Angie Yonaga
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Two murders, two cases! Let's see if you can figure it out!

Angie will go with colors she likes, so... vote in yellow for Jontron's killer, and vote in cyan for Barton's killer!
Preliminary votes just so I have something down.

KASS for the JONTRON kill due to being unseen by anyone at about the right time and the GYM area being conveniently located by the STAIRS that would give access to the kill spot. BIGFOOT is suspicious here too but has proof of his several actions in the basement. On the other hand, BIGFOOT does not hear KASS playing the song he was claiming to play in the GYM to take up that slot of time before he enters it, despite the ROOFTOP SONG KASS played before being heard quite some distance away by many people. redacted, kass has proven his innocent with other evidence of actions in that timeframe

MR PEANUTBUTTER for the JONTRON kill. He goes basically unseen, he quite possibly faked being KO'd and stolen from and stashed his items in the TREASURE ROOM very early on, and had a lot of opportunity for it as a result with an easy way up from the BASEMENT.

KRIGHT for the BARTON kill. Situates themselves within proximity to all of the statues and where they move, and stops moving completely other than working on basic ART. RUBBER DUCK is also suspicious for this as well but they are moving around the room constantly. KASS is a possibility since him seeing the moment of the murder is REALLY suspicious but isn't around for the initial statue moving and also we know two separate people killed and I already have him as the prime JONTRON suspect.
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Kright for Barton. Her sitting stationary in the Great Hall for most of the night, in the vicinity of the moving statues, is suspicious. Barton's also the first person to leave the Great Hall while she's in it.
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Mr. Peanutbutter
Draku until he leaves me the hell alone!unvoted
Angie safe basically nonvote
Idk we haven't thought much about this case
pee butt pupper did the kill on jon tron

uhh kright killed barton, idk.
The Detective
Draku. May have been leading the investigation all along to not allow us to even consider them a suspect from the start.
Rubber Duck

Angie Yonaga
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Wow, that was an adventure and a half! But... well, here we are now. You've lynched Mr. Peanutbutter for JonTron's murder, and Kright for Barton's murder! And those are both wrong - they were INNOCENT!

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...Well, of those crimes. Kright did kill Jontron, after all. Nyahahahaha!

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Alas, Angie will be sad to see a fellow devotee of Atua go...

[Image: Y4uNEZS.png]
But Atua will be very, very happy!

The lights open up on a stage. Mr. Peanutbutter is starring in the latest episode of his new hit TV show, where he plays a powerful scheming hero. Opposite him is his villain, the leader of an evil cult dedicated to a dark god - Kright! With a dramatic flourish, as choreographed by Director Angie Yonaga, he declares that today Kright's evil will end. She, on the other hand, announces that he will fall and her cult will finally spread across the world!

Mr. Peanutbutter sees that the staff has already set up a rather small contraption for him, and he knows what to do. He starts building onto it, grabbing random junk and slapping it together, all while Kright makes loud, bombastic statements. Director Angie encourages him, giving him stage tips and continuing to manage the setup. Eventually, his contraption is complete! With a dramatic flourish, Mr. Peanutbutter pushes a button, activating the machine. It carries a bowling ball through a ridiculously complicated setup, only to launch it at Kright's head in the middle of one of her speeches. There's a sickening crunch, and Kright collapses, dead.

As Mr. Peanutbutter looks in shock and concern, Angie tells him not to worry. "It's just Angie's SFX department! They're top quality! Now, can you do me a favor and take that apart?" Still shaken, Mr. Peanutbutter begins to dismantle the contraption, piece by piece. Eventually, without realizing it, he reaches the one constructed by the staff. He pulls a piece off, and the Forbidden Action poisoning kicks in, lethally coursing through his body in seconds. He collapses, dead, while Angie calls for a cut and sends the filmprint to the reels. Another perfect episode!

Mr. Peanutbutter has been executed! He was the ULTIMATE SCHEMER


Kright has been executed! She was the ULTIMATE CULTIST


The next phase will be up in about ten minutes.
Mr. Peanutbutter
told you I'd trip my FA

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