Angie Yonaga
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So? Who do you think stamped his ticket? Let's see those votes!
EDIT: I retract the PEANUTBUTTER vote in this post but leave the information.

At the moment MR. PEANUTBUTTER is the one I can most match up to being able to take JSTT MAN out. Out of the people we know of going to ANGIE'S ROOM, he is seen headed to the KITCHEN around when JSTT is heading through the LIBRARY to places unknown. BIGFOOT enters the SOLARIUM later on, after PEANUTBUTTER already claims to have seen the window smashed, and is thus cleared. EDIT ADDITION: However, PEANUTBUTTER seems to be innocent, due to BARTON ROBERTS' account. BARTON ROBERTS himself is innocent as well, confirmed by MR PEANUTBUTTER.

FALCONHOOF's two entry times are too early and too late to have possibly committed the act, clearing him as well.

The mystery itself is entirely possible via what was present at the scene of the crime thus not requiring future prep. The MATCHES were from a ROLE POWER and not from inside any of the existing rooms.
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Mr. Peanutbutter
Well gee, uh... I don't really want to die if this just goes neutral, so... I guess I'll vote Barton Roberts, because he's been awfully quiet and I saw him right by the crime scene.
My vote now goes to Pea. Around the time where there would have been opportunity to do the murder he has access to a stairwell that would take him near Angie's Room and no one can account for him. Peanutbutter is still suspicious-ish but is second in line due to Barton quasi-clearing him by way of seeing him exit Angie's room with the Solarium window already busted.

EDIT: Vote redacted
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Gundham Tanaka
Vote: Barton Roberts

Regardless on whether or not he’s the culprit, I seldom think a person of such unreliable character would be feasible to keep around. I shudder to think of a possible case where he’s the most important eyewitness, yet his lack of explained response dooms us all.
im voting bart simpson just so that votes on me need to be more stacked
i'm being told by my boss that his name's barton roberts
With the lack of evidence to prove himself innocent, my current vote is for Barton Roberts
Tentatively placing a vote on Falconhoof

He passed near the crime scene at the right time and failed to mention it in his testimony, but we know he was in that area because Wakka saw him enter the Great Hall from the south. His staff is also one of the closest matches we have to the blunt wound on the body.
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Gundham Tanaka
Vote: Falconhoof instead

I shall not believe for a second his claims that he searched the Painting Gallery Night 1 for hidden passages, but to no avail!
Changing my vote to Falconhoof given new evidence.
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Mr. Peanutbutter
Yeah it's Falconhoof.
Yeah I also Change my vote to Falconhoof
Looks like this Falconhoof guy did it. If I wasn't knocked out, I could have prevented this.
jk it was falconhoof
Barton Roberts
I vote Falconhoof
Fake Jacque Hoof did it.
If I can't be the best, I can sure as hell be the worst. Dear kids, please don't kill yourselves and then sue me.
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Gundham Tanaka
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Rubber Duck
Rubber duck notices it has no time left to vote soon, and quickly points to Falconhoof, voting for him

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