The treasure hunters step through the threshold and onto the cable car platform outside. Godbert looks down at his feet, noticing a set of playing cards on the ground, hastily set down. By the looks of it, one of them was a cheating fucker too. He picks up the hand of cards and examines it. Yep, that's five kings. All the same color too. Despicable, he'd never allow this sort of thing in HIS casino.

Noises from the direction of the desk by the teleporter cause him to drop the cards and turn to look as the desk is hurled at him from across the room by the Monokuma hiding underneath it. Godbert ducks and the desk clatters into the wall, barely missing Trip as he yelps in surprise. Monokuma revs his drill, and charges the group with Ruby's gunscythe. Knocking Godbert out of the way, he leaps into the air, firing a gun blast at the floor to give himself some extra height. Because that's how physics work.

Monokuma dives at Trip, scythe raised, but is tackled down mid-strike by the ASMR Youtuber, who blocks the scythe with a combat knife. Fink runs into the fray now that the Monokuma has been taken by surprised, and in one mighty blow knocks its fucking head off, which falls to the ground emitting sparks with an electric crackle.

Fink and the ASMR Youtuber brush themselves off, breathing a sigh of relief. That was easier than ex-

With a loud crack from the direction of the crates, a hole is blown straight through the ASMR Youtuber, and the projectile carries forward into Fink, knocking her backwards to the ground as it collides with her shoulder. A weak, wheezing breath escapes what remains of the ASMR Youtuber's lungs as she collapses to the ground. With a final shudder, life leaves her body as blood begins to pool outwards onto the cold metal floor.

@ASMR Youtuber has DIED!

Her role was the Ultimate Mercenary

role description:
As Trip stares down at his fallen companion, he finds himself frozen in shock. Initially, he thought this youtube chick was weird but... They'd become friends, he thought. She was... dead now? No, this couldn't be. First MCD, and now this? Why did this keep happening...

From one of the crates bursts Bigfoot, clad in his crocodile hat, billions of nerd shirts and carrying his anti-material rifle, the barrel of which is still smoking from his lethal shot. He grins and draws a combat knife before charging towards the fallen Fink, leaping over the ASMR Youtuber's lifeless corpse. Hillary Clinton begins firing her nailgun wildly at him, but the nails simply stick in his layers of shirts as he continues his forward charge.

Hillary drops the nailgun and draws her shovel, which she swings at Bigfoot as he blocks with his combat knife. Godbert hollers to Trip to enact the final contingency step of their plan. Thinking of his now-dead friend, Trip is more than willing to. He raises the rifle, pointing the muzzle directly at Bigfoot in the middle of his clash with Hillary. He wasn't about to let another one die.

Bigfoot knocks her shovel to the ground and raises the knife before suddenly getting blown to the floor by a shower of bullets. Trip stands there with the gun, frozen in a shell-shocked state as he watches the cryptid bleed out much like the Youtuber that was killed moments prior. He drops the gun, which impacts the floor with a metallic clunk. and falls to his knees.

Fink gets up from the floor, rubbing her injured shoulder. She walks over to Bigfoot's body, and gives it a final swift kick in the side, sending it tumbling over the cable car platform's edge and down to the mountains below, where it disappears into the darkness.

Fuck that guy.

@Bigfoot has DIED!

His role was the Ultimate Loot Crate

role description:
Godbert clasps a comforting hand on Trip's shoulder and helps him to his feet. He tells the cameraman not to be sad, because in the end, the Youtuber did fulfill her purpose in this fucked up game. He was alive, and now... It was all finally over.

As Trip bends down to lift the ASMR Youtuber's body, Godbert approaches the cable car terminal, and swipes the card Xavier had dropped. It lights up with a jingle of approval, and the option to call a cable car to the station becomes available. He selects the option with a touch of his finger on the screen, and as the cables above begin to move with a loud mechanical noise, Godbert exhales, his breath visible in the cold mountain air.

Trip gives another look of relative sadness to the body in his arms, then stares forward into the night as the lights of a cable car approaching become visible in the distance.

They were getting out of here.


Liz Grayson, of the Paranormal Investigation Bureau places the file she was reading back on a half-frozen table and turns to stare back at the mountainside complex she stood just outside of. Those XW Corporation fuckers cleared out fast, the whole place was empty before she even arrived.

Must have been that Contractor guy who tipped them off. What an idiot, that guy. When an evil corporation offers to pay you to hire freelancers to go out to a remote, apparently "haunted" island under the guise of journalism, you say NO.

Christ, it's like these people have never seen a movie before.

