Alright man so let me tell you about the last porn I watched this shit is fucked

Alright so i dont even remember what it was called but the thumbnail was nuns and you know nuns and shit right so peep im just skipping thru looking for the part where the bitch is really utilizing her ass to the best of her capabilities when all the sudden i accidentally skip to the ending and it turns into like this orgy thing right which you think okay cool but it's literally taking place in front of this old dudes casket(he's dead) and the(wife/daughter) is just there looking all like "oh no why is this happening" like bitch it's a fucking orgy what do you mean call the fucking cops but it starts getting WEIRD AS FUCK dude like all the girls get in one giant ass circle and just start eating each other out. and then the two or three guys start triple teaming the daughter and then they all form a circle literally everyone and jizz on her not one of my proudest at all man
what the fuck

was this jav
(Jun 25, 2020 at 1:37 AM)Elyk Wrote: what the fuck

was this jav

this is a real life vintage american porno. i dont think any jav ive ever seen is fucking with this
yeah i don't think i've ever seen nuns in jav either
zelma that's not a porno, it's just how portland do

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