Mega Man Episode 2: "Electric Nightmare" --or-- "Make Me a Sandwich, Roll"

Watch for yourself here, if you wish

Dr Wily is back and undeterred, as now he tries not once, but three times to capture a power plant so he can take over every piece of technology in the a really weird way. It's shown that somehow, he's able to control electronics that aren't plugged into a wall, (including....exercise bikes and hot dogs, sure, okay) so...what's stopping him from just taking control of Mega Man and Roll? I guess he has a power fantasy of wanting to defeat Mega Man personally.

-Two new Robot Masters today. It's impossible to understate how simultaneously hilarious and terrifying Bright Man in this continuity. Terrifying because of instead being able to stop time, he can fucking kill people just with a flash of light, even if they're not looking directly at it (I refuse to believe that he simply just knocked them out), and hilarious because...well, his lightbulb head proved to be one of the silliest RM designs already, they decided to give him the goofiest ass voice on top of what would normally be threatening lines. Just go to 2:38 in the video if you want a good laugh.

-Why is this Pharaoh Man's only episode, for the love of Inafune? He was fantastic here! He already had a slick design, but here, he has a cape and a chilling voice! When Mega Man stole his power, he responds by punching him the face! He's an independent robot who don't need no Pharaoh Shot!

-Why is Roll starting to become seriously brutal? In the first episode, she dismantles Elec Man by using a propeller attachment to basically blender him to death, and here she beats a *checks notes* hair stylist robot by bisecting her and, when she was already unable to fight, vacuum her face off. Where were these moves in Marvel vs Capcom 2?

-Mega Man just does not like to use the Mega Buster, does he? For the entire episode, I counted maybe 2 times where he used the arm cannon, and this was an episode where he was pitted against the likes of an exercise bike, baking mixer, tennis ball launcher, lawnmower, kitchen appliances, and fucking hot dogs. I guess these made for more interesting setpieces and creative fights (Mega Man countered Bright Man's weapon with retractable sunglasses, the only way those could ever be useful, so that was neat), but these were so many situations Mega Man could have avoided a hassle for. Show off.

-Dr. Light's succumbing to the machinations of capitalism! At this robotics convention, he shows off three of his latest creations, a robotic nanny, butler, and maid. At least the previous worker robots he built were naturally superior to humans in their fields, such as Cut Man having scissors that could instantly fell trees or Guts Man having super strength, but here, not only do the servant robots look exactly like humans, but they barely do anything that humans can't. He describes the Robo-Maid by saying "She cooks and cleans and never complains." So can a flesh maid! Dr. Light's doing nothing to disprove the naysaying boomers who yell that robots are taking all of our jobs. Hell, it could be argued that he got out of paying a housekeeper by building his own. Probably has a tax fraud robot, too, seeing has he has no sources of income.

-Boy, plot armor sure is convenient. Halfway through the episode, Wily takes over the mind of the Robo-Maid (so he COULD control robots, what the fuck?) so she could lock Mega Man in the bathroom (don't ask me why a robot needs a bathroom, use your cranium) and pour in a hose of acid that was just....laying around Light's lab, I guess. Mega said the acid was strong enough to go through solid titanium, yet it got high enough to the point where he was fully submerged in it and he didn't even have a scratch on him when he was broken out. Wily shouldn't have cut corners and bought the diet acid, clearly.

-Sexism! Roll: "I'm glad Dr. Light designed a better robo-maid! Now I'll have more time to concentrate on being a robo-hero!"
Mega Man: "No offense, Roll, but *hands her a broom* I think you better stick to your housework." What a dick.

-Dated writing! Not only do we have a hasta la vista reference with a Schwarzenegger impression, but I don't even have the patience to list all the puns I heard. Mega Man, you need your humor privileges revoked if you defeated a robot with a fucking lightbulb for a head and all you could come up with was "You really got a CHARGE out of that one!"

All in all, this was a better episode than the last one, buuuut only because there was more to make fun of and the battles weren't boring as hell.
Bright Man's voice is exactly what you would imagine it to be like from seeing his sprite which is still my favorite. They nailed a surprising amount of the voices in this show, really.

I admittedly appreciate them not falling back on Megaman always using the buster to solve his problems, as I know far too many shows/comics that fall back on a reliable solution and make every episode/chapter wind up the same as a result. Is it unnecessary? Sure. Is it far more interesting despite that? You bet, Frodo be damned.

I love and hate the sort of inconsistent plot tools villains always get in shows like this. Yeah of course it doesn't work on the protagonist, that would mean we wouldn't have an episode!
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yep, this one's going in my cringe mega-compilation

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