. Post to come later.
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"There's nothing more important than family, I'm going to find a way to cure mother!"
"Nothing is going to change in this town unless I do it. I'm going to set out and make a positive change around here one way or another. Adventurer style!"
Two goals isn't bad, but let's see if you can accomplish both!

A little unsure where to start you head back over to E-Kyl's house and see what he's up to. Gone is the pot of wonders no leaving a simple empty yard. Approaching his door you are slightly startled when he opens it before you knock. "Guess we're headed out then? I thought you'd come back over here. After that incident with Drak I could tell you needed some help, and it was a little fun too. Drak and I actually found some mutual interests and became fast friends this morning. So where to?"
You tell him your plans for both village fame and curing your mother. His response is rather blunt but very E-Kyl-esque. "I don't really care much for your mother, but adventure sounds interesting." E-Kyl shrugs. "She's not my mom after all." Well he isn't wrong, but he should at least consider your feelings. With that out of the way you take your (technically stolen) pickax and E-Kyl's magic prowess to the edge of the village. Fear not, you left a note explaining your departure on your mother's bed. It is very likely she'd try to stop you if she found out so this is the only way. Your brother and father might not care much, but if mom said stay they'd make you stay.

With a resolved nod you and E-Kyl step out of the village boundaries and begin your trek to the nearest village that isn't a spawn of scum and a rip off of your town (you know who I'm talking about), Reisenberg. It's a town well known for being quite successful on the back of something called Alchemy. Sounds like a good lead for both of your goals! It's not too far, only miles North of where you are now, and you've got a whole day ahead. Even if you don't know much about the area outside of your village.
Keeping to the trail you come across a signpost giving directions. Studying it for a good moment you get a good feel for the general layout of the area but this weird stench makes it hard to focus. Taking the path you believe correct the smell gets worse and worse. It smells like... isolationism, corpses, and absurd levels of alcohol. It isn't long till you find the source of the smell.
"And I tell you, then! And then there, it be there! A wheel! I kid you not a wheel, yes a wheel! Right there on the wall. And you spin spin spin spin it! For no reason! Crazy, it's crazy. There's even bars to climb, climbable bars. And to where? No where. You slide down right after. Insane! 6/10 could be better."
There's a voice down the trail and the description "raving lunatic who is undoubtedly a social outcast but likely loved by other outcasts for his outcast charisma" is the best you can come up with. By the time you can finally see him it is clear he is on something. Or at least, you hope. He spots you immediately but continues raving, this time mimicking a scholar and forcing a sophisticated tone.
"Once I managed to put out the fire in my brain and reached the playground, I was rather let down by how uh, generic and forgettable this place looks. It's not very big, it's not particularly interesting in design or activities, and it looks like another forgotten wasteland of a park. Let's see if that's actually the case, or if my expectations are just needlessly pessimistic after some of these past ones."
What daft poetry is he spewing? None of it makes any sense. But you're a bit frightened by both his exuberant attitude and the force of which he rants. Could he be dangerous?

React I'm All Ears for "This man is clearly a savant of words and I simply do not understand because I am not eloquent enough. I will converse with the scholar until I can understand his ways."
React Airhorn for "This is clearly a waste of time, something I don't have a lot of. I'll walk past quickly and avoid eye contact, he's probably used to it anyways."
React Wow! It's Fucking Nothing! for "There's trouble in the air and I don't like the smell of it. I'm gonna leave the path to go around him just in case. I'm sure I won't get lost."
React :boomer: for "Actually, after seeing that map I could just call Drak over for his favor and have him magic me through this or make me fly or something? Well whatever he can do, the favor sounds good right about now."

Partner Opinion
"I think this isn't a big deal. Talk to him if you want, it'd be funny."
Snufferin Snagglepuss
"This man is clearly a savant of words and I simply do not understand because I am not eloquent enough. I will converse with the scholar until I can understand his ways."
Approaching him calmly so not to scare him you make eye contact and try to convey your interest for communication to the vagrant. He freezes, clearly not used to the social anxiety that getting close to another person entails. E-Kyl remains nearby, but is clearly more interested in watching you deal with the situation. When you get about an arm's reach away the stranger is frozen in fear and has stopped his ranting, nothing in his life could prepare him for human interaction the poor soul. Looking for an ice breaker you try to get him to continue what he was talking about.
"So, uh. Playgrounds..."
He immediately perks up and with a jingle of all the useless medals he's wearing he resumes his rant as if nothing happened. "Despair Montague, Despair! For the wall that climbs was not rocky enough and my youth was wasted upon the efforts it caused! Who would submit themselves to such cruel desire, woe! Those who do not submit their fealty by the end of nights shall find themselves lost out of place, one mistake per customer!"
You're trying really hard to understand what he's talking about so you strain your mind and really focus on what he's saying rather than what he might mean. Occasionally you throw out some experimental words and gauge the reaction. Words like "snacks, toxicity, murder, and playground" get him to change the topic he's discussing but there isn't much response for anything else. Your sanity starts to slip as your mind unravels against the onslaught of the madman's raving. But refusing to give up you continue to listen until your conscience can't take it any more and you pass out.
Time goes by.
When you awaken you see E-Kyl and the vagrant sitting across from each other on a fallen tree, quiet. The ragged man sees you regain your composure and comes out with a strange leaping gait before offering you a hand. "Are you okay?" What!? He spoke normally? Was it all a facade? "Why were you speaking so crazily before?" You ask without hesitation. The man laughs and says "I haven't changed how I'm talking at all. Perhaps you've simply fallen into the same insanity I have? After all, you pushed yourself farther than anyone else who thought I was worth their time." Still slightly disoriented you turn to E-Kyl and ask him how long you've been out. For some reason he laughs. "You two sound just like each other now."
Uh oh, has his insanity spread to you perhaps? Dragged down into the quagmire of mental instability? Needing an answer you turn to the large bear next to you and ask what he thinks. In a sultry voice the bear tells you "Yeah, you're crazy bro. Also an idiot. Kill yourself." Ok, fuck that bear. Maybe the madman would know more. But he's already sat back down next E-Kyl. Coming over to join them he tells you, "I'm going to be following you, whether you want it or not, because this if fun." It looks like he won't take no for an answer, and E-Kyl has already betrayed you and is enjoying you new 'stupid-speech'.
*Insanity Achieved!*
*Normality Lost!*
*Weird Guy has Forcibly Joined the Group!*
Well you'll just have to make due, this is your fault for doing something so questionable. Without much else to do you can only press forward. Which was in what direction now? After passing out you had been moved so your orientation might be mixed up. Looking at E-Kyl you ask if he knows where to go. But again he laughs and says "It's like there are two of you now." I guess he doesn't understand you, so you'll just have to set out yourself. How about...

React Wow! "Well that castle in the sky is new, I was headed for a large city anyways, this is basically the same."
React I Wanna F*ck That for "I've been ignoring the giant hawk over there who's been politely offering me a ride, I should go take him up on his offer."
React Seriously? for "I just remembered! I was trying to hurry, so I should take the fastest choice, which is obviously to leap into this magical portal near me and just teleport myself there."
React Despairation "Drak save me from this insanity! I can't take it!"

Partner Opinion
"This is fun to watch, you should jump in the portal" (The tone (or lack there of) of his voice indicates he's picking the option most troublesome for you, aka more fun for him.)
"Let's play our lives away!"

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