would you breed foxes if you could?

well, would you?
who the fuck are you so i can block you
this is not what I would have imagined Anonymous World would be used for when I ran it as a garrison and then we just never got rid of it

frankly, I regret everything
not WITH foxes you sick fucks
the year is 20XX
if there was ever a time to breed foxes it would be right now
OP, what is exactly stopping you from fucking foxes? is it an ankle brace? an armed guard?


You appear to be either illiterate, horny, or a moron. Only you are hung up on breeding with the foxes. I will explain how it works in a way that your smooth brain can understand.
  • Step 1: Visit your local park. Capture two foxes.
    • Step 1A: If both foxes have a penis, throw one back and repeat.
    • Step 1B: Do not fuck either fox.
  • Step 2: Bring the foxes back to your home. Place them in a locked pen that they cannot escape from.
    • Step 2A: Do not fuck either fox.
  • Step 3: Smear peanut butter on the genitals of the foxes. This will entice them to breed.
    • Step 3A: Do not spread peanut butter on your own genitals.
    • Step 3B: Do not eat the peanut butter from the fox genitals.
    • Step 3C: Do not fuck either fox.
  • Step 4: Leave for a while to let the foxes breed.
    • Step 4A: Do not stay and watch.
    • Step 4B: Do not fantasize about what the foxes are doing in the pen together.
    • Step 4C: Do not fuck either fox.
  • Step 5: Come back later to retrieve the kits.
    • Step 5A: Do not fuck any of the foxes.
  • Step 6: Repeat from Step 3 until you have enough foxes for your militia.
    • Step 6A: Do not fuck any of the foxes.
what is the purpose of breeding the foxes together if not to produce more foxes for your weird fox harem
cant believe 68223 wants to smear peanut butter on fox genitals
i'm sorry OP aka fun with despair but 1 there are multiple posters calling out this weird ass thread title question and 2 (more importantly) THAT EXPLANATION POST IS JUST AS BAD WHAT THE FUCK
A fox is fine too
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