I like to draw messy things just for fun so here are some random draws of the characters from the VN project so far!

If anyone else ends up drawing character from the project they can feel free to add it here also, but yeah i figured id just make a thread for any random side stuff.

[Image: e0e0387e1ccd76cc3eb102e5faa6c7edddad8ece.png][Image: 15b3038f0625a7624bbc84c56afd88f26cc95b09.png]
[Image: 02f3e9738cc4507bbc16999f2eec5eb66cb05d0c.png]

[Image: 057661db69b3078215e9efe36f24a630c1dd90cc.png]
[Image: 94d3d88a244cc89a21f400503bb63ada65723507.png][Image: 80efd29a795a06aeb1ae9db7881c0c676830604a.png]
[Image: 13eee8f2b6e8d58091aaa3768909ea7d4ef34f7e.png][Image: 4a6723137937f3abea1dfcb846fdef47a50fa604.png]
As an update on the VN stuff, I've been doing some updates to the original concepts! Here are a few i've done so far~!
I have done some slight changes from the original concepts just so they are a little easier to draw if you notice some slight differences!

[Image: 9f87fbc53ea53619ec8524c19692fabc0f24f630.png]
[Image: c1463b382d28a271f15a8fb4eca00a56c81b21ed.png]
[Image: aea07665679ba41fa9b7cffcebc0bafde3c0f1c0.png]
[Image: 919b8b28d5ff832cc5588a6858d8f170a29dd54d.png]
[Image: 4b711d3cf029e3400bdb9e0f95fb7354479aee10.png]
[Image: a5ebf8c707e45aabfce55513b7bddcfef8e1f614.png]
[Image: 2f0633978837e45cd384581ca09f40886fb2c839.png]
[Image: e70e8fd5db3608e99d89a211aa78b20152f75ba1.png]
[Image: c1c0471a893ba9b925e61d1f991bfccf00c94a62.png]
[Image: 1193f836d1707db2395758a87ce85e3ceb321afd.png]
[Image: 2fada6279b287b28dc71c66e86b42a3b602c259c.png]
[Image: 4dbefd81c01f996875e6699ffe3506dbfe53d670.png]
[Image: d6b4e09e10c79b32e17c6f702cba53e1586fb092.png]

This is going to look super tiny since it's so long, but here is the full character line up!!

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