Still, in the minds of the greedy, cash is king, and she supposed that the Contractor must have been a very greedy bastard indeed to forewarn the XW Corporation of her investigations. At least he squealed on who paid him relatively easily, even if he didn't actually know where this island in question was beyond a very vague "Europe." Liz figured that finding that place would be the next thing on her list.

Speaking of finding things though, she turns her eyes back to that file, then to the empty cable car bay behind her. According to the document in there , there should be a way to operate this thing if you have an "admin keycard", but well, she didn't, and also there wasn't even a car in the station to begin with. Maybe it was stuck out in the middle somewhere...

The winch operating the cable suddenly hums to life, and Liz steps backwards in surprise, bumping into the table and knocking the file to the ground, papers scattering in the frigid wind.

[Image: 19Nfbem.png]

"What the hell...?"


As the cable car slowly inches along over the seemingly bottomless chasm, the treasure hunters sit inside in silence, staring at the floor. Fink rubs her shoulder, the pain now shooting through her entire body as the alcohol wears off. She thinks about Cooking Mama, and their time together doing a bunch of wacky bullshit, like kidnapping Trip over there. Poor guy.

Godbert stares out the window, watching the snow fall around them. He reminisces about the Gold Saucer event, making all those attractions and games, only to have that MCD guy come in and ruin it all. Still though, it was a memory, and it was fun. So was that party at the fountain, and his Big Daddy trick he pulled with Ruby. Ah, Ruby. He almost regretted killing her, but without it, he wouldn't be here now probably.

Now what he DID regret was poor Ramone taking the heat, if he was being honest with himself. But there was no sense dwelling on the past.

The sun was starting to rise, and wherever they were headed, it was better than what was back there.


Far, far away, Gordon Ramsay's helicopter lands in a parking lot in the United States of America, just outside of a restaurant. He steps out and waves to his camera crew. He was JUST on time for the next episode of Kitchen Nightmares, and he was more than ready to get to filming. He'd built up just enough primal rage over the past while to fuel his televised success for decades to come.

A crew member passes him a briefing slip on the place they're about to walk into. He reads the restaurant's name, then passes the slip back. Amy's Baking Company, huh?

Sounds like it should be a nice, relaxing, and completely sane episode. What a relief. Maybe a break from insanity would be nice after all...


The cable car arrives at the station, and the doors swoosh open, leaving Liz dumbfounded at what she saw.

Godbert stands up and steps out of the car, stretching his muscular arms as the rest of his crew piles out behind him. Fink's shoulder pain had intensified now, and she grit her teeth as she stepped out onto the platform. She almost collapses, but is caught by Godbert, who steadies her.

To Liz's surprise, Trip steps out after her, still carrying the body of his fallen friend. He places the ASMR Youtuber down on the ground, before leaning back against the railing around the station. Somehow, it didn't surprise her that he got himself wrapped up in another incident like this. Poor guy. She gives him a reassuring pat on the back, before pulling out her phone and calling in medical support for Fink.

But then, as the last person steps out of the cable car, Liz's eyes narrow in disbelief.

[Image: fL3mclM.png]

"Is that... Hillary Clinton?

At this point, I'm not even surprised. I think I'm gonna need the whole story here. Preferably starting with whatever happened on that island."

Fink reaches into her bag, wrapping her hands in cloth once more as she pulls out two objects. The crystal in one hand, still glowing its sickly purple, and Trip's camera in the other. Godbert does the same, albeit simply pulling out the staff, making sure to keep his eyes on it as he does. Liz gives the thing a suspicious glance, then looks over to Fink and her possessions, her eyes betraying signs of both familiarity and distaste at the sight of the treasure.

She opens her mouth to speak, but stops as Fink tosses the camera over to Trip. Finally reunited with his pride and joy, he flips over the viewfinder, causing his melancholy expression to widen into a big stupid grin as he realizes that it's been both on and recording this entire time.

[Image: T9QVv7O.png]

"Well, if it's a story you want... Then it looks like we've got a hell of a scoop!"

the end

@Godbert Manderville, @Fink, @Hillary Clinton, and @Trip [Cameraman] have survived Killing Game 7.

@Godbert Manderville's role was the Ultimate Mender

role description:

@Hillary Clinton's was the Ultimate Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free

role description:

@Fink was the Ultimate Drunken Master

role description:
Lotta Hart
Where in the hay were you people? I've been trying to contact y'all for the past two weeks or so! Not only that: Where are the others? I swear I've hired sixteen of ya.

Well, if y'all have any scoop to share, now's the time. Boss really ain't happy with me, and I'd like to keep my job. Do me a solid and I'll scratch your back later, alright?
how the actual hell did you people let hillary survive this
Far away, a woman sits in front of a monitor in a dark room, her face awash with the pale glow of electronic light. Mirror images reflect on her glasses as she observes the cable car station's camera feed, twirling her hair idly with her free hand while her other one grips the mouse. She scrolls in, zooming onto the crystal in the one she assumed was Fink's hand.

Slowly, she pans the camera over to the staff held by Godbert, and its red-jeweled eyes. She sighs, and flips the hair she was twirling out of her face. Reaching over to her side, she scrawls something down on a clipboard before a rather nervous looking lab tech behind her begins to speak.

"So, should we dispatch a team to recover him?" the technician asks, gulping. "What about the crystal?"

"No... no." The woman replied, "Xavier's going to be a walking PR nightmare. I think he can deal with an indefinite time out, it'll be easier than trying to explain away his actions once that camera guy's footage gets out there."

"A-are you sure? I really don't thin-"

"Shhhhhh. We hardly need him anymore, at least for the time being." The woman gestured at the monitor, and the lab tech leaned in, watching the survivors swap stories with the agent on the platform. "Our vanishing act went off without a hitch," she continued, "but she is still out there, and by proxy, I still have a migraine. Nonetheless, it'll be easier to lie low without him starting up another small scale genocide."


"Here." The woman passes the lab tech a folder, and points him towards the door. "Stop gawking and do your job. We're scientists, not supervillains."

The lab tech takes the folder and scurries out the door, which slides shut behind him with a hiss.

Morgan Pierce, Research Lead, turns back to the monitor with an almost imperceptible smile. Well, maybe everyone else was a just a scientist, anyway. But with the Director of Operations out of the way, she could be so much more.

She spun around in her chair, letting the momentum carry her for a few full cycles before coming to a slow stop in front of the video feed again. Hand back on the mouse, she panned the camera over to the XW Corporation logo stamped on the side of the cable car.

Perhaps it was time for a rebranding.
“I’d rather not turn into a corpse at this point, neither do you.”

Nathan can barely keep up with his panicked self: For every word he blurs out, a drop of sweat seemingly pours out of his body. If he’s to get out of this situation in one piece, he would have to think fast, for he cannot count on Alisa to keep her finger out of the trigger, nor can he count on Angus to not outburst and charge him while weakened.

“I’ve said my part of the story… Now, I want to hear yours.”

Reluctance after reluctance, despite it being his own deal, Angus sighs with a hint of agitation in his breath.

“Alright, I’ll talk, but I dun think ye’re gonna change yer mind on all this afterwards, innae?”

“You never know until you try.”

“Your perspective shite is getting on my nerves, but at least this will be rehearsal for when I get to the real world.”

Angus clears his throat.

“I’m sure the experiment you all thought was happening was to create a new society. Whether it was thinly veiled or unsuspected never was a concern of mine, and frankly, a lot of poor saps fell for it, I’m sure.”

“I believe it.”

“So you know what I plan to do with this crystal, then?”

“More or less.”

“And who told you about my ‘plan’?”

“Some client.”

“Your uncertainty makes me believe that your client has some shite up his sleeve. I’ll tell ye about my plans, as I’m generous like that.”


“I’m a merchant, I play with business. Whatever gold I can put in my pocket, I’ll catch in the blink of an eye. Business is what makes this god forsaken world keep on going, if you understand.”

“It’s not foreign to me.”

“Of course. Business, however, is also dangerous. You can play by your own rules, but someone will always bring themselves to put your rules to rest and then proceed to violate your own work. You’re forced to be on your guard, ready to outwit any predator out there, ready to catch what you’ve caught.”

“What does this have to do with this immortality crystal?”

“Your adversaries won’t have as much time as you to build your perfect business. Steal as they might, you eventually learn from the mistakes of trusting them, or perhaps mistakes of your own. Gone are the days where you have the anxiety of knowing you might not make a living, and that your efforts were for naught.”

“You’re scared of failing, then?”

“It’s motivation.”

“To bring people together, just to see them die?”

“I assure you that killing was not part of the plan.”

“But you knew that it might happen.”

Nathan points at the gun-toting woman. The quick pointing hints at more than her as the source of the problem.

“It’s but law enforcement, lad.”

“Quite a tad radical for it to be law enforcement, don’t you agree?”

“It’s part of the business.”

“Romans did it better.”

“I take that as an insult. The Romans tried to build an empire that lasted forever, but that entailed more than one party to hold the fort. One disagreement and the whole building collapses on you. Having one person to lead the way, however…”

“And everyone claims mutiny on you, one day or another.”

“Try as they might, I will come out as the victor. They die of old age and I live to prove myself to the world.”

“You’d become infamous for not aging over time, but if you’re to practice bad business, that does not go away, especially when it comes from someone who would become famous for not dying… Wait.”

Nathan thinks with what strength he still has in himself.

“They die of old age and you live to prove yourself to the world.”

“What of it?”

“What are you doing with this crystal?”

With a smirk, Angus replies with full confidence.

“Put it inside me.”

That sentence alone brings Nathan to his knees. Indecisive as to whether that statement was hilarious or horrifying is beyond him, but the crystal in his hands does not let him keep the strength to stand back up.

“That crystal seems to sap away all the strength in you, lad.”

“Is that not enough for you to reconsider your idea?.. Bastard thinks... he’s going to live forever by becoming one with a damned mineral... when I’m having trouble staying conscious with this in my hands...”

“All I have to do is condition myself. And what’s to say that I cannot do modifications? I was to expect long term results from this experiment, but it looks like some pathetic poet had to dig back his past, or something along that line. I’ve never done this for the people: I’ve been doing this for myself and for the future of my projects. Whatever happens to the others, I’ve no interest for. This client of yours probably spouted some insane haver, but I’m sure ye’ve done it for the money, yourself. We’ve both got the same goal in mind, however...”

The overseer pulls out a knife from his pocket.

“Ye’ve got the nerve to pull this plan of yours. Since we’re at a disagreement, I’m afraid I’ll have to kill ye. This knife won’t hurt the crystal one bit.”

It’s now or never for Nathan.

With great effort, the thief throws the crystal in the air, free from the crystal’s power. Knowing he’d have to catch his breath before going in the attack, he observes Angus’ reaction to the throw closely. Thankfully for him, the foe got distracted by his move, giving him a chance to stand up and strike. With Alisa right behind, he knows that she can’t shoot. With all the luck on his side, he hugs Angus, slips out a knife from his sleeve and stabs him in the stomach. From Alisa’s view, this could not bode well. Try as she might, she could not get a clear view of her target.

All in that moment, the crystal falls to the ground, unbroken.

“Not so fragile now, is it?”

Angus chokes in pain, turning red, not in pain, but in pure, unbridled anger. That anger, however, could not turn into strength.

“You son of a bitch. Ye’ve ruined everything…”

“You were right: We’re doing this for the money. Unlike you, however, my job was to kill. The crystal comes second. Whatever happens to it is of my discretion.”

A shriek of terror comes out of Alisa’s mouth. It isn’t as hair raising as what Nathan would expect, but after witnessing the terrors of the crystal, he could barely get phased by anything by now. Still holding onto Angus’ body, using him as a shield against his other foe, Nathan begins charging towards Alisa. Whether he was dead or not, Alisa did not know, but she couldn’t let the thief get away with everything. Instead of aiming for the small parts that she can see of Nathan, she goes for the center of mass, hoping that the bullet will go through the supposed corpse and lodge itself inside Nathan’s body. Knowing all too well about his opponent’s intent, Nathan pushes Angus’ body in front of him, distracting Alisa to shoot out of agitation, while he dodges to the side and pulls out another weapon from his sleeve.

Angus yells out in agony, although it does not last long. After barely a second, his body rests immobile, gushing out blood from his chest, from one end to the other. Alisa’s realization that she killed her own husband, even when it was not of her own will, paralyzed her on the spot. Nathan, however, wants to draw back her attention, as a final “gotcha” that he ever so loves to showcase to his foes.

“Sorry to spoil the show, but would you direct your attention to this familiar object?”

Nathan is holding a miniature object, resembling a pistol with a more modern design, compared to Alisa’s flintlock.

“Forgot it at home, yes?”

No response from the dazed woman. Nathan stands up without problem, approaching her and pointing the Derringer towards her direction.

“Like I’ve said, this is work to me. Shame that it had to end like this.”

From the moment he came back, to the final trigger pull, the situation changed drastically for him. Nathan is sure he could have done better to keep his newfound friends alive at this moment. With all of the missions he has gone through in his life, he’s seen people die before: It would be like every other one, but in this case, those deaths could have been prevented with his own hands. Despite all of it, the thief garners one final smile and pulls the trigger on the pistol, the final detonation that the island’s inhabitants could hear before they all disappear.

